Mobile App UA & Creative Roundup June 2021

Our UA and creative insights come from managing over $3 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and performance advertisers like Disney, Roblox, Glu, Jam City, NBA, MLB, and Supercell. This June 2021 inaugural newsletter highlights user acquisition and creative trends that directly impact Facebook, Google, and TikTok advertisers right now. And, our feature article shows creative trends in action for our new Rovio commercial, optimized for testing at scale.

User Acquisition Topics


June 2021 Hot Tips

UA Hot Tips

See what’s working in Facebook, Google & TikTok UA and get the additional scale from apps running multiple languages.

Facebook Creative Fatigue June 2021

Get Insider Info on Creative Fatigue

We studied millions in ad spend to see when, why, and how the best ads lose their spark.

June 2021 Optimization essentials

The Essential Guide to Apple and Google ASO

Everything you need to know, test, and track for app store optimization for the App Store and Google Play Store.

June 2021 Gameplay Capture

The Definitive Guide to Unity & Unreal Gameplay Capture

Gameplay footage is the best way to convey the excitement of your game in action. Here’s how to get it right.

angry birds commercial

How we created a commercial for Rovio optimized for testing

With some of the world’s most recognizable IP, Rovio wanted a fresh approach to promote Angry Birds 2, the new arcade mobile game in the billion-dollar franchise. In a departure from cartoon cardinals and canaries, Rovio wanted a live-action ad with real actors to highlight the universal appeal of the game across every demographic and device. Through our agile production process, we efficiently captured hundreds of video and photo assets in one shoot.

To understand user motivations and the competitive landscape, we incorporated intensive research from our creative learning agenda. Beyond an entertaining ad, our agile production approach provided Rovio with multiple variations to test, including different character reactions, different narrative progression, and different gameplay. The ad is optimized for multiple platforms and for iterative testing, allowing Rovio to sustain profitable ad spend. Watch the Angry Birds 2 commercial to see our agile creative capabilities in action.

Consumer Acquisition has partnered with Rovio since 2019 to generate original story-driven ads for Angry Birds Dream Blast, Small Town Murders, and Sugar Blast. Today, we’re providing thumb-stopping creative for their RPG, Darkfire Heroes.

Creative Topics


tiktok best practices june 2021

TikTok Creative Strategies That Work

We break down the trends in the best-performing mobile app ads on TikTok.

June 2021 Facebook App Ads

How to Develop Breakthrough Creative for Facebook App Ads

90% of ads fail to beat your best creative and creative fatigues after 10 weeks. Find out how player personas can help.

Better Cheaper Faster June 2021

Better, Faster, Cheaper – Facebook Asset Production & Agile Shoots

Uncover original creative ideas that leverage the best attributes of your app, speak to your target audience’s motivations, and are visually unique.

life of a facebook ad

Life of Facebook Creative

From finding a unicorn ad to letting it nap, here’s the lifecycle of Facebook ad creative.


Measure your performance against competitors and see KPIs like CTR, CPM, CPC, CPI, IPM, Conv%, country breakdowns, and much more.

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The Definitive Guide to Unity & Unreal Gameplay Capture

Most game developers focus solely on adding new updates, features and retention. Unfortunately, this leaves little time to generate enough creative assets like gameplay capture to stay ahead of creative fatigue and maintain financial performance. The lack of fresh assets has been detrimental to the successful mobile app A/B creative testing.

Additionally, developing winning creative concepts is difficult to do. 85% to 95% of new Facebook ads fail to beat the top-performing ad in any portfolio of creative assets. The ones that do become winning creatives, suffer creative fatigue and die after only 10 weeks.

Why This Matters

Why does creative matter? Apple killed the IDFA, and Facebook and Google are fully automating media buying. Creative is the only meaningful lever UA teams have to drive sustained net profit. To survive and thrive in a post-IDFA / automated world, fresh creative concepts are needed to maintain ROAS. Therefore, product and marketing teams need an asset creation pipeline﹘especially if you want to effectively incorporate gameplay capture into your strategy.

What is Gameplay Capture?

Gameplay capture provides authentic footage of your game. The best marketer and writer can’t capture the excitement of your game in action. A picture, after all, is worth 1,000 words. The Verge claims there are two main factors behind why a viewer would watch gameplay capture:

  • The ability to observe professional-grade skill.
  • Buying advice/recommendation.

However, there’s one thing you need to be aware of. Gameplay capture provides less of an opportunity for what Andrew Fox, Senior Game Capture Director at Ayzenberg, refers to as “hiding of crimes”. “What you see is what you get with gameplay capture footage, so you can’t include elements that make you look better﹘or worse﹘than you are,” Fox says. “But, don’t assume producing [gameplay capture] is easy. Make sure you give yourself ample time to produce them. They’re essentially live-action shoots. Each game is its own art form. For one game, you’re creating oil paintings, and when you move on to a new game, you’re making sculptures.”

