Creative Is King

Creative is king in a world rapidly moving towards automated media buying. We believe optimizing creative is hands down the most effective way to drive ROAS for Facebook. But we’re not talking about running a few split-tests. To be effective, generating fresh creative ideas has to be strategic, efficient, and ongoing.

To increase the success rate of creative testing while eliminating creative tunnel vision, we are sharing our proprietary creative strategies for gaming genres. We’ve reviewed thousands of Facebook and Google ads to create a “visual taxonomy” of creative trends. We use those trends to generate a list of fresh creative concepts informed by competitive ads, player motivations, and advertiser performance.

As Picasso said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal!” Once you identify your competitors’ best ads, it can provide you an endless supply of “tested” concepts. However, we have found that analyzing competitive creative, as challenging as it is, is not a UA or Design function. It appears to be a cross-discipline exercise.

Check out our creative is king trends for new video concepts!


Not sure why the control video is so difficult to beat in Facebook creative testing? Check out our video and whitepaper:

Ever wonder why people play your mobile game and what motivates them to choose your app over another? The answer lies in a concept called “horizontal segmentation.” It is an idea that remade the food industry and we believe it’s about to remake user acquisition too. Check out our Player Profile article for more information!

We are trying to do our part to make work from home a little easier by offering 500,000 competitive videos and KPI benchmarks through our AdRules platform (offer good through September 30, 2020 restrictions apply).

Please reach out to if we can help with creative strategy or media buying on Facebook and Google.


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