The traditional ad agency/production company model is predicated on everyone participating in the ‘Big Lie.’ The ‘Big Lie’ is for how a pro-co charges an agency a 20% mark-up. So, if your total costs is $250K production, the pro-co markup is $50K. Unfortunately, most agencies then markup another 15% – 30%! At even 15%﹘which is $37,500﹘a brand is paying $87,500, or 35%, in fees for a $250K total shoot! Yet, all these parties accept ‘The Big Lie’ as the norm, but it’s anything but.

Now, big brands are wising up to being overcharged costly fees. Brands employ cost consultants who are production experts in every sector of the business. Their job is to unearth what they believe the true costs of a shoot are. These cost-gouging practices have come to light, so brands created their own in-house agencies. This includes world-renowned ones like Airbnb, Chobani Yogurt, Squarespace and Anheuser-Busch. In fact, Forbes claims 78 percent of brands have created their own agency/production company.

But, what if your brand can’t afford to do this? Or, what if your big brand doesn’t have the staff,  time or skills to address all the marketing needs across all channels and platforms? How do you combat ‘The Big Lie’ then?

That’s why we created CA+. CA+ gives all brands a viable alternative to the broken agency model, nimbly providing breakthrough creative while delivering transparent costs.

The Typical Ad Agency/Production Company Shoot

Currently, most large commercial shoots yield 2-4 assets upon completion. So, if each shoot on average costs you $250,000 after fees, you can see how quickly the cost of creative assets adds up. But, if you have shoots that filled all the verticals and yielded hundreds of different assets﹘in all shapes and sizes all ready to be a/b tested and recombined﹘your brand can avoid creative fatigue. Suddenly, the inflexibility and expensive nature of commercial shoots is no longer oppressive to your budget, timelines and capabilities.

And, this is where we come in with a better brand / ad agency model.

Why CA+

Our simple idea is to create a scalable new model of production to rise out of the ashes of the old-school, fixed bid, rigid model. This is why CA+ was born. We want to destroy the “firm bid” for good. Unfortunately, firm bids put brands, agencies and production companies in this mess. Budgets are decreasing because of them, and the push toward digital marketing is, in one sense, a direct result of the cancerous firm bid.

The Transparent Pricing Fix!

why CA+

Transparent pricing differentiates CA+ from all other agency/production company models. This allows a brand to be presented with a cost to create a piece of content, with a fixed 15% mark up. Then, when the shoot is over, clients are given a complete accounting statement with time cards, vendor agreements/invoices, etc. If CA+ goes over budget, we pay the difference. If CA+ saves our clients money, you get a discount on the next project. It’s transparently honest, and this doesnt exist in a client/vendor relationship. But, we are in it for the long-haul relationships with our clients. Truthfully, we don’t see the value in ‘The Big Lie’ of cost-gouging that brands have experienced for way too long.

How You Get 57% More Money Toward Your Shoot

Let’s circle back to the cost of each shoot. Traditionally, only $162,500 of your budget was going to the actual production costs in the old model. Now, you only pay the 15% fee, which is $37,500. So, instead of the two markup costs that made your total fees reach $87,500, you only pay $37,500. This means 57% more of your budget is devoted to your actual production! Again, if you subscribe to the philosophy creative is king﹘and you should﹘you’re constantly preventing asset fatigue. Imagine what the right media buying team with a proven strategy that leads to a strong ROAS can do with assets that have 57% more production value behind them. Truthfully, your projected yearly profits will sure look a lot better when you forget ‘The Big Lie’.

Mondo Shoots

And, here’s something that should be music to advertisers’ ears everywhere﹘mondo shoots. These shoots allow you to get hundreds of assets rapidly across all mediums. So, if you’re rebranding or building an asset library, you’re not getting the traditional >5 assets the old model yielded. You’re getting hundreds of assets simultaneously. They are:

  • Photographs, high-quality video, vertical video, landscape, 1×1, etc.
  • On-location photography of your product or an actor pitching your product across all mediums
  • Social/influencer assets
  • Extra assets necessary to A/B test variations and iterations of the original concepts

With CA+, we use multiple smaller sets to quickly move between different creative ideas. And, we have multiple units shooting at the same time. Our mondo shoots give you the freedom to pivot your campaign when the data reveals what’s working.

Creative Driven By Performance

Also, CA+ offers something the traditional agency production model cannot﹘or will not﹘offer. You get:

Data: You can plug into a world-class, proven platform to review content performance. Our platform, AdRules, provides you with competitor trends and ads at the click of a button and comprehensive creative analytics across a variety of platforms.

Results: We deliver high-quality content, and every dollar spent is accounted for.

Speed: We’re known for high-caliber creative, quick video production, and great results. And, we’re providing this for CA+ with live action!

Test Before TV

why CA+

The ad agency/production company model also features ‘The Small Lie’ involving TV advertising. Unfortunately, TV ads are expensive, and it’s difficult to adjust content midstream. So, your ad buying team uses projected viewership numbers to forecast impressions in hopes your content gets as many eyeballs on it. The ‘Small Lie’ is, there’s no other choice, and you have to run the risk of your expensive creative flopping. But, we don’t subscribe to this philosophy. Instead, we believe in delivering ‘winning’ creative. So, we A/B test your assets on digital platforms like YouTube to collect performance data. Then, we take the most optimized ads and launch them on TV. In other words, we make sure your content is ready for its TV closeup, Mr. DeVille.

Blockbuster Creative for Scalable Advertising

Consumer Acquisition provides blockbuster creative that powers scalable advertising. CA+ offers the following services:

  • Live Action Video Production
  • Photography Production
  • Full Post-Production Services
  • 3D Computer Animation
  • Gameplay Capture
  • Branding
  • AppStore Icon & Video Design and A/B Testing

How We Can Help

So, why CA+? It’s the democratization of video production. And, our elite Hollywood storytelling creative team provides breakthrough creative ideas. Their vast animation and social advertising experience unlocks original creative concepts. These concepts make social, TV/OTT/DOOH/OLV, UGC or influencer campaign advertising profitable. Please reach out to for creative driven by performance.

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