So, how do you best incorporate gameplay capture into your creative? Here are our creative recommendations.

Creative Recommendations

Make Sure There’s Lots of Action

No one wants to watch a slow-moving video devoid of any excitement. This isn’t French cinema. So, make sure you showcase the exciting gameplay. “You don’t necessarily want to do something that’s very teasery ﹘like focusing on a title card run,” Fox adds. “This doesn’t show off the game. Instead, focus on the fun aspects of the game.”

gameplay capture

For example, Body Race uses actual in-game footage to show one of the main character’s plumping up. The goal of the game is to promote body positivity. They achieve this by having runway models continually eat as they fatten up to reach the end of the runway. Characters need to avoid obstacles like weights to reach the end. The gameplay capture footage they use is of a model in a red dress eating all the food she can to reach the scale﹘or the end of the level.

Remember, game developers know the best levels, action, and other elements of the game. They need to guide the conversation for marketers. You need to involve them so you can make your gameplay capture footage as compelling as possible.

Showcase Important Characters

If you have a franchise or an IP, you need to show the main attraction﹘established characters. Your game’s characters, in a sense, become brand ambassadors. Take advantage of this!

gameplay capture

Look at Mario Kart Tour. In their gameplay capture footage, they highlight staples of the Mario universe. You see clips of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser racing. Anyone who’s familiar with Super Mario games knows who these characters are. These four characters are as iconic as the Mario Kart series, which launched in 1992.

Highlight Important Game Tools

Also, if there are important elements to your game, showcase them. Tools are a big allure to potential users and app developers alike. For players, they provide a way to ‘level up’ their performance. For you, they can be an in-app purchase (IAP).

gameplay capture

Take, for instance, MARVEL Strike Force. Their gameplay capture features Deadpool and his two katanas, and Heimdall and his uru. These weapons are an instant draw for fans of MARVEL, so mimic this strategy for your app for critical tools.

Camera Break-Off

Fox recommends you utilize this feature if your game uses a third-person camera angle. This is when users are able to have the camera “break off” from the main character. “Viewers can see what the game world is like, and if it’s interesting to them,” Fox suggests.

gameplay capture

In Garena Free Fire- World Series, you participate in the ultimate survival shooter. Their gameplay capture footage boasts a lot of the action you’ll experience in the game. Also, it does a camera break-off that shows the environments where you’re on the remote island pitted against the 49 other characters. This displays the game’s graphics, so you can inspire potential users with how cool your game is.


Finally, don’t forget to have your splash screen at the beginning and/or ending of your footage. This should feature key details of where users can buy/download the game. Call-to-actions inspire potential users to perform what you want them to. So, if you want them to purchase your app, tell them in your splash screen.

Pocket Styler features a call-to-action﹘Play Now!﹘at the end of their gameplay capture. This is after enticing potential users with the cool gameplay and app features footage.

Capture Your Gameplay Now

Now that you have some creative recommendations to get started, you can create your own gameplay capture footage. You can do this using two different engines:

Both engines have different origins. Unity started as a Mac OS X-exclusive cross-platform game engine. Since then, however, it has gradually expanded its market to support desktop, mobile, console and virtual reality platforms. Today, it’s commonly used by iOS and Android mobile game developers. You can develop both 2D and 3D games through the engine, and its ease of use makes it a favorite among indie developers.

Unreal was developed as a first-person shooter engine, but has evolved into a 3D engine. It boasts a high degree of portability that allows it to support a wide range of desktop, mobile, console and virtual reality platforms. It’s still very popular among PC and console game developers. Like Unity, Unreal is written in C++.

Depending on which engine you use, you’ll have to take different steps.

How to Gameplay Capture in Unity 3D

Import the Video Game Plugin

This step-by-step guide is for the Unity 3D Game Kit Lite. First, you need to download either the Free Version of Video Capture or purchase the Pro Version of Video Capture. After you choose which version, you import the video game plugin. Then, you need to place Video Capture prefab in your game scene and attach it to your character. This ensures your camera will follow the character’s movements. Remember, you can adjust the prefab and camera’s position and rotation to ensure you’re happy with the capture angle.

Start the Video Record Session

Now, you play the game and start the video record session. You should use the F1 shortcut to hide your mouse. The final step﹘play the game!

Make a 360° Video

Also, you can make a 360° video to more fully showcase your game’s environment. To do this, you need to reset the Video Capture prefab. Then, you place it in the position you want to capture your video. Next, config the Capture Mode to 360, Projection Type to EQUIRECT and Resolution to 4K. If you have the Pro version, you should enable GPU encoding option to boost the performance.

Play the game, start the video record session, and use the F1 shortcut to hide your mouse. Finally, play and capture!

