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    Client Testimonials

    Sun Basket

    Adam Zbar | Sun Basket

    “ConsumerAcquisition.com delivers outstanding Facebook advertising results for Sun Basket. They reduced our CAC and fueled user acquisition growth to levels that far exceeded our expectations. Also, their passion for creative testing and attention to metrics drove profitability. In addition, the quality of work reflects their experience and expertise in Facebook advertising. As a result, I highly recommend these guys.”



    Adam Zbar , CEO at Sun Basket
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    Rich Chew | PLAYSTUDIOS, Inc.

    “We have worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com since April 2015. They bring a rigorous, a/b testing approach to maximizing volume and ROAS. Also, they systematically work through hundreds of quantitative tests to deliver high-paying, quality users. As a result, they have been a consistently high performer with our Facebook media buys.”

    Rich Chew, Director of Growth at PLAYSTUDIOS, Inc.
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    Issei Shimizu | MoblityWare

    “ConsumerAcquisition.com scaled our mobile app install volume while beating our aggressive CPI targets. They tested hundreds of images, audiences, and ad copy to quickly deliver results. The team took a quantitative approach to optimize results from various countries. They quickly re-formatted winning creative for Instagram and introduced us to a new audience. This company knows mobile app install marketing!”



    Issei Shimizu, User Acquisition Manager at MoblityWare
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    Tyson Woeste | TRUECar

    “ConsumerAcquisition pairs deep automotive experience with an impressive track record for Facebook advertising. They worked with us to build our Facebook acquisition channel on the web, optimized ad spend for both new and returning users to meet our cost targets. They’ve also impressed me by driving an incredibly low cost for mobile app installs. These guys are all about performance, and I recommend them to any company who wants to grow.“



    Tyson Woeste , VP Marketing at TRUECar
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    Doug Wheeler | Real Networks

    “ConsumerAcquisition is relentless in their pursuit of growth and optimization of subscribers and app installs on our behalf. They have decreased cost-per-install and increased mobile installs 1000%. They work with our team to optimize Facebook & Twitter mobile app installs, Google paid acquisition and landing pages. They have successfully scaled our business and we continue to be impressed with their 24/7 responsiveness.”



    Doug Wheeler, VP Marketing at Real Networks
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    Jeremy Levine | Playdraft

    “ConsumerAcquisition.com brought a rigorous, statistically-driven approach to Facebook user acquisition that meshed well with our fantasy sports offering. They understand fantasy sports and our users and systematically worked through hundreds of quantitative tests to deliver a massive increase in users. Their technical capabilities helped us increase our user base 100 fold while also reducing our acquisition cost a staggering -70%. These guys are the best at Facebook & Instagram mobile app installs, PERIOD!”



    Jeremy Levine, CEO at Playdraft
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    Manu Sharma | Shopkick

    “ConsumerAcquisition has delivered amazing results from mobile app install advertising on Facebook. With a relentless focus on creative testing and audience expansion, this team has reduced our cost-per-install, increased user engagement and delivered profitability at scale. The cost savings vs. other agencies and bid management solutions have been tremendous.”



    Manu Sharma , Vice President, Growth & Data Science at Shopkick
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    “ConsumerAcquisition is an absolute world-class organization that brought tremendous growth and efficiency to our paid acquisition efforts. They work with us across both mobile and paid search user acquisition, significantly outperforming all our previous Ad agencies. They learned our business quickly and massively scaled both business lines. As if that wasn’t sufficient, they continue to impress us with their deep analytical approach at increasing ROI, incredible attention to detail, and last but not least — 24/7 responsiveness.”



    RAMNEEK BHASIN, GM Mobile & VP Products at TheFind
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    JIM MILLER | Online Convergence

    “We hired ConsumerAcquisition.com to help us grow our app installs. Brian and his team have worked hard testing lots of new creative and strategies to find concepts and creative that work. They increased our mobile installs more than 600% while maintaining our cost-per-install. Their constant testing and determination have helped our company increase growth and find new areas of opportunity.”

    JIM MILLER , Founder and CEO at Online Convergence
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