option 1

$1250 per video

  • 1-month contract
  • $5,000 monthly commitment
  • $200 per Image
  • 4 videos per month or mix and match with images

$1000 per video

  • 3-month contract
  • $5,000 monthly commitment
  • $150 per Image
  • 5 videos per month or mix and match with images
option 3

$777 per video

  • 3-month contract
  • $15,000 monthly commitment
  • $101 per Image
  • 19 videos per month or mix and match with images
Option 4

$576 per video

  • 3-month contract
  • $25,000 monthly commitment
  • $78 per Image
  • 43 videos per month or mix and match with images
Our Creative Studio offers advertisers a high-volume of fresh creative concepts for videos and images for Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC, Snapchat, Pinterest and IAB ads. We provide a free concierge service to help with creative brief writing and feedback to designers.
  • To view supported creative specs for Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC, Snap, Pinterest and IAB ads, click here.
  • Creative revisions are limited to 2 cycles per element.
  • Turn around time is 3-4 days on average, dependent on access to assets and complexity of requests.
  • Additional videos, static images, and ad copy can be purchased at your per unit pricing tier.
  • Monthly minimum fees do not roll over and are non-refundable.
  • Free Advanced Reporting available for any connected Facebook or Google UAC account.
  • Completed .png, .jpg, .mov or .mpeg4 assets available for download.
  • Optional: AdRules can be used for ad building and uploading. (AdRules bidding and budgeting is disabled.)
Questions, Contact Sales: sales@consumeracquisition.com
Fully Managed

$15,000 or 15% of monthly media spend

  • Unlimited Monthly Spend
  • 90-day agreement
  • Includes Unlimited Videos and Images
  • Reduced % of spend available for yearly agreements.
Managed SMB

$5,000 or 20% of monthly media spend

  • Max $50,000 monthly spend
  • 60-day agreement
  • Includes 2 videos and 1 image
  • Client provides brand guidelines, image/video reference, current FB ads & and copy, logo, fonts, music / audio
Managed Start Up

$2,500 or 20% of monthly media spend

  • Max $25,000 monthly spend
  • 30-day agreement
  • We use your creative (videos and images).
  • 50% off creative services for first 10 videos
Overview: We offer managed services for businesses of all sizes. We’ll help you scale direct response advertising on Facebook and Google UAC. We offer all inclusive media buying, creative strategy and production.
  • Fully-Managed Services: Social advertiser spending > $100,000 per month with significant creative demands.
  • Managed SMB: Social advertiser spending less than $50,000 per month, seeking a guidance with user acquisition and creative production.
  • Managed Start Up: Startups spending up to $25,000 per month, seeking an inexpensive, guided solution to social advertising.
  • Why Consumer Acquisition
  • Over $1 billion of social advertising managed on Facebook & Google.
  • Creative At Scale: Social advertising requires a constant supply of fresh creative. Our all inclusive creative studio delivers an endless supply of new videos and images from our in-house creative team. You’ll also receive free access to Shutterstock’s library of over 180 million images and videos.
  • Benchmark internal teams to keep your operations running at peak efficiency.
  • Additional creative resizing fee for Snapchat, Pinterest and IAB ads: Videos $375, Images $15
Questions, Contact Sales: sales@consumeracquisition.com

  • Creative automation, one-click ad launches
  • Ad builder and template engine
  • Optimization of Facebook & Instagram bids, budgets, pausing
  • Creative Marketplace for Videos & Images (extra fees apply)
  • Advanced Facebook & Google UAC reporting.
  • Email, Video and Chat Support
  • Dedicated Slack channel for Facebook support
  • Facebook ad account, & Creative Strategy best practice audit
  • Adjust, Appsflyer, Apsalar, Branch.io, Kochava, Singular, Tenjin
Advanced Reporting

$99 Monthly

  • $199
  • $1,000
All Features

0.7% of Monthly Spend, $99 min

  • $1,000
We developed the AdRules self-service platform to simplify user acquisition on Facebook and Google UAC. AdRules brings automation to advertisers, providing a simple interface that allows automation nearly any process.
  • Facebook & Google UAC ad management platform offering the ability to optimize, build and report.
  • A month-to-month agreement, with no long-term contracts.
  • Data updates every 15 minutes.
  • Smartphone compatible.
  • Unlimited accounts.
  • Mobile measurement partners supported: Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch.io, Kochava, Singular and Tenjin.
  • Maximum AdRules fee is capped at $15,000 per month
Questions, Contact Sales: sales@consumeracquisition.com