How to Gameplay Capture in Unity 2D

You can also create gameplay capture footage in Unity’s 2D engine. The process is very similar to what you do for 3D. Here’s a breakdown:

Import the Video Game Plugin

First, decide whether or not you’re downloading the free version of the pro version. Once you do that, you need to import the video game plugin. Once it’s installed, you need to place the Video Capture prefab and attach DontDestory.cs script if your footage involves loading a new scene. Then, you start the video record session and play the game.

How to Capture Video in Unreal Engines

Use Sequence Recorder

If you want to get gameplay capture in the Unreal engine, you need to use the sequence recorder. This can be done during level editing or once the game is finalized. Under Window in the menu bar, choose level sequence. Keep in mind, you can choose to record Actors that are spawned (such as particle effects, other characters, etc.). Also you can determine the naming convention and save location, and change other settings like the duration to record or delay before starting to record.

Main Editor Toolbar

After you’ve determined the name and if you want to delay the recording before you capture, you play the game. You begin a Play In Editor (PIE) session. Similarly to Unity, Shift + F1 gains mouse control. Then, you choose Sequence Recorder window and click the add button. Finally, click on Add a New Recording.

Add a New Recording

Next, you’ll click on the new recording. It will come up as None. You’ll need to click Actor to get gameplay capture footage. Once you do that, click the drop-down menu and choose ThirdPersonCharacter. Remember, you need to specify which character you want to film. So choose the Actor (character) to record. If you want sound, you need an attached microphone. You’ll need to adjust the audio gain levels with your recording too. Once you start the sequence, the audio will begin as well.

Start Your Recording

Now, you click on the record button. If you want to delay the recording, you can choose Record Delay. This will begin the recording four seconds after.

How We Can Help with Gameplay Capture

Consumer Acquisition can help produce a steady stream of fresh creative ideas and assets like gameplay capture. This allows you to maintain profitability from your mobile app advertising. Through our Creative Studio, we provide better, cheaper, faster asset production through our agile shoots that enable agile production and creative testing.

Founded in 2013, is a technology-enabled marketing services company that has managed over $3 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and web-based performance advertisers. We provide a creative studio and user acquisition services for Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap and Apple Search social advertisers. Contact to work with our elite Hollywood storytelling creative team that will provide you with breakthrough creative ideas and gameplay capture assets to power your mobile app advertising.

UA Hot Tips For June 2021!

What’s working for Facebook UA? Check out our hot monthly UA tips.

Smoking Hot UA Tips, June 2021!

  • Apple killed IDFA.
  • Social advertising algorithms are rapidly evolving as we move from deterministic to probabilistic modeling.
  • To help, we’re sharing what we see working in UA – right now!
  • We’ll cover suggestions for Facebook, Google UAC, TikTok, Snap, and Apple Search Ads.

June 2021 Here’s What’s Working In Facebook UA:

  • Facebook’s App Event Optimization (AEO) is doing great.
  • Value Optimization (VO) is struggling.
  • We’re finding solid success and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by rebuilding top VO campaigns as AEO.

Need More Scale?

Do you want to get additional scale and pockets of efficiency from your Facebook apps that run multiple languages? Try the following:

  • AAA + AEO + Single Country + Localized creatives for that country + language targeting for that country.
  • Example:  AAA+AEO Purchase targeting France. Use French text, images, and videos. Set language targeting to French. Set ample budget to exit learning phase within 1st week.
  • Identify top creatives from your AAA campaigns. Then, launch a new test campaign with CBO+AEO Purchase + France + French language + Top Interest Groups and LALs. Note: Be careful with LALs as recent performance is significantly fluctuating. Use your top 2-3 videos/images and top 1-2 copy variations. Aim to have 4-6 ads per ad set.

Why Trust Our UA Tips?

  • Founded in 2013, we are a technology-enabled marketing services company and creative studio that has managed over $3 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and performance advertisers.
  • We provide end-to-end creative and user acquisition services for mobile app marketers via performance-oriented creative storytelling, integrated UA, and creative optimization.
  • We provide game-changing results driven by quantitative optimization and a relentless focus on increasing your net profit driven by client-specific, creative learning agendas.
  • Need fresh assets to get ahead of creative fatigue? Check out our CA+ premium asset creation services which include: Live-Action, Video Production, Photography, Production, Full Post-Production Services, 3D-Computer Animation, Gameplay Capture (Unity & Unreal Engine), Branding, AppStore Icon & Video Design and A/B Testing, Illustration Asset Creation. Asset delivery across all major platforms: TV, OTT, DOOH, Social, Mobile Ad Networks, and more.
  • Clients, We’ve Helped Grow: Roblox, Glu Mobile, Disney, Zynga, Rovio, Jam City, SuperCell, Wooga, NBA, MLB, Ford, Sun Basket, Lion Studios, MobilityWare, and many others.

Want Better Results From UA?

