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John Parides | GLU


“Consumer Acquisition ramped up within the first several days and capped out our daily budget while delivering CPIs 20% below targets and beating ROAS goals. In addition, they continue to test creative (images and videos), messaging, and targeting and have further reduced CPIs by 60% and increased ROAS 25%. As a result, this team knows Facebook and how to fight off creative and audience fatigue.”

Rich Chew | PLAYSTUDIOS, Inc.


“We have worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com since April 2015. They bring a rigorous, a/b testing approach to maximizing volume and ROAS. Also, they systematically work through hundreds of quantitative tests to deliver high-paying, quality users. As a result, they have been a consistently high performer with our Facebook media buys.”

Ryotaro Chikaki | GLU


Deer Hunter“The Consumer Acquisition team was able to produce several batches of assets, allowing them to meet aggressive daily volume targets. As a result, the further into testing these assets, we saw a decline in CPI and increase in installs.”

Ryan Geithman |Ember Entertainment


“Consumer Acquisition has been a valuable partner in driving profitable mobile app installs on Facebook. They are experts with a/b testing on creatives and audiences to deliver on our volume as well as our return on ad spend goals. Also, they have been continuously driving profitable results, which has led to our decision to expand our relationship to include Instagram spend too.”

Jessica Hasenplaugh | Wooga


“Consumer Acquisition has been an absolute gamechanger for June’s Journey. Their knowledge with the Facebook creative and media buying drove scale and profitably to new levels for June’s Journey. Their structured creative testing process has been instrumental in discovering new ideas to sustain volume. We’ve expanded our relationship with them to 3 other titles in our portfolio. If you’re looking for creative that drives profitable scale, go with Consumer Acquisition.” 

Ryotaro Chikaki | GLU


“Consumer Acquisition’s solution has the capability to scale up or dial down spend at a moment’s notice. Also, creative concepts in the form of video, thumbnails, and copy are all tested weekly. Consequently, we’ve seen conversion rates improved as much as 10%.”

Arturas Surgutanovas | Nordcurrent


“We tested with Consumer Acquisition late last year and we loved the results. So, we re-engaged with them to scale to other countries. And, their campaign optimization strategies and rigorous creative testing have been outstanding. In fact, we could not believe the amount of ROAS we were seeing!” 

Alexander Rechevskiy | ZiMAD: My Museum Story


“We approached Consumer Acquisition to help us drive user acquisition for our app My Museum Story. We’ve been impressed by their expertise – beginning with a free audit of Facebook best practices where they provided actionable insights. In addition, we trusted their experience in Mobile gaming and Facebook advertising and we’re thrilled with the results. Also, they’ve successfully produced videos and carousel ads that outperformed our internal ads. Huge value added! In fact, they have changed our approach to Facebook advertising, and we are proud to recommend them to other studios seeking growth. They rock!” 

Aayush Sakya | GSN


“We engaged with ConsumerAcquisition to drive mobile app install ads on Instagram while delivering ROAS targets. Through vigorous creative testing and an effective approach to intraday optimization, ConsumerAcquisition was able to quickly hit our ROAS targets and earned additional budget as a result. Consequently, I’m very happy with the services provided by Consumer Acquisition and would strongly recommend them to other mobile app advertisers.”

Jack Hannan | Product Madness


“We worked with Consumer Acquisition to scale our Instagram advertising spend. They bring a meticulous approach to a/b testing to maximize volume and ROAS. Also, they were able to increase ROAS by +146% after the first month while increasing volume by +49%. In fact, we see a lot of opportunity with all the learnings that they provided and we are excited to see what they can do on Facebook.”

Issei Shimizu | MobilityWare


Mobilityware“Consumer Acquisition scaled our mobile app install volume while beating our aggressive CPI targets. In addition, they tested hundreds of images, audiences, and ad copy to quickly deliver results. Furthermore, the team took a quantitative approach to optimizing results from various countries. Also, they quickly re-formatted winning creative for Instagram and introduced us to a new audience. In fact, this company knows mobile app install marketing!”

