High-performance creative is a rare thing for social advertising. In our experience, after spending over $3 billion dollars driving UA across Facebook and Google, usually only one out of 17 to 20 ads can beat the “best performing control” (the top ad). If a piece of creative doesn’t outperform the best control, you lose money running it. Losers are killed quickly, and winners are scaled profitability.

The reality is, a vast majority of ads fail. The chart below shows the results of over 17,100 different ads. Spend is distributed based on ad performance. As you can see, out of those 17,000 ads, only a handful drove a majority of profitable spend.

The high failure rate of most creative shapes creative strategy, budgets, and ad testing methodology. If you can’t test ads quickly and affordably, your campaign’s financial performance is likely to suffer from a lot of non-converting spend. But testing alone isn’t enough. You also must generate enough original creative concepts to fuel testing and uncover winners. Over the years, we’ve found that 16 out of 20 ads fail (5% to 17% success rate), you don’t just need one new creative: You need 20 new original ideas or more to sustain performance and scale!

And you need all that new creative fast because creative fatigues quickly. You may need 20 new creative concepts every month, or possibly even every week depending on your ad spend and how your title monetizes (IAA or IAP). The more spend you run through your account, the more likely it is that your ad’s performance will decline.


Table of Contents


Section 1: Creative Testing


  • Our Unique Way
  • Statistical Significance vs Cost-Effective
    • Why so expensive?
    • What to do?
  • IPM Testing Is Cost-Effective




Section 2: How We Test Creative Now


  • First A/A test of video creative
  • Second A/A test of video creative
  • Third A/A test of video creative
  • Fourth A/A test of video creative
  • IMP Testing Summary




Section 3: Creative Testing 2.0 Recommendations:


Our 3-Step Creative Testing Process


  • Creative Testing Phase 1: IPM Test
  • Creative Testing Phase 2: Initial ROAS
  • Creative Testing Phase 3: ROAS Scale
  • Testing assumptions and non-standard practices





Section 4: Special Offers


  • Free Creative Testing
  • Free Creative Inspiration
  • Free Mobile App Industry Benchmarks



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