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Better, Faster, Cheaper – Facebook Asset Production & Agile Shoots

Can you guess how much of your new creative ideas fail to outperform the best ad in your portfolio? 85% to 95% fail. This means only 5% – 15% of Facebook ads become winners, and Facebook creative fatigues and dies after 10 only weeks. These facts highlight the need for continuously new ideas and asset creation, which can be achieved through agile live-action shoots.

This is why the creative journey exists. The creative journey provides UA teams the only meaningful lever they have left to drive financial success. With the Apple IDFA dead, and Facebook and Google fully automating media buying, UA must adopt a creative is king approach, or risk becoming dinosaurs.

Become Creatively Unstuck with Breakthrough Creative

Creative ideation that generates sustained profit from Facebook mobile app advertising is very difficult. It is common for in-house creative teams to get tunnel vision. They stop thinking outside the box or taking the risks required to unlock breakthrough original creative ideas. As a result, many app advertisers copy competitor’s ads. This creates a similar look and feels across an entire genre. Most company’s creative strategies tend to only follow a two-pronged approach. First, they review the performance data from their ads to determine quantitatively what works, what fails, and why? Then, they study competitors’ ads to discover trends across their competitive set. While leveraging other company’s best ideas unlocks a higher success rate, it invariably results in all ads in a genre looking similar.

So, how can you uncover original creative ideas that leverage the best attributes of your app, speak to your target audience motivations, and are visually unique? A developed custom creative learning agenda will provide a roadmap for sustained and profitable success. A creative learning agenda uses historic performance data, competitive analysis, user personas, and creative trends to craft a structured process for creating, testing, and optimizing mobile app creative.

Creative Journey

Asset Creation Pipeline

A creative learning agenda powers successful advertising across all platforms (Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc). You leverage a structured testing process to generate fresh assets, gameplay capture, un-influencer/UGC short-form video content, and app store optimization. So how can you possibly create enough assets for all these mediums and use cases?

Agile live-action shoots﹘also referred to as mondo shoots﹘drive an asset creation pipeline. This production style can build up your asset library quickly if you’re launching new features, new levels, or rebranding / increasing advertising efforts.

What are Agile Live Action Shoots?

agile shoots

Agile live-action shoots enable better, faster, cheaper asset creation and are becoming a best practice in the advertising/pro-co industries. The traditional agency model﹘which, along with nebulous pricing﹘ is dying because it’s expensive, rigid, and built to win vanity awards vs driving net profit. In the past, you would shoot as many variations and takes of the single concept as the director deemed necessary. If your budget was $500,000, that’s a lot of time and effort spent on one vision that may or may not drive profitable advertising. And, for live-action/DOOH/OTT/TV, what if this vision doesn’t resonate with your audience? You spent all that money for a failed creative. This isn’t even incorporating production costs to extend the assets for use in other mediums, like social advertising and social media.

Agile shoots allow you to use your resources to the fullest by capturing extra assets. You do this by using multiple actors/actresses and different endings and taking advantage of the downtime to capture stills and behind-the-scenes footage. Instead of needing three shoots﹘TV, social, and photo﹘you plan for and shoot them all at once. This provides you hundreds of assets through agile production. The cost may be marginally higher, but you’ll pay less for one agile live-action shoot than you would multiple shoots for various mediums.

More importantly, with an 85% to 95% failure rate for all creative, it is statistically very rare that “one person’s vision” will result in a successful ad. The smartest plan is to assume that no one, including award-winning directors, knows what will be successful. Instead, provide a library of assets that can be mixed and recut to provide a pool of different ideas. This increases your potential for success.

How to Set Up Agile Live-Action Shoots

The basic concept is, you get all the teams you need to create assets for campaigns. You’re filming for 10-12 hours per day, so you have time to accomplish multiple things. An agile live-action shoot should include:

  • Several variations of the script
  • Multiple actors playing the same roles.
  • Production Team B
  • Social Media Team
  • Dedicated Photography Team

Start with the Script

Again, the point of agile live-action shoots is to build hundreds of assets during one shoot. You can do this through script variation. You should have your writing team create several versions of the script. For example, you’re shooting an ad for your mobile card game app. You can have one script that features three men having a virtual card night. Then, you have another version with three women doing the same, and one with three couples.

With multiple versions of a concept, you’re enabling testing and optimization. Your UA team can A/B test the variations of your asset. When you find all the winning elements, then you can create your proven concept. This is critical for TV ads, where traditionally you had little choice but to risk your media spend on a failed ad. Now, you can test on digital to ensure your TV ads will be winning creative.

Also, you can test different endings for spots. Humor is extremely subjective, so if you have a funny concept, you can film three punchlines. You can have one be the straight delivery, another version has a middle-of-the-road joke, and a final one with a joke that some may find offensive. This allows you to discover which resonates with your target audience.

Choose Your Location(s)

agile shoots

Once you write how many variations of the concept you want, you finalize your location(s). During shooting, you can film all of the versions instead of the singular commercial you would’ve in the past. But, there become some logistical issues depending on one major decision﹘on set or on location.