Dasha Chipchay | GLU


“Consumer Acquisition immediately ramped design production using their Creative Studio. They rapidly created and tested multiple variations of new interior design video concepts and efficiently identified winners, that transformed our business month-over-month. Most importantly, we enjoy working with them and love their diverse creative capabilities. As a result, we highly recommend them to anyone looking to properly scale their Facebook user acquisition!”

Kate Palmer | Jump Ramp Games


Lucktastic“We struggled to get Facebook to work on our own. After only a month, ConsumerAcquisition scaled our volume and lowered our cost per registration -59%. Furthermore, their creative studio cranked out fresh new ads which reduced fatigue and improved our KPIs. So, if you’re looking to profitably scale Facebook advertising, we highly recommend this team.”

Alex Coté | Cloze


“I am excited to be working with the ConsumerAcquisition team. Since day one they’ve been able to work carefully within our monthly budget to scale up the awareness of our app and convert users at the best available cost. The attention to detail when it comes to high-end creative and audience scaling is top notch and I look forward to continuing my relationship with their team.” 

Jeff Klein | MOD MEDIA


“Consumer Acquisition has delivered outstanding results for WWE SuperCard and we re-engaged for MyNBA2K17. Their results have been beyond our expectations of what was possible! Furthermore, their team has exceptional knowledge on how to develop new audiences and creatives to eliminate fatigue and ultimately deliver results. As a result. we are looking forward to furthering our relationship through additional media buys for our future titles.”

Jeremy Levine| PLAYDRAFT


“ConsumerAcquisition brought a rigorous, statistically-driven approach to Facebook user acquisition that meshed well with our fantasy sports offering. In addition, they understand fantasy sports and our users and systematically worked through hundreds of quantitative tests to deliver a massive increase in users. Also, their technical capabilities helped us increase our user base 100 fold while also reducing our acquisition cost a staggering -70%. In fact, these guys are the best at Facebook & Instagram mobile app installs, PERIOD!”

Dennis Bron | Shift


Shift“Consumer Acquisition immediately began testing a variety of elements within the first several days of launch. Not only images and copy, but also placements, bid types, age, gender, and targeting. Also, they increased our conversion volume by 48% right out of the gate. In fact, they take a meticulous approach to campaign management and treat every advertising dollar as their own.”

Ramneek Bhasin | THE FIND


“ConsumerAcquisition is an absolute world-class organization that brought tremendous growth and efficiency to our paid acquisition efforts. They quickly showed a massive reduction in cost per mobile app install, then scaled fast while maintaining strong performance. In fact, with 100% transparency and a determined focus on results, ConsumerAcquisition functions as an extension of my internal marketing team and allows us to scale faster.”

Thomas Kular | GSN Games


“We have been satisfied with the quality and quantity of creatives that the Creative Studio has provided us. Especially with the speed of turn around and the variety of creative concepts. Turn around time, as I noted above, was excellent.”

Dawn Allen | MyHealthTeams


“Consumer Acquisition reduced cost-per-customer -36% for 11 of our conditions through a rigorous creative testing process. In addition, their Creative Studio delivered over 160 fresh concepts. Also, their creative strategy and ability to manage Facebook UA is amazing. As a result, we recommend them to anyone looking to scale both growth and profit.”

Cai Redmond | Covet Fashion


“Having worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com before on multiple games, we trusted them to launch our app in the most profitable way possible. They quickly sprinted with creative, copy, audience, and geo testing while aligning budgets to the most profitable regions. They consistently deliver scale, profit and high quality creative. We recommend them to anyone looking to scale both growth and profit!”

Brent Orford | Meow Match


“Consumer Acquisition was instrumental in scaling Meow Match Android worldwide and hit another home run with our subsequent iOS rollout. The team at Consumer Acquisition consistently delivers on weekly creative refreshes and audience testing, utilizing a results-driven strategy that has increased revenue and installs while keeping costs low. We look forward to continued success launching our next title.”

