Selected as Facebook Marketing Partner

SaaS provider becomes a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with an Ad Technology specialty and Gaming expertise.

June 21, 2016, San Francisco, California

Facebook Marketing Partner, a leader in user acquisition for mobile games and apps, today announced it was selected to the Facebook Marketing Partner program, becoming a badged Facebook facebook marketing partnerMarketing Partner with an Ad Technology specialty and an emphasis in the Gaming vertical. The Facebook Marketing Partner program is designed to help advertisers find the best technology for their needs. In addition, this designation solidifies Consumer Acquisition as an expert. Their expertise is in optimizing and scaling user acquisition campaigns on Facebook for mobile games and apps.

Consumer Acquisition’s self-service ad management technology, AdRules™, brings simplified workflow automation. It also brings transparent rules-based management to Facebook advertisers. Brian Bowman is the CEO of Consumer Acquisition. He said, “Entrance to the Facebook Marketing Partner program is reserved exclusively for industry leaders with innovative technologies. Moreover, we have spent the past 18 months optimizing AdRules to maximize performance for mobile games and apps. So, we are thrilled to be recognized by Facebook as an industry leader.”

AdRules delivers a variety of features to help the mobile game and app advertisers reduce costs at scale:

  • Advertising automation – Set rules to control budgets, pausing, bids, and more.
  • Advanced analytics – From hourly reporting to performance by image. A wealth of unique reports then allows advertisers to gain valuable new insights.
  • Mobile-first – AdRules is fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. This also allows advertisers to launch and manage ads on the go.
  • Simple UI – Simply enter a CPA target and daily budget. Then choose to minimize CPA or maximize volume.
  • No SDK required – AdRules relies on data from Facebook and mobile measurement partners. This allows advertisers to get started without implementing another SDK.
  • Free for 30 days – Advertisers can get started today with no credit card required.


About Consumer Acquisition

Consumer Acquisition works exclusively with Facebook advertisers, providing managed services and self-service technology. They also have a focus on mobile games and apps. In addition, Consumer Acquisition’s AdRules technology is optimized to deliver highly engaged users at reduced costs.

AdRules beta launched in January 2015 and is now publicly available to all advertisers for a 30-day free trial.

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