If you film at a soundstage, you can set up multiple sets simultaneously. This enables agile production, so you can seamlessly gather assets with different backgrounds. Keep in mind, soundstages can cost around $5,000 per day.

However, if you film on location, this can be more complicated. For instance, you want to shoot your mobile card game app concept in an apartment. This now limits other setups you can have simultaneously because you’re restricted by the apartment’s square footage. Also, this doesn’t factor in if you shoot outside and have to worry about natural lighting.

Hire Actors

Agile shoots help enable A/B testing for live-action assets. Your goal is to have as many variations as possible to test, so you can iterate on the winner. If you have a script that calls for one actor, you should consider hiring two or three.

If you’re a finance app, you want to hire a spokesperson who appears credible. This is a great opportunity to unlock invaluable insights into your target demographic. You can film two or three actors performing your script, and﹘like with the script itself﹘test to find out which performer your potential audience responds to most favorably.

Build Your Film Crew

agile shoots

You need your standard film crew you’d use for a live-action shoot. This can range between 7-50 people. This crew is the main focus, and their work has to remain the priority. All ancillary production needs must leave the film crew unperturbed.

Choose Your Production Team

Your production team can swell or reduce, depending on how many actors you use. The more actors you hire, your production team grows exponentially. You need a bigger makeup and wardrobe crew to accommodate the increased number of talent. So, if you have a limited budget, you need to consider all production costs and what your most important needs are.

Get a Social Team

Social media teams are typically very nimble, and they feature 2-3 people. This makes them easy to include during an agile live-action shoot. In-between takes, there are 10-15 minutes where the talent is either standing around or back in their trailers. Your social media team can use this time to get campaign assets while the crew is setting up the next shot.

Here are some creative recommendations:

  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Call-to-actions
  • Pre-roll
  • End cards
  • Action shots
  • Footage for gifs
  • App use to capture pictures/videos
  • Short live Q&A sessions with the actors
  • Upcoming holiday- and seasonal-themed content
  • Live polls
  • Video stories
  • Film the actors announcing the app’s features
  • Use the actors to solicit UGC content
  • Create contests and have actors announce the rules
  • Vlog guides
  • Announce upcoming events
  • Have the actors take over social media accounts
  • Film the actors participating in the latest social media trends
  • Post teaser shots/videos of the content

Remember, UGC is particularly powerful content for Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok because these platforms value authenticity and less polished content. Why not get the best of both worlds and get professionally produced creative that inspires UGC?

Add Photography

Photography is the easiest team to add to an agile live-action shoot. A photography team is usually three people who hover around the main set unobtrusively. From this add-on, you can increase your asset library by as much as 4x. It’s extremely cost-effective too since a photography team costs around $5,000.

They capture still images to build your asset library for the life of the campaign. They also can shoot behind-the-scenes footage that can be used in the future. Or, they can take pictures off to the side in-between takes or during set-up. Remember, shoot first, edit later.

If you cannot add a photography team to your shoot, you can still capture assets for different mediums. Make sure you use a 4k or above camera to shoot in. Because the resolution is so high, you can use still images of what you shoot.

How We Can Help with Agile Live-Action Shoots

Consumer Acquisition can help produce a steady stream of fresh creative ideas and assets to stay ahead of creative fatigue. This allows you to maintain profitability from your mobile app advertising. Through our Creative Studio, we provide better, cheaper, faster asset production through our agile shoots that enable agile production and creative testing.

Founded in 2013, is a technology-enabled marketing services company that has managed over $3 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and web-based performance advertisers. We provide a creative studio and user acquisition services for Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, and Apple Search social advertisers. Contact to work with our elite Hollywood storytelling creative team that will provide you with breakthrough creative ideas and an asset creation pipeline for your mobile app advertising.

TikTok Platform Creative Strategy

Creative is a mobile app advertiser’s best opportunity for a competitive advantage in social advertising. The combination of Facebook’s and Google’s Media buying automation with Apple’s removal of IDFA makes ‘winning’ creative ﹘the five percent of Facebook videos that are successful﹘of paramount importance. Here we break down mobile app advertisers on TikTok with competitive trends & creative recommendations, so you can learn from their creative best practices. Here is our definitive TikTok creative strategy.