Eric White | EBATES


“I previously worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com and they consistently delivered strong results for mobile app user acquisition for our shopping app. So, when I joined Ebates, I knew they would be a good fit to help drive our mobile app user acquisition strategy. Once again, they quickly optimized our business and reduced CPI 31% and reduced cost per app registration 56% and that allowed us to scale. In fact, I would highly recommend Consumer Acquisition to any mobile app advertiser that’s looking for strong results on Facebook.”

Adam Zbar | Sun Basket


“ConsumerAcquisition delivered outstanding Facebook advertising results for Sun Basket. They reduced our CAC and fueled user acquisition growth to levels that far exceeded our expectations. In addition, their passion for creative testing, use of the Creative Studio and attention to metrics drove profitability. Also, the quality of work reflects their experience and expertise in Facebook advertising. So, I highly recommend these guys.”

Noah Godfrey | CHECKOUT 51


“Consumer Acquisition has helped us grow our app installs while initially beating our cost targets by 54%. In addition, they have excelled in A/B testing and have discovered new creative strategies through their rigorous testing process. Most importantly, they have successfully scaled our spend and we look forward to continuing to work with them to find new areas to grow.

Serge Vartanov | AUTOGRAVITY


“ConsumerAcquisition’s nonstop approach to creative testing and automotive experience lowered cost per applicant 40% while scaling volume 60%. Also, by leveraging their creative studio, they produced dozens of creative concepts and developed hundreds of variants to drive new insights and conversions. That said, if you’re looking for fresh creative that meets your financial goals, look no further.”

Jonathan Swanson | Thumbtack


“Consumer Acquisition killed it for us and has been an absolute game-changer for our business. They scaled Facebook spend 6X within the first few weeks, exceeded our gross profit expectations and helped us sell 100% of BetterBack’s inventory. Similarly, their relentless creative and audience testing yielded huge lifts in our purchase funnel. In fact, I’ve never hired a partner who delivered such stunning results so quickly.”

Shannon Williams | Nodding Frog

Head of Product Management & Publishing

“Iron Maiden is pure metal with a passionate, loyal and exacting fanbase. Tapping into that fanbase and scaling the market takes a Facebook advertising partner who’s up to the challenge. ConsumerAcquisition’s Facebook and Instagram campaigns have had an immediate impact on our business. They treated our brand with respect and took a structured, creative-first approach to maximize our ad’s performance. CA rocks and I highly recommend them !” 

John Clark | Terra’s Kitchen


“We saw immediate success in the reduction of our acquisition costs through Consumer Acquisition’s optimization strategies. Also, we have leveraged their expertise on creative and conversion testing to further optimize our funnel to drive high-quality customers. Consequently, we recommend Consumer Acquisition to any business that is looking for a true partner in their growth strategies.“

Tyson Woeste | TrueCar


“ConsumerAcquisition pairs deep automotive experience with an impressive track record for Facebook advertising. They worked with us to build our Facebook acquisition channel on the web, optimized ad spend for both new and returning users to meet our cost targets. In fact, they’ve also impressed me by driving an incredibly low cost for mobile app installs. Consequently, these guys are all about performance, and I recommend them to any company who wants to grow.”

Sean Fox | BILLS.COM


“ConsumerAcquisition helped us establish our Facebook user acquisition channel, trained our team and then handed over all the accounts. By working closely together, we grew the channel meaningfully in two quarters and continue to build our Facebook business with the approach ConsumerAcquisition installed. In addition, they provided some great feedback and ideas to optimize our landing pages that help lift conversion rates meaningfully. Furthermore, Facebook is tough to conquer, but this team brings tremendous knowledge and experience to that task and gives you a great shot at success.”

Manu Sharma | SHOPKICK


“ConsumerAcquisition has delivered amazing results from mobile app install advertising on Facebook. With a relentless focus on creative testing and audience expansion, this team has reduced our cost-per-install, increased user engagement and delivered profitability at scale. As a result, the cost savings vs. other agencies and bid management solutions has been tremendous.”

Quentin Lacornerie | EVER


“Consumer Acquisition immediately ramped design production using their Creative Studio. Also, they rapidly created and tested new images and videos. Furthermore, it’s a pleasure to work with them and we love their creative capabilities. In fact, we recommend them to anyone looking to scale their Facebook user acquisition.”

