Consumer Acquisition has been acquired by digital marketing agency Brainlabs in an exciting move to expand capabilities for both existing and future clients. In this next stage of growth for Consumer Acquisition, we are thrilled to bring Brainlabs’ strengths in strategy, SEO, paid search, branding, programmatic advertising, and data science to our clients. Brainlabs’ portfolio of clients includes Mars, Samsung, Walmart Canada, Formula 1, Adidas, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and F5. Read on for details on Brainlabs core services or contact us to discuss how these new capabilities can help you reach your 2022 goals.

Consumer Acquisition acquired by Brainlabs

2022 Services Through Brainlabs

  • Paid Search
  • SEO
  • Programmatic
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Science
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Amazon
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Our methodology for Search is underpinned by the following: restructure, automate, test, and learn. By closely aligning our strategy with your goals, we can work towards whichever KPIs you deem most important. We are constantly focused on future-thinking and innovating to stay ahead of the game, leveraging our Google GMP Premier Partnership status and proprietary technology stack to deliver industry-leading results for our partners.



SEO is a key channel within your marketing mix. Unlike paid channels, SEO carries no incremental cost per click. That means it can be used to reach audiences across the entire marketing funnel, resulting in a wide impact on the buying cycle. Our team has designed a three-pillar approach to SEO strategy. Applying these pillars ensures that we know we’re doing the right thing and that we can explain the value of the initiatives we collaborate on Satisfying Search Intent (Technical & Content), Measurement & Compliance. We find the optimized approach for you through rigorous testing and a closely collaborative and flexible partnership. We automate, compromise and train to make your budget go further.



Programmatic Display is an invaluable medium for you to learn about your online audience and to help inform your broader marketing strategy and performance. A rigorous testing plan is central to our data-led approach, testing every element of your programmatic set-up from the audience to creatives and placements, supported by granular reporting and bespoke programmatic analysis tools that enable a better understanding of performance to drive the most value for your brand. Our approach is underpinned by first-party data and activated across the latest formats in audio, CTV, and DOOH.


Strategy & Planning

At Brainlabs, test and learn is in our DNA. This is why our planning philosophy is underpinned by Test & Learn & Earn – everything we do is geared towards driving growth. We use data and insight to formulate hypotheses, create experiments to validate these hypotheses, and find opportunities for growth. Our planning is audience first, focused on audiences built from digital signals and designed to be holistic across our entire range of services.


Data Strategy

Online, every data point is a potential insight that offers a tactical advantage over competitors, or improved efficiency of your spend. At a minimum, we equip our Data Strategy clients with the expertise and platforms to enable progression through data maturity stages via training, implementation, and ongoing technical support. Our team are active in training and consulting on sophisticated analytics practice needed to ensure that you are optimizing towards the most accurate understanding of your audience behavior and overall marketing performance. Our team ensures that we drive consistent success by aligning our analytics framework with your business needs, liaising with your team on your existing analytics setup, and working closely with developers to audit and implement relevant changes across your websites.


Data Science

We are moving from a precision age of marketing, where we use granular data to target users in real-time, to a predictive marketing era, where data is used to model future behaviors. Our team of Data Scientists and Engineers have certified Google Cloud developers building advanced audience segmentation and analyses in BigQuery. Through predictive analytics based on machine learning, we help our clients with custom attribution solutions, supply and demand modeling, product prediction engines, and predictive lifetime value modeling.



Brainlabs is the only agency with 40+ engineers working on proprietary technology in an industry where efficiency and performance are everything. Our “Toolbox” stack has been created in response to real-life challenges faced by our account teams and clients.

  • Strategy labs – analyze and benchmark your data, improving your testing plans and providing agility when scaling
  • Testing labs – run and monitor experiments quicker than your competitors, facilitate more advanced testing strategies
  • Construction labs – automate everyday workflows and manage campaigns at scale
  • Protection labs – monitor and protect your setup to improve efficiency, improve overall account health, and eliminate wasted budget

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to technology. As such, we are also able to build bespoke technology solutions for clients, building their own data into media activation. In addition, a key service we provide within our in-housing framework is technology consultancy, consisting of regular auditing of third-party technology, with recommendations and implementation road mapping.


Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is a unified advertising platform that allows your marketing team to run cohesive digital marketing campaigns across multiple Google channels. We are Google’s most trusted agency partner, their only EMEA “Next Gen” Partner, and a certified GMP reseller & Google Cloud partner which makes us best placed to support clients in the setup or ongoing management of GMP products.



Our teams are made up of ex-Amazonians, early starters in the retail media space and technology specialists; encompass specialists in operational excellence (OpEx), retail, creative, advertising; and have a comprehensive understanding of how Amazon is not only a retail platform but a media publisher.


Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is a proven framework that gets to the bottom of why some users convert and, more importantly, why others don’t. Through our CRO framework, we help businesses identify & make smart decisions about growth and craft bespoke conversion strategies to transform your digital performance and genuinely create an impact on the bottom line.

We test solutions to business problems, to inform what should be prioritized in the development backlog, what features impact user behaviors in a positive (and negative) manner, and what can we do to effectively influence users throughout their purchase journey. In addition to this, we help businesses reduce risk in decision-making by validating products, services, features, or behaviors through rigorous AB Testing. The overall goal for all our clients, is a well-optimized site, with personalized components designed to deliver a better user experience and increased CLTV.


For more information on how our increased capabilities can help you reach your 2022 marketing goals, contact us here.

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