Client Testimonials

John Parides | GLU

“Consumer Acquisition ramped up within the first several days and capped out our daily budget while delivering CPIs 20% below targets and beating ROAS goals. In addition, they continue to test creative (images and videos), messaging, and targeting and have further reduced CPIs by 60% and increased ROAS 25%. As a result, this team knows Facebook and how to fight off creative and audience fatigue.”



John Parides, Head of User Acquisition at GLU
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Rich Chew | PLAYSTUDIOS, Inc.

“We have worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com since April 2015. They bring a rigorous, a/b testing approach to maximizing volume and ROAS. Also, they systematically work through hundreds of quantitative tests to deliver high-paying, quality users. As a result, they have been a consistently high performer with our Facebook media buys.”

Rich Chew, Director of Growth at PLAYSTUDIOS, Inc.
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Adam Zbar | Sun Basket

“ConsumerAcquisition.com delivers outstanding Facebook advertising results for Sun Basket. They reduced our CAC and fueled user acquisition growth to levels that far exceeded our expectations. Also, their passion for creative testing and attention to metrics drove profitability. In addition, the quality of work reflects their experience and expertise in Facebook advertising. As a result, I highly recommend these guys.”



Adam Zbar , CEO at Sun Basket
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Eric White | EBATES

“I previously worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com and they consistently delivered strong results for mobile app user acquisition for our shopping app. When I joined Ebates, I knew they would be a good fit to help drive our mobile app user acquisition strategy. Once again, they quickly optimized our business and reduced CPI 31% and reduced cost per app registration 56% and that allowed us to scale. I would highly recommend Consumer Acquisition to any mobile app advertiser that’s looking for strong results on Facebook.”

Eric White, Director of Mobile Marketing at EBATES
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Noah Godfrey | CHECKOUT 51

“Consumer Acquisition has helped us grow our app installs while initially beating our cost targets by 54%. In addition, they have excelled in A/B testing and have discovered new creative strategies through their rigorous testing process. Most importantly, they have successfully scaled our spend and we look forward to continuing to work with them to find new areas to grow.”



Noah Godfrey, Founder at CHECKOUT 51
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Manu Sharma | Shopkick

“ConsumerAcquisition has delivered amazing results from mobile app install advertising on Facebook. With a relentless focus on creative testing and audience expansion, this team has reduced our cost-per-install, increased user engagement and delivered profitability at scale. The cost savings vs. other agencies and bid management solutions have been tremendous.”



Manu Sharma , Vice President, Growth & Data Science at Shopkick
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Sean Fox | Bills.com

“ConsumerAcquisition helped us establish our Facebook user acquisition channel, trained our team and then handed over all the accounts. By working closely together, we grew the channel meaningfully in two quarters and continue to build our Facebook business with the approach ConsumerAcquisition installed. In addition, they provided some great feedback and ideas to optimize our landing pages that help lift conversion rates meaningfully. Facebook is tough to conquer, but this team brings tremendous knowledge and experience to that task and gives you a great shot at success.“

Sean Fox , Co-President & Chief Revenue Officer at Bills.com
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Tyson Woeste | TRUECar

“ConsumerAcquisition pairs deep automotive experience with an impressive track record for Facebook advertising. They worked with us to build our Facebook acquisition channel on the web, optimized ad spend for both new and returning users to meet our cost targets. They’ve also impressed me by driving an incredibly low cost for mobile app installs. These guys are all about performance, and I recommend them to any company who wants to grow.“



Tyson Woeste , VP Marketing at TRUECar
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Alex Tikhman | Monclarity

“We’re very proud of our innovative Brainwell App to help people of all ages. However, Facebook ad spend with other partners proved unsuccessful. Consumer Acquisition’s unique Managed Services solution, original creative and highly efficient AdRules Platform has yielded our most rapid high-quality new user growth. This team knows how to scale Facebook and generate creative at scale!



Alex Tikhman, Executive Vice President at Monclarity
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