Our Creative Studio now supports Google, Snap, Pinterest and IAB, and offers new creative reviews and approvals.

Consumer Acquisition expands Creative Studio to support Facebook, Instagram, Google App Campaign, Snap, Pinterest & IAB ads with a Trello-like creative approval platform and enhanced creative analytics.


Consumer Acquisition Expands Creative Studio


(San Francisco, CA / August 22, 2018) Consumer Acquisition – the most trusted provider of creative, SaaS tools and user acquisition services for social advertising – is excited to announce the expansion of their Creative Studio with new social platform partners, enhanced analytics capabilities, and seamless creative collaboration tools. The creative-first approach for brands and advertisers will now support Facebook, Instagram, Google App Campaign, Snap, Pinterest, and IAB ads. All within a unified platform that brings a best-in-class end-to-end solution.

The Consumer Acquisition Creative Studio helps to manage and bolster the creative process for advertisers. While producing videos and images for advertising, it also provides advanced creative analytics and workflow optimization. In addition, an internal team of highly trained editors and designers are on tap to build and optimize creative units. The platform’s additions were designed to complement Facebook and Google’s machine learning algorithm updates that have automated intraday optimization driving ad creative to become the primary differentiator for social advertising performance.

Expands Creative

Expanded Creative Platform

The expanded creative platform provides social advertisers a simplified approach to the creative approval processes with an easy-to-use, Trello-like task manager that gathers and centralizes feedback, tasks, and action items to create universal transparency while allowing advertisers the ability to create and manage unique workflows. Additional features include the ability to see information at-a-glance in order to monitor both the big picture of any campaign. Or, to note specific details across custom boards and to seamlessly unify communications across stakeholders.

The industry-first creative analytics component of the platform will help to show ad effectiveness. At the same time, driving the ability for enhanced conception and development. Visually based graphs will allow advertisers the ability to compare the performance of any ad creative. This happens regardless of the date of launch, to uncover high-performance ads and audiences. Intelligent tags and tag clouds help to identify winning creative elements. They also identify display gaps in ad creative or audience coverage to inform the creative brief process.

Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition, states: “We know that creative is the most important element in social advertising and we’re honored to be working with many top advertisers on Facebook.  We’re thrilled to deliver on their request for support of Snapchat, Pinterest, and the mobile web via IAB ads. We’ve simplified their creative approvals and collaboration with a Trello-like, task manager. We’ve enhanced our advanced creative analytics to help guide strategic decisions on which ads are working well. Also to produce the highest ROI vs which ads are burning out and need to be redesigned.”




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