In The Definitive Guide to Creative Trends for Mobile Game Advertisers, our newest whitepaper, we layout hundreds of examples of why Creative Trends, Competitive Analysis, Player Profiles, and Creative Testing are critical for UA success. We have developed a new approach to creative testing that solves the adage of “why the control always seems to win” through extensive research, which we reveal in this guide to creative trends for mobile game advertisers.

Section 1: Why Creative is So Important

  • Creative Tunnel Vision and How to Overcome It
  • Creative Trends and Recommendations
  • Word Games Trends
  • Card Games Trends
  • Social Casino App Trends
  • Casual RPG Trends
  • Entertainment App Trends
  • Puzzle and Hidden Object Games Trends
  • Match 3 Puzzle Games Trends
  • Simulation Role Playing Games Trends
  • Simulation Lifestyle App Trends
  • Sports Games Trends


Section 2: Using Player Profiles for Market Segmentation

  • Pasta Sauce, Pickles, and Howard Moskowitz
  • People Can’t Always Tell You What They Really Want
  • Player Profiles as UA Creative Strategy 2.0


Section 3: Creative Testing and Why the Control is So Hard to Beat

  • Statistical Significance vs Cost-Effective Approach
  • How We’ve Been Testing Creative Until Now
  • Creative Testing 2.0



Please let us know if you have any questions about our Definitive Guide to Creative Trends. We have worked with many of the large mobile games on Facebook and Google. Contact Sales@ConsumerAcquisition if you would like to discuss our Creative Studio or Media Buying.

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