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How Matchington Mansions sustained high ROAS!

7-day revenue increase


cost per mobile app install


new creative combinations

How Sweet Escapes increased ROAS 13% with Creative Wins!

Higher D1 ROAS from CA Creative


Creative Concepts & Variations


Spend Volume Against CA Creative


Text & Headline Variations

How Design Home increased ROAS by 70%!



Creative Variations



How Radish Fiction increased campaign spend by 247%!

new creative combinations


increase in campaign spend


increase in D1 ROAS


increase in D7 ROAS

How Idle Golf Tycoon produced high-performing creatives!

New Creatives


Week Turnaround Time

How AdVenture Communist increased ROAS 13% with Creative Wins!

New Creative Concepts & Variations


New Creatives per month

How Cookie Run created exciting new creatives!

New Creatives


Month Turnaround Time

How Overdrive City produced original creative concepts!

New Creatives


Creatives Per Month

How Zula Mobile challenged their market with exciting creatives!!

New Creatives


Month Turnaround Time

How 3D Sniper increased ROAS 13% with Creative Wins!

New Creative Concepts & Variations


New Creatives per month

How Zoopix increased its user base by 517%!





creative concepts & variations

How Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay Sustained High ROAS!






How Ahead Health Increased Lead Volume 189%!

Lead Volume


Cost per lead




Creative Concepts & Variations

How Hearth increased its volume by 15%!

Lead Value


Cost per high value lead




Creative Concepts & Variations

How HoneyLove increased ROAS 350%!

of customers from 114 countries


increased ROAS

Sun Basket increased subscribers by 447%!
- 42% CAC

(cost per consumer acquisition)




monthly acquired customers

How Checkout 51 reduced cost per registration 54%!

spend in 1 month


cost per registration

How BetterBack scaled sales worldwide while maintaining profitability!

increase in gross revenue


increase in purchases


increase in CTR

How ShopKick increased engagement and LTV by 32%!

user engagement & LTV


images tested


audiences tested

How Ebates scaled spend!
-28% - 43%

CPI reduction

-56% - 64%

cost/reg reduction


increase in monthly spend

How Terra’s Kitchen Lowered Cost per Acquisition!

CPI (cost per acquisition) within first month of spend


cost per lead within first months of spend


in funnel conversion rate within first month of spend

How The Find reduced cpi by 60%!

increase install volume


reduction CPI

How GOTit reduced cost per install by 45%!

reduction in cost per install


increase in installs

How Ever increased creative production!

creative concepts


creative variations

How Live to Win Increased mobile app installs by 1,100%!

mobile app installs


reduction CPI

won a bake-off

against Orion CKB

How Real Networks increased mobile app installs by 319%!

mobile app installs


reduction CPI

How Path significantly reduced cost per install!

reduction cost per install

geographic scale

How AutoGravity reduced cost per applicant by 40%!

customer applications


CPI (cost per applicant)


creatives generated

How TRUECar expanded volume by 228%!

cost per car sold achieved


volume expansion

How Shift Digital increased conversions by 48%!

reduction in cost per conversion


increase in conversions

How Filld increased creative production!

creative videos


creative images

How Hearth achieved profitability with Facebook Ads!

cost per account created


audiences launched

How MyHealthTeams reduced CPA by 36%!

CPA reduction


creative concepts



How Cloze decreased cost per tutorial by 17%!

cost per completed tutorial

Client Testimonials

“Having worked with before, we trusted them to launch our game in the most profitable way possible. They hit the ground sprinting and quickly scaled creative testing. They eliminated poor performing creative, audiences and countries and aligned budget to the most scalable regions. Also, they consistently deliver scale, profit and high quality creative. We highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow their Facebook user acquisition.”

Jason Zhao,

VP Consumer Marketing

“Consumer Acquisition ramped up within the first several days and capped out our daily budget while delivering CPIs 20% below targets and beating ROAS goals. In addition, they continue to test creative (images and videos), messaging, and targeting and have further reduced CPIs by 60% and increased ROAS 25%. As a result, this team knows Facebook and how to fight off creative and audience fatigue.”    

John Parides,

Head of User Acquisition

"Consumer Acquisition has been a gamechanger for June’s Journey. Their knowledge of Facebook creative and media buying drove scale and profitably to new levels for us. In addition, their structured creative testing process has been instrumental in discovering new ideas to sustain volume. We’ve expanded our relationship with them to 3 other titles in our portfolio. I can definitely recommend Consumer Acquisition."

Jessica Hasenplaugh,

Head of User Acquisition

“ConsumerAcquisition’s nonstop approach to creative testing and automotive experience lowered cost per applicant 40% while scaling volume 60%. By leveraging their creative studio, they produced dozens of creative concepts and developed hundreds of variants to drive new insights and conversions. If you’re looking for fresh creative that meets your financial goals, look no further.”

Serge Vartanov,

Chief Marketing Officer

“ delivers outstanding Facebook advertising results for Sun Basket. They reduced our CAC and fueled user acquisition growth to levels that far exceeded our expectations. Also, their passion for creative testing and attention to metrics drove profitability. In addition, the quality of work reflects their experience and expertise in Facebook advertising. As a result, I highly recommend these guys.”    

Adam Zbar ,


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