We Drove 1 Million Mobile App Installs on Facebook for Less Than $1

Mobile App Installs

We drove more than 1 million mobile app installs on Facebook in the past few months, and our cost-per-install (CPI) averaged less than $1.00. In addition, we achieved these results across multiple clients and verticals. Also, we fine-tuned our Facebook advertising strategy with every dollar spent. As a result, we’re convinced our process is the most efficient for driving mobile app installs on Facebook. And we’re excited to highlight our strategy for you.

Consumer Price Index

Many advertisers tell us they’re happy with a CPI below $4.00. Whereas, we hit the panic button when our CPI balloons to $1.00. What makes us different? We developed a user acquisition strategy that allows us to beat the market CPI, across clients and verticals, time and time again. As a result, our process is part art, part science, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and analytics.


The Art

Developing highly efficient ad creative is an art that will save you a ton of money. Your biggest lever to reduce CPI is to optimize your creative for CTR% and conversion %. From ad copy to ad images, to App Store and Google Play app descriptions, we religiously introduce new variations. We recommend using short, clear calls to action for your ad copy. Also, focusing on the detail and readability of your images, and making sure the App Store and Google Play app descriptions mirror the messaging and imagery in your Facebook ads.

The Science

Data rules in our company, and we take a scientific approach to performance analysis and bid management. We use Nanigans to execute our acquisition strategy, and our unique process allows us to manage ads in a lifecycle. Ad Engine’s dynamic bidding adapts to the performance of ads at various stages in the lifecycle, driving up CTR% and minimizing CPI. We recommend spending up to 20% of your budget testing new ads, quickly pausing underperforming ads, and only attempting to scale your most efficient ads.

Blood, Sweat, and Analytics

The only constant on Facebook is change. Ads burn out quickly (every 4-7 days) and performance can swing at any moment. We gain an extra 20% efficiency by obsessing over data in real-time, and Nanigans helps automate that analysis. Also, by monitoring hourly trends 7 days a week, nights and holidays included, we quickly react to fluctuations and limit the financial damage. A couple of inefficient hours can blow out our budget and blow up our CPI, so we’re always on guard. Finally, we recommend frequently monitoring intraday performance using Nanigans’ new Performance Analysis reporting tool to quickly identify marketplace performance fluctuations.

Our Mobile App Install Strategy

Most advertisers shouldn’t be satisfied with a $4.00 CPI. If you’re paying more than $1.00 per mobile app installs on Facebook, you likely have an opportunity to reduce your CPI overnight. Our mobile app install strategy is fully transparent. We work with our clients’ Facebook and Nanigans accounts, and our clients have the option to be trained in our process.

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