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Pocket Gems' Episode: Creative Strategy


Creative is an advertiser’s best opportunity for a competitive advantage in social advertising, and it has been since 2019. Soon, the combination of Facebook’s and Google’s Media buying automation with Apple’s removal of IDFA will make ‘winning’ creative ﹘the five percent of Facebook videos that are successful﹘of paramount importance. Here we break down Episode: Competitive Trends & Creative Recommendations, so you can learn from creative best practices.

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Episode’s Competitive Analysis

  • Competitors: Choices: Stories You Play, Chapters: Interactive Stories, Lily’s Garden: Design & Relax, Moments: Choose Your Story, Linda Brown: Interactive Story, Journeys: Interactive Series, My Story: Choose Your Own Path, What’s Your Story?, Secrets: Game of Choices, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Tabou Stories: Love Episodes, Covet Fashion, Dreame, Galatea: Immersive Stories, iReader: Novel, Readict: Novels and More, Wattpad: Read & Write Stories, Kiss: Read & Write Romance, Hooked: Chat Stories, Lure: Interactive Chat Stories, Radish.


Episode’s Top Ads & Platforms

Romance Creative Trends

  • Female Story: Women overcoming obstacles and misbehaving men (Hooked, Choices, Chapters, Readict, Dreame, Kim Kardashian)
  • Female Story/Pregnancy: Pregnancy and the challenges of motherhood featured prominently. (Choices, Chapters, Dreame, Readict)
  • Choices: Choosing an option that directs the narrative. (Choices, Chapters)
  • Testimonial: Focused on a player’s review and/or experience of the game. (Hooked, Wattpad)
  • R-Rated Humor: Risque, bawdy, sexually suggestive and other adult humor. (Choices, Chapters, Dreame, Readict)
  • Pop Culture: Concepts that leverage pop culture and trends. (Hooked)
  • Relaxation: Concepts that tout relaxation as a primary benefit. (Dreame)

Romance App Creative

Episodes: What’s Working

  • Quick vignettes are perfect for short attention spans and are culturally relevant
  • Characters are quirky, aspirational and realistic
  • Graphic look is recognizable and polished
  • Creative pushes boundaries but does not devolve into poor taste or misogynist fare
  • Stories feature a diverse and inclusive cast of characters

Romance Iteration Ideas

  • Continue short vignettes featuring multiple characters
  • UGC testimonials are a good way to break up animation
  • Character design concepts will engage users interested in decoration/design
  • Social connection is another way to tell a story with less animation
  • Try more concepts that engage the user as if they’re a character
  • Try more concepts with humor around real-life situations (e.g., whether to shave your legs)

Romance Creative Trends

Concept: Female Story

Create videos with female-centered narratives:

  • Overcoming badly behaving men
  • Jealousy scenarios with men & women
  • Female empowerment
  • Narrative techniques can include:
    • Choose the option to affect the narrative
    • Pickers (picking clothes, hair, etc for a makeover)
    • Social media (text chats between characters)

Competitors Utilizing Trend:

  • Hooked, Choices, Chapters, Readict, Dreame, Kim Kardashian

Player Motivations:

  • Immersion, romance, quality stories


Concept: Female Story/Pregnancy

Create videos that have pregnancy as the central topic:

  • Renovation pickers to create the perfect environment for baby
  • Who’s the father/jealousy scenarios
  • Single mothers overcoming obstacles to raise their child

Competitors Utilizing Trend:

  • Choices, Dreame, Chapters

Reader Motivations: 

  • Escapism, Immersion, Romance

Concept: Choose What’s Next

Create videos that simulate choose your own adventure stories:

  • Usually female-centered stories
  • Wide range of scenarios involving dating, cheating, jealousy, or choosing between action and apathy
  • Dual choices keep it simple

Competitors Utilizing Trend:

  • Choices, Chapters

Reader Motivations: 

  • Immersion, Fantasy, Being someone else

Concept: Testimonials

Create testimonial videos and images featuring user reviews:

  • Reviews from Google Play & App Store
  • Supered or voice over quotes
  • Filmed UGC
  • Try different categories/genres to target users

Competitors Utilizing Trend:

  • Hooked, Readict

Reader Motivations: 

  • Quality stories

Concept: R-Rated Humor

Utilize double entendres and other suggestive languages to attract users interested in more adult stories:

  • Dating and relationship issues
  • Jealousy scenarios with men & women
  • Control/power scenarios
  • Narrative techniques can include:
    • Choose the option to affect the narrative
    • Social media (text chats between characters)

Competitors Utilizing Trend:

  • Hooked, Chapters, Choices, Dreame

Reader Motivations: 

  • Quality stories

Concept: Pop Culture – Memes

Create videos/images that leverage current events and/or pop culture: 

  • Meme format
  • Pair with app imagery
  • Pair with stock photos
  • Humorous takes on romance genre and relationships

Competitors Utilizing Trend:

  • Hooked, Chapters

Reader Motivations: 

  • Fun, romance

Concept: Diverse Stories

Explore stories that are inclusive of all types of relationships:

  • Same-sex couples
  • Interracial couples
  • Unique situations utilizing a broader definition of family

Competitors Utilizing Trend:

  • Hooked, Dreame, Chapters, Choices, Readict

Reader Motivations: 

  • Immersion, fantasy, relatable narrative

Concept: User/Character Interaction

Create concepts that simulate a user interacting with a character in the story:

  • Character texting user
  • User reacting to various characters
  • Character talking to a user

Competitors Utilizing Trend:

  • Hooked, Dreame, Readict

Player Motivations: 

  • Fantasy, immersion, romance



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