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Leading Mobile App Advertisers on TikTok

  • Game of Thrones: Conquest, Fit & Squeeze, Bubble Ouch,, Hair Challenge, Tile Master, VivaCut, Mini War, Tally, Experian, Wish: Shopping Made Fun, Instagram, Soundcloud, Amazon Shopping

TikTok: Competitive Strategy and Trends

  • tiktok creative strategyGameplay/Music Combo: Simple app or game capture combined with music. (Fit & Squeeze, Bubble Ouch,, Hair Challenge, Tile Master, VivaCut, Bubble Ouch)
  • Testimonial: Player reviews of the game or demonstrating app benefits. (Game of Thrones: Conquest, Mini War, Tally, Experian)
  • Testimonial/Music Combo: Lip-syncing to music with testimonial and effects. (Quadpay)
  • Influencers: Using celebrities or influencers to deliver the primary message. (Soundcloud, Amazon Shopping)
  • Game Trailer/App Overview: Overview of how to use the app. (Wish)
  • Image/Music combo: Still image with music. (Instagram)
  • UGC: User-generated content. (Instagram)

tiktok creative strategy

TikTok Demographics

According to TikTok, as of February 2021:

  • TikTok has ~80 million monthly active users in the United States.
    • 60% are female
    • 40% are male
    • 60% are between the ages of 16-24
    • 26% are between the ages 25-44
    • 80% are between the ages 16-34
  • Full age Breakdown
    • 10-19: 32.5%
    • 20-29: 29.5%
    • 30-39: 16.4%
    • 40-49: 13.9%
    • 50+: 7.1%

tiktok creative strategy

TikTok Creative Strategy Recommendations 

Trend: App Capture/Music Combo

Create concepts using app or gameplay footage of your app, set to music:

  • Test multiple lengths
  • Good opportunity to test different music genres
  • Visual FX with app content (set to music)

Apps utilizing trend: Fit & Squeeze, Bubble Ouch,, Hair Challenge, Tile Master, VivaCut, Bubble Ouch

Player Motivations: Targets TikTok demographic as well as players unfamiliar with the app

tiktok creative strategy

Trend: Testimonial

Create concepts centered on user testimonials:

  • Experiment with split-screen and inset testimonials
  • Try testimonials that skew younger
  • Try testimonials featuring young male users
  • Test different music genres

Apps utilizing trend: Mini War, Tally, Experian

Player Motivations: Targets TikTok demographic as well as players unfamiliar with the app


Trend: Testimonial/Video Meme

“Testimonial” that demonstrates emotional benefit:

  • Funny and simple visual, combined with SFX or GFX
  • Communicates as simply as a meme, but with the engagement of video
  • Good concept for demonstrating emotional benefits of the app

Apps utilizing trend: Tally

Player Motivations: Targets TikTok demographic as well as players unfamiliar with the app

testimonial and video meme

Trend: Testimonial/Music Combo

Try testimonials with a visual & musical element:

  • Lip sync with the music
  • Experiment with visual FX
  • A simple way to try something different in category

Apps utilizing trend: Quadpay

Player Motivations: Targets TikTok demographic as well as players unfamiliar with the app

testimonial and music

Trend: Influencers

Try testimonials with entertainment influencers:

  • Leverage existing app relationships
  • Try Cameo to enlist young actors/musicians/celebs to talk about why they love the app

Competitors utilizing trend: Amazon, Soundcloud

Player Motivations: Targets TikTok demographic as well as players unfamiliar with the app


Reveal more Mobile App Advertiser TikTok Secrets!

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Post IDFA CPMs Have Skyrocketed! What’s Up?

Apple killed the IDFA. Armageddon was upon us﹘or so we thought. iOS 14.5 was a landmark update that boasted App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and was supposed to have an asteroid-like impact on the mobile app industry. The rollout of iOS 14.5 has been super slow and Facebook CPMs are up…So what’s up with all that?

On Monday, May 24, 2021, iOS 14.6 was released. As MobileDevMemo points out, “Why did Apple slow-roll the adoption of variants of iOS 14.5, which unveiled (arguably) the feature that most impacts the mobile app economy since the launch of the App Store?” What’s really going on here?

iOS 14.5 Adoption Speed

iOS 14.5 Adoption Speed

As the graph indicates, the consumer adoption rate has been particularly slow. Why? As MobileDevMemo argues,  Apple may have been concerned about advertisers and publishers. CPMs for opted-out iOS 14.5 users are much lower than CPMs for opted-in users, as predicted. Most advertisers and publishers weren’t prepared for iOS 14.5 because a lot hadn’t completed their SKAdNetwork integrations before iOS 14.5 was released. If iOS 14.5 was adopted at the same pace as previous prominent releases,  advertisers and publishers would have negatively impacted. Now, these publishers / mobile app developers can acclimate to the new mobile app advertising world order, while Apple temporarily mutes the impact on the developer ecosystem.

Attribution After iOS 14.5: What Does the Data Tell Us About Why the Apocalypse is So Quiet?

Apple claims they removed IDFA to provide privacy as a human right. So why does Apple set the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” setting off and disabled by default, essentially not giving users a choice? In addition, why is Apple’s claim of privacy concern for users paramount, yet instead of immediately releasing all the features, they’re doing a slow rollout of ATT to prevent a seismic and devastating shift to the mobile app ecosystem?

Because, as we argue, this was never about privacy. A deliberately paced IDFA Armageddon (IDFA Armageddon Part I; IDFA Armageddon Part II; IDFA Armageddon Part III) obfuscates Apple’s true motives.

