Our UA and creative insights come from managing over $3 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and performance advertisers like Disney, Roblox, Glu, Jam City, NBA, MLB, and Supercell. This June 2021 inaugural newsletter highlights user acquisition and creative trends that directly impact Facebook, Google, and TikTok advertisers right now. And, our feature article shows creative trends in action for our new Rovio commercial, optimized for testing at scale.

User Acquisition Topics


June 2021 Hot Tips

UA Hot Tips

See what’s working in Facebook, Google & TikTok UA and get the additional scale from apps running multiple languages.

Facebook Creative Fatigue June 2021

Get Insider Info on Creative Fatigue

We studied millions in ad spend to see when, why, and how the best ads lose their spark.

June 2021 Optimization essentials

The Essential Guide to Apple and Google ASO

Everything you need to know, test, and track for app store optimization for the App Store and Google Play Store.

June 2021 Gameplay Capture

The Definitive Guide to Unity & Unreal Gameplay Capture

Gameplay footage is the best way to convey the excitement of your game in action. Here’s how to get it right.

angry birds commercial

How we created a commercial for Rovio optimized for testing

With some of the world’s most recognizable IP, Rovio wanted a fresh approach to promote Angry Birds 2, the new arcade mobile game in the billion-dollar franchise. In a departure from cartoon cardinals and canaries, Rovio wanted a live-action ad with real actors to highlight the universal appeal of the game across every demographic and device. Through our agile production process, we efficiently captured hundreds of video and photo assets in one shoot.

To understand user motivations and the competitive landscape, we incorporated intensive research from our creative learning agenda. Beyond an entertaining ad, our agile production approach provided Rovio with multiple variations to test, including different character reactions, different narrative progression, and different gameplay. The ad is optimized for multiple platforms and for iterative testing, allowing Rovio to sustain profitable ad spend. Watch the Angry Birds 2 commercial to see our agile creative capabilities in action.

Consumer Acquisition has partnered with Rovio since 2019 to generate original story-driven ads for Angry Birds Dream Blast, Small Town Murders, and Sugar Blast. Today, we’re providing thumb-stopping creative for their RPG, Darkfire Heroes.

Creative Topics


tiktok best practices june 2021

TikTok Creative Strategies That Work

We break down the trends in the best-performing mobile app ads on TikTok.

June 2021 Facebook App Ads

How to Develop Breakthrough Creative for Facebook App Ads

90% of ads fail to beat your best creative and creative fatigues after 10 weeks. Find out how player personas can help.

Better Cheaper Faster June 2021

Better, Faster, Cheaper – Facebook Asset Production & Agile Shoots

Uncover original creative ideas that leverage the best attributes of your app, speak to your target audience’s motivations, and are visually unique.

life of a facebook ad

Life of Facebook Creative

From finding a unicorn ad to letting it nap, here’s the lifecycle of Facebook ad creative.


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