Competitive TrendsSimulation / Role Playing Games

  • Top Competitors: Avakin Life, Chapters: Interactive Stories, Choices: Design Home, Cooking Diary, Covet Fashion, Design My Room, Episode: Super Stylist, Episode: Choose your Story, Fill in 3D, Hollywood Story, House Flip, I Peel Good, Icing on the Cake, IMVU Avatar, Ink Inc., Journeys: Interactive Series, Lily’s Garden: Design & Relax, Linda Brown, Linda Brown: Interactive Story, Love Sick, Moments: Choose Your Story, My Cafe, My Home: Design Dreams, My Story, My Story: Choose your own Path, Paint by Numbers, Party in My Dorm , Pottery, Secrets: Game of Choices, Storyscape, Super Stylist, Township, What’s your Story?
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Simulation / Role Playing Trends

  • Event/Date Prep with Character Reaction: Picker utilized for hair/makeup/clothing, with character reaction (Hollywood Story, My Story, Lovesick)
  • Choices-Style situations: Empowered female characters given option to choose their next move (Episode, Choices, Avakin Life, IMVU Avatar)
  • Men Behaving Badly: Women triumphing over adversity and badly behaving men (Choices, Episode, Love Sick, My Cafe, many others)
  • Female characters in peril: Females suffering and crying but overcoming the obstacles and ultimately having the last laugh
  • Mean Girls: Cruel characters making fun of unpopular/weak girls, but ultimately losing against them
  • Relaxing, Mindless Expressions of Creativity: Decorating, painting and cooking apps that display simple gameplay, sometimes comedically (I Peel Good, Icing on the Cake, Fill in 3D, Pottery)
  • Creative Expression/Design: Using pickers to create and furnish rooms, houses, etc. (Design Home, My Home: Design Dreams)
  • Time Progressions: Narrative style ads where present conflict is explained by going back in time or forward to future.
  • Outfit Selections Montage: Showing many outfit or make up choices. Dressing up girls for an event/date/contest
  • Choosing between two interests: Main character torn between conflicting interests (Best friend and lover, two lovers, money or love)
  • Awful Dates: Female characters enduring awful dates/relationships but finding a better partner in the end or having to decide what outcome to choose
  • Competitive Nature: Friends competing for better date/outfits/more likes on Instagram/popularity.

Concept: Timed Character Reactions

  • Add personality to timed picker challenges by allowing models to react, either with expressions or with talk bubbles. (Hollywood Story, Love Sick, IMVU Avatar)
  • Make the timed challenges more story-focused to engage players (e.g. boyfriend is almost there) (Hollywood Story, Love Sick)

Concept: Choices-Style Situations

  • Precede picker situations with simple, choices-style situation that necessitates new style/design (Choices, My Story )
  • Simplify situations with dual picker (Avakin Life)
  • Create stories where makeovers help a woman get over a bad relationship, insensitive man, etc... (My Cafe, Choices)

Concept: Relaxed, Mindless Humor

  • Try humor with concepts that utilize voice over or visual gags:
  • Voice over while picker chooses series of blouses, resulting in fail. (Icing on the Cake)
  • Try other visual fashion faux-pas that are simple in their set up, like a series of jackets that finish with a Safari jacket fail
  • Use scissors to cut/alter clothes, resulting in Win/Fail
  • Copy this outfit fails/wins. (Icing on the Cake, Ink Inc, Pottery)

Concept: Live Action/Gameplay

  • Combine live action footage (you can use stock footage) of stylish people playing the game (relaxed, escapist) with gameplay. (Klondike, Pearl’s Peril)
  • Use live action combined with gameplay to demonstrate how the app can influence real life clothing decisions
  • Insight:
  • Expressionists like how the game influences their fashion choices
  • Completionists like the social and competitive nature
  • Both like the relaxing aspect

Concept: Timed Challenge

  • Add and test visual/auditory timer to concepts that presently don’t have one. (Covet Fashion)
  • Remove timer from and test concepts that currently have one. (Covet Fashion)

Concept: Live Action Intro

  • Try using live action short opening to current winners with “helps me relax” or “helps me find my style” intro copy
  • Simulate two friends playing against each other, with challenge/voting gameplay (Covet Fashion)
  • Insight:
  • Top paying players enjoy competitive nature & social aspect of fashion houses/challenges (Covet Fashion)

Concept: Poor Pregnant Women

  • Trends:
  • Females in Peril, Awful men Pregnant woman about to reveal baby news to future dad
  • Plot options:
  • A) Guy has other plans He’s about to reveal he doesn’t love her anymore/is leaving her
  • B) She finds him cheating on her with someone else (Sister/agent/friend)
  • Ending:
  • Woman has to make a difficult decision as a cliffhanger
  • Competitor and SOV:
  • Journeys 20.5%

Concept: Revenge with Timing Elements

  • Trends: Mean Girls, Time, Competitive
  • Bullied girl gets her payback years later:
  • Starts in present time with bride crying/husband cheating with sexy attendee
  • Sexy attendee memory takes her back to High School days
  • Turns out bride was very mean and bullied sexy girl
  • Options appear with:
  • Revenge
  • Let it go
  • Scene returns to present time with choice made and consequences
  • Competitor and SOV:
  • My Story
  • Journeys 25.5%

Concept: Ugly Betty with a Twist

  • Trends: Mean Girls and Outfit Selections
  • Girl is made fun of because of her looks:
  • She decides to go home and change her appearance
  • A picker screen appears next to her
  • She selects new make-up, clothes, hair and removes glasses/braces (I’d avoid doing the weight loss part)
  • Her “new me” comes to school and tries to seduce her crush
  • Two options appear:
  • Crush rejects her because she’s now like everyone else
  • He lusts after her and dumps his girl
  • Competitor and SOV:
  • My Story
  • What’s your story 18.5%

Concept: You vs. Your Friend with a Twist

  • Trends: Competitive, Outfits, Two loves
  • Friends compete to find hottest date:
  • Two frenemies go to Tinder to find a hot date
  • Side by side screens show each swipe
  • Both choose a guy but this part is not revealed
  • Next, both girls are seeing choosing different outfits (fast montage)
  • Twist end, they both arrive to meet the same guy
  • Guy must make a choice:
  • He chooses one
  • He chooses both
  • Competitor and SOV:
  • Kim K. Hollywood 31.5%

Concept: Sleeping with the Boss

  • Trends: Awful dates, Mean Girls
  • Woman gets in trouble for sleeping with boss:
  • Girl is reading a text she just received while at work
  • Snarky coworker reads it too and discovers coworker is sleeping with boss
  • Jealous coworker has several choices:
  • Send a chain email to the whole company
  • Blackmail coworker
  • Reveals she’s also sleeping with him
  • Boss also makes a decision based on news:
  • Fires them both Asks for a threesome
  • Competitor and SOV:
  • Journeys 12.5%

Concept: You're Not the Father

  • Trends: Awful dates/Choosing between two:
  • Guy discovers positive pregnant test in garbage
  • He’s excited about becoming a dad
  • His girlfriend is in the other room texting another guy
  • She seems upset
  • She tells the other guy the baby is actually his
  • Choices:
  • Tell the boyfriend baby is his
  • Tell him the truth

Concept: Something in the closet

  • Trends: Awful dates:
  • Girl comes home and hears a noise in the closet
  • She’s scared so texted her boyfriend to help her find out
  • Boyfriend doesn’t reply
  • Choices:
  • Girl decides to call the cops
  • She investigates on her own
  • Outcome:
  • Turns out boyfriend is in closet with someone else

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