Apple’s True Motives

I believe iOS14.5 and ATT are Apple’s attempts to wrench back merchandising control over app distribution. It is nothing more than an elegant PR spin to position Apple to try to claim the moral high ground.

The removal of ATT is a tectonic shift that will roll back advertising efficiency for 15 years. Unfortunately, Apple did not seek industry input or discussion during the development of SKAN. In addition, Apple was the only party involved in ATT planning and development. To me, ATT was done to prolong users’ dependency on Apple and the AppStore. Users must use only Apple’s AppStore to find and download apps and mobile app developers must use Apple’s payment mechanisms if a consumer would like to perform an in-app purchase … so Apple gets to define what privacy is – Apple and first parties can get all the data but 3rd parties can not.

Consumers can not opt-out of Apple tracking their downloads via a 3rd party app store, nor can consumers pay for the purchase via a neutral 3rd party like Paypal or Venmo, etc.  Why did Apple do all this? Simple, the AppStore has poor merchandising and poor recommendations. It is an unnecessary step between the app advertiser and the user installing the app.

What’s Up With Rising CPMs?

Across multiple platforms, CPMs have oscillated since IDFAs rollout. We’re not sure exactly why, but it appears the platforms may be adjusting their algorithms for this post-IDFA world. Below are CPM graphs across several mobile app gaming advertisers in unrelated genres across platforms.

Facebook romance games apps developer saw their CPMs return to their high levels seen in April.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

A Facebook hidden object developer saw CPMs increase using both Facebook’s automated app ads (AAA) and their standard algorithm.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

Facebook simulation games developer has seen a volatile last two weeks, CPMs going above $10, but then coming back down close to the start of May.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

Another Facebook simulation app developer has seen CPMs increase 4x the amount they started at in May.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

For comparison, this Facebook desk client saw a minimal impact possibly due to running desktop-only campaigns.

Facebook desk client

Additional comparison, this client didn’t appear impacted perhaps due to not running Facebook value or AEO purchase events.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

This wellness app developer’s Facebook website AEO purchase spiked, then reverted within four days.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

TikTok CPMs Spiked Too!

For TikTok, there was a spike as well. One app developer saw a higher spend of around 5/14 (normal), and a spike over Memorial Weekend.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

Similarly, another TikTok developer experienced a CPM bump mid-month, and then another just before Memorial Weekend.

Tiktok developer

Finally, a TikTok sports app developer also experienced the CPM bump mid-month. Now, their CPM is trending up towards the end of the month/Memorial Weekend.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

Google CPMs are Up

Google CPMs rose from the start of the month, peaked and stabilized for about 10 days then slightly decreased the past week.

CPMs Have Skyrocketed Post IDFA

Interestingly, an app developer sees a spike every 7 days in the US. But, overall CPMs are stable.

app developer

Another Google client saw their CPMs steadily rising throughout last month despite pulling back on spend the last 2 weeks of the month.

Google Client

Survive and Thrive Post IDFA

The way to maintain profitable mobile app advertising and to survive and thrive post-IDFA world is through creative optimization. With IDFA effectively dead, and both Facebook and Google moving to automated media buying, the last meaningful lever mobile app developers have is creative. Those who don’t adapt to the creative is king philosophy will die.

How We Can Help?

Consumer Acquisition can help you create a unique creative learning agenda with a custom asset creation pipeline. This allows for the production of a steady stream of breakthrough creative ideas and assets to stay ahead of creative fatigue. Through our Creative Studio, we provide better, cheaper, faster asset production which enables agile production for rapid creative testing.

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Why Electronic Arts, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Ads Work – And Yours Don’t

Creative is an advertiser’s best opportunity for a competitive advantage in social advertising. The combination of Facebook’s and Google’s Media buying automation with Apple’s removal of IDFA will make ‘winning’ creative ﹘the five percent of Facebook videos that are successful﹘of paramount importance. Here we break down role playing games from Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes with competitive trends & creative recommendations, so you can learn from their creative best practices.

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Role Playing Games

Top Trending Ads & Platform Distribution

role playing ads and platform distribution

Role Playing Creative Trends

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Makeover: What’s Working

Game Trailer:

  • Game Trailer concepts showcase game graphics, core objectives, and overall game experience


  • Achievement concepts attract players interested in unlocking levels, characters, and power
  • Showcases game graphics and gameplay


  • Gameplay concepts authentically showcase game graphics and characters

Promotional/Special Offers:

  • Limited time reward offers, and promos attract new and returning players


role playing star wars galaxy of heroes

Role Playing Iteration Ideas

Game Trailer:

  • Try more overview/tutorial game trailer concepts to attract new players and casual Star Wars fans


  • Continue achievement concepts with a focus on unlocking new characters/powers
  • Try “Top Ten” character countdowns


  • Continue gameplay concepts, with PVP/inset players
  • Try augmented gameplay, adding player comments or VO