Jason Lin | FILLD


“Consumer Acquisition ramped up spend within the first few weeks and capped out our daily budget while reducing our CPA by 42% within 90 days. In addition, their Creative Studio allowed us to rapidly test new creative (images and videos) with various copy messaging while continuing to drive new customers to our platform even when we increased spend by eleven times from month 1 to month 3. As a result, they’ve transformed our business and marketing approach, and we recommend them to anyone looking to properly scale their Facebook user acquisition”.

Tal Agassi | GOTIT


“We started working with ConsumerAcquisition.com in 2016. Within 12 days they were able to reduce our cost per install by 45% and quickly scaled volume while sustaining our KPI targets. Consequently, we highly value their  experience, dedication, and unique approach to user acquisition and we look forward to our ongoing partnership.”

Nate Johnson | PATH


“ConsumerAcquisition delivered amazing results from mobile app install advertising on Facebook. They reduced our cost-per-install and opened new Indonesian markets for acquisition. Many Facebook agencies promise results, but these guys delivered and outperformed all other agencies. Furthermore, their creative growth hacking and bid management solution was a tremendous advantage for us.”



“ConsumerAcquisition is relentless in their pursuit of growth and optimization of subscribers and app installs on our behalf. They have decreased cost-per-install and increased mobile installs 1000%. Also, they work with our team to optimize Facebook & Twitter mobile app installs, Google paid acquisition and landing pages. As a result, they have successfully scaled our business and we continue to be impressed with their 24/7 responsiveness.”

Brandon Camhi | Hearth


“We were referred to ConsumerAcquisition and were told they could do wonders for our Facebook performance. We haven’t been disappointed! Our engagement is still early, but we’ve already reduced costs per lead by 33% from new creative and audience testing. We’ve had a great experience, and are excited for more success in the weeks, months, and years to come!”

Vice President of Marketing | SpinToWin


“Consumer Acquisition understands how to be successful with Facebook and Instagram mobile app installs. This is our second engagement with their company because they deliver great results: a reduction in CPI and increases in both APRU and install volume. In addition, they have a very meticulous approach to testing and optimization and are constantly delivering insights and recommendations based on analysis of recent performance. In fact, they are the most efficient Facebook UA team in the social casino space and we highly recommend them!”

Jim Miller | OnlineConvergence.com


“We hired ConsumerAcquisition.com to help us grow our app installs. They have worked hard testing lots of new creative and strategies to find concepts and creative that work. Also, they increased our mobile app installs more than 600% while maintaining our cost-per-install. Furthermore, their constant testing and determination have helped our company increase growth and new areas of opportunity.”

Anthony Giombetti | WinView


Worked within the AdRules™ automation dashboard to improve efficiency. Thus, allowing us to adjust bids, scale with successful audiences and effectively reach and exceed our CPI & Cost Per First Bet Install goals fast.”


Jeff Klein | MODCo MEDIA


“Consumer Acquisition has been a valuable partner in driving profitable mobile app installs on Facebook. They are experts with a/b testing on creatives and audiences to deliver on our volume as well as our return on ad spend goals. Also, they have been continuously driving profitable results, which has led to our decision to expand our relationship to include Instagram spend too.”

Alex Tikhman | MONCLARITY


“We’re very proud of our innovative Brainwell App to help people of all ages. However, Facebook ad spend with other
partners proved unsuccessful. But, Consumer Acquisition’s unique Managed Services solution, Creative Studio, and highly efficient AdRules Platform have yielded our most rapid high-quality new user growth. This team knows how to scale Facebook and generate creative at scale!”

Betsie Larkin | HoneyLove


“We were referred to CA.com from another eCommerce company that had an amazing experience in moving product, and we were thrilled when they blew out our inventory too. Prior to working with them, we had not advertised our eCommerce store on Facebook. The CA team was able to achieve profitability early on, which helped us with a successful Y Combinator demo day! Highly recommend these guys for Facebook ads!”


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