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  • Top Competitors: Puzzle/Word Wordscapes, WordWhizzle Search, Word Cross Puzzle, Word Cookies!, Word Collect, Word Hunt, Word Tiles, Scrabble, Words with Friends, Word Connect, WordTrip, Word Mania
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Word Game Trends

  • Paper Puzzle: Mimicking gameplay with paper version
  • Scientific claims: “30 minutes a day sharpen your brain” “Neuroscientists recommend playing this game to stay young”
  • Challenges: “What’s Americans favorite food?” “Can you find this item?”
  • Reasons to play the game: Meet friends, upgrades, learn new words, game tutorial
  • Whimsical: “The first word you see is your destiny!”
  • Relaxing themes: “What are you doing to decompress?” Soothing landscapes and music

Concept: Clever challenges

  • Introduce a question that must be answered by gameplay:
  • Examples:
  • What word is fake?
  • What’s the synonym of a word
  • Timed challenges that force users to act fast:
  • Find five three letter words!

Concept: Mix reviews with gameplay

  • Showcase the benefits of playing the game by adding reviews
  • Emphasize by adding name of user and country
  • Still make gameplay the center of ad

Concept: Paper puzzle

  • Show “paper version” of game by adding a challenge:
  • Examples:
  • Americans love ____
  • Find 15 words
  • Picnic items
  • School supplies
  • Recipe ingredients

Concept: Mix footage with gameplay

  • Mix UGC with gameplay to add realism to game
  • Mix footage with game elements to showcase various game elements

Concept: Claim intro

  • Introduce gameplay with a short 2-3 sec intro card based on:
  • Mental benefits
  • Aspirational (Success, intelligence)

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  • Section 4: Creative Testing and Why the Control is So Hard to Beat
  • Statistical Significance vs Cost-Effective Approach
  • How We’ve Been Testing Creative Until Now
  • Creative Testing 2.0
  • Conclusion
  • Special Offers


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