Promotional/Special Offers:

  • Continue promo/special offer concepts
  • Try adding a seasonal (holiday/summer) layer to these concepts


role playing star wars galaxy of heroes

Electronic Arts: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Competitive Analysis

Competitors: Marvel Strikeforce, Marvel Contest of Champions, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Summoners War, Disney Heroes Battle Mode, AFK Arena, Raid Shadow Legends, Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, Marvel Future Fight, Questland: Hero Quest, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Legendary: Game of Heroes, Taptap Heroes, Cookie Run: Legend, Hustle Castle, Genshin Impact, Star Wars, Star Wars: KOTOR, Star Wars: Card Trader by Topps

role playing star wars

Role Playing Competitive Trends

  • Game Trailer: Overview of the game showcasing characters, gameplay, and graphics.
    (Marvel Future Fight, Summoners War, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, many others)
  • Gameplay: Simple gameplay, sometimes simulated or augmented.
    (Marvel Strike Force: Squad RPG, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, many others)
  • Characters: Concepts built around game character personalities, powers, and origins.
    (Raid: Shadow Legends, Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, Rise of Kingdoms, many others)
  • Player Focused: Player types, player interviews, and PVP gameplay.
    (AFK Arena, Marvel Contest of Champions)
  • Influencers: Leveraging influencer interviews & reviews.
    (Raid Shadow Legends, Rise of Kingdoms, The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Pop Culture: Ads that have pop culture and lifestyle as a primary element.
    (Looney Tunes World of Mayhem)
  • Competitive: Comparing the app against other apps or games.
    (AFK Arena)

star wars galaxy of heroes

Role Playing Creative Trends

Concept: Gameplay

Create gameplay videos featuring more details of the game and player involvement:

  • Heighten element of fantasy and role-playing, getting the chance to become your favorite character
  • Highlight collection, powering up, and PVP in gameplay (player control)
  • Augment gameplay with player voice-over (subtitled), providing commentary

Competitors utilizing trend:

  • MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG, Marvel Contest of Champions, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Summoners War, Rise of Kingdoms

Player Motivations:

  • Targets players interested in narrative, challenges, and completion


role playing galaxy of heroes

Concept: Game Trailer

Create videos explaining the game in more detail:

  • Add more game features:
    • Turn-based RPG and PVP
    • Strategy and collection
    • Social aspect/raids
    • More emphasis on player control and the ability to be their favorite characters
    • Try more themed trailers (e.g. Jedis from different chapters)

Competitors utilizing trend:

  • AFK Arena, MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG, Summoners War, Raid Shadow Legends, many

Player Motivations:

  • Targets RPG players who might otherwise not try the game, as well as clarifying for Star Wars fans
    what the game is.


role playing game trailer

Concept: Characters

Leverage the incredible character roster of the game more clearly:

  • Countdown of character attributes, powers, and strengths
  • Continue videos centered on one individual character
  • Videos featuring rival factions
  • Thematic pairings (e.g., whose Jedi powers are greater?)

Competitors utilizing trend:

  • Marvel Strike Force: Squad RPG, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, Raid: Shadow Legends, many others

Player Motivations:

  • Targets players interested in narrative, power, and completion

star wars characters

Concept: Player Focused

Create videos centered on the player experience of the game:

  • Inset of players competing in PVP
  • Player commentary on game and characters
  • UGC of players as their favorite character
  • Leverage the idea of DSA being the best way to experience being their favorite Disney character

Competitors utilizing trend:

  • AFK Arena, Marvel Contest of Champions, Star Trek: Fleet Command

Player Motivations:

  • Targets players interested in competition, as well as RPG and PVP aspects of the game


player focused

Concept: Influencers

Create short videos combining influencer gameplay and commentary:

  • Attracts players while legitimizing the game
  • Demonstrates how to win stages and rewards
  • Demystifies the game for potential players who don’t understand Star Wars/RPG

Competitor/Share of Voice:

  • Raid Shadow Legends, Rise of Kingdoms, The Seven Deadly Sins

Player Motivations:

  • Targets players interested in social and competition aspects



Concept: Achievement

Create videos that demonstrate achievement, collecting stars, and powering up characters:

  • Unlocked levels, characters, powers
  • Leaderboards
  • Results of powering up in battles

Share of Voice:

  • Taptap Heroes, Questland

Player Motivations:

  • Targets players interested in achievement & mastery



Non-Competitor’s Concept: Female Story

Capitalize on the wealth of great female characters in the Star Wars franchise with all-female videos:

  • Engages players from other genres of games
  • Targets female players
  • Trailers featuring all-female lineups
  • Gameplay featuring female teams
  • Character countdowns of top female characters

Non-competitors utilizing trend:

  • Matchington Mansion, Lily’s Garden

Player Motivations:

  • Targets female players who haven’t discovered the game


non-competitor's concept female story

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