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Mobile app marketers and web-based performance advertisers come to us for outcome-oriented creative, integrated user acquisition, and creative optimization.

Our industry expertise comes from managing over $3.5 billion in creative and paid social spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and performance advertisers, including Electronic Arts, Disney, Bumble, Roblox, Wooga, Zynga, NBA and MLB.

A 3D Makeover for Wooga

Casual games studio Wooga was seeking compelling ad creative for the soft launch of their first story-driven puzzle match-3 game, Switchcraft. They were striving for market differentiation among competitors such as Gardenscapes, Lily’s Garden, and Small Town Murders. Wooga wanted to highlight their dramatic relationship-driven storyline, diverse characters, and magical gameplay. In-game assets had a unique painterly art style. But Wooga wanted to bring the story to life with 3D cinematics that combined realism and comic-book aesthetics.

Through our creative partnership with Wooga, Consumer Acquisition developed a 30-second CGI game trailer, 50 original concepts, and over 150 videos. We created entirely original 3D computer animation along with motion graphics. We also created 2D animation and FX, text animations, lighting effects, character rigging, illustrations, and character design. Read the full case study here.

Proven Results Across Industries

Creative Studio

  • Our Creative Studio team are masters of influencer-style UGC creative, live action, post production, 3D animation, motion graphics, and illustration
  • Get the creative expertise that comes from our managing $150m in monthly ad spend across Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat and Apple Search Ads
  • Boost your creative performance with bespoke, thumb-stopping videos from our Hollywood storytellers
  • Stay ahead of ad fatigue with our Ad Concept Model, a proven process to generate fresh, relevant creative concepts and assets
  • Streamline real-time analysis and workflow through our AdRules tech platform with Slack integration

User Acquisition

  • Our broad view into creative and UA trends across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok allows us to cost-effectively benchmark and improve financial performance
  • We partner with internal teams to streamline KPI communication and ensure clients benefit from our cross-channel insights and differentiated methodology
  • Our creative and user acquisition teams work together closely to efficiently align creative development with UA goals and reduce non-converting spend
  • Our AdRules platform provides real-time dashboards for media buying and ad creative, with in-depth testing results to quickly adjust and maximize performance

Client Testimonials

"Consumer Acquisition was able to provide us with fresh, breakthrough ad creative that performed to meet different goals, from installs at scale to targeting high-value players. We were truly impressed by how Consumer Acquisition took our 2D assets and brought them to life. The creative process was collaborative and Consumer Acquisition tested all types of concepts and art styles to ensure we found what worked best. For our official game trailer, Consumer Acquisition created compelling 3D assets from scratch under a very tight deadline and we are thrilled with how it turned out. Consumer Acquisition's commitment to creative research and rigorous creative testing was evident in the excellent results."

Nathalie Wood,

Marketing Manager

“ConsumerAcquisition.com delivers outstanding Facebook advertising results for Sun Basket. They reduced our CAC and fueled user acquisition growth to levels that far exceeded our expectations. Also, their passion for creative testing and attention to metrics drove profitability. In addition, the quality of work reflects their experience and expertise in Facebook advertising. As a result, I highly recommend these guys.”    

Adam Zbar ,


“It was great to work with Consumer Acquisition and their new talented live action & CGI team. The production pipeline was handled with care and respect by CA - from the early steps of pre-production to the final delivery. These guys knew our product so well beforehand that approval rounds were even smoother than expected. Production of Angry Birds “No!” commercial excelled and I can recommend them for similar use cases with pleasure.”

Marko Pohjosmaki,


“As a scaling company, it was really important for us to increase the volume of users while maintaining a net profit. Fortunately, partnering with Consumer Acquisition grew our lead volume and decreased our cost per lead. CA also created and tested content to find ‘winning’ creative cost-effectively, so growing companies like us aren’t saddled with exorbitant ‘learning’ costs.”

Francois du Toit,

Director of Performance Marketing

“I previously worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com and they consistently delivered strong results for mobile app user acquisition for our shopping app. When I joined Ebates, I knew they would be a good fit to help drive our mobile app user acquisition strategy. Once again, they quickly optimized our business and reduced CPI 31% and reduced cost per app registration 56% and that allowed us to scale. I would highly recommend Consumer Acquisition to any mobile app advertiser that’s looking for strong results on Facebook.”

Eric White,

Director of Mobile Marketing

“ConsumerAcquisition helped us establish our Facebook user acquisition channel, trained our team and then handed over all the accounts. By working closely together, we grew the channel meaningfully in two quarters and continue to build our Facebook business with the approach ConsumerAcquisition installed. In addition, they provided some great feedback and ideas to optimize our landing pages that help lift conversion rates meaningfully. Facebook is tough to conquer, but this team brings tremendous knowledge and experience to that task and gives you a great shot at success.“

Sean Fox ,

Co-President & Chief Revenue Officer

“Having worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com before, we trusted them to launch our game in the most profitable way possible. They hit the ground sprinting and quickly scaled creative testing. They eliminated poor performing creative, audiences and countries and aligned budget to the most scalable regions. Also, they consistently deliver scale, profit and high quality creative. We highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow their Facebook user acquisition.”

Jason Zhao,

VP Consumer Marketing

"Consumer Acquisition killed it for us and has been an absolute game-changer for our business. They scaled Facebook spend 6X within the first few weeks, exceeded our gross profit expectations and helped us sell 100% of BetterBack's inventory. Their relentless creative and audience testing yielded huge lifts in our purchase funnel. I've never hired a partner who delivered such stunning results so quickly."

Jonathan Swanson,

Investor & Co-founder

“We saw immediate success in the reduction of our acquisition costs through Consumer Acquisition’s optimization strategies. We have also leveraged their expertise in creative and conversion testing to further optimize our funnel to drive high-quality customers. We recommend Consumer Acquisition to any business that is looking for a true partner in their growth strategies.”

John Clark,

Director of Business Strategy

"ConsumerAcquisition has delivered amazing results from mobile app install advertising on Facebook. With a relentless focus on creative testing and audience expansion, this team has reduced our cost-per-install, increased user engagement and delivered profitability at scale. The cost savings vs. other agencies and bid management solutions have been tremendous.”    

Manu Sharma ,

Vice President, Growth & Data Sciencev

“ConsumerAcquisition.com scaled our mobile app install volume while beating our aggressive CPI targets. They tested hundreds of images, audiences, and ad copy to quickly deliver results. The team took a quantitative approach to optimize results from various countries. They quickly re-formatted winning creative for Instagram and introduced us to a new audience. This company knows mobile app install marketing!"    

Issei Shimizu,

User Acquisition Manager

“I am excited to be working with the ConsumerAcquisition team. Since day one they’ve been able to work carefully within our monthly budget to scale up the awareness of our app and convert users at the best available cost. The attention to detail when it comes to high-end creative and audience scaling is top notch and I look forward to continuing my relationship with their team.”

Alex Coté,

Founder, CMO

"We engaged with ConsumerAcquisition to drive mobile app install ads on Instagram while delivering ROAS targets. Through vigorous creative testing and an effective approach to intraday optimization, ConsumerAcquisition was able to quickly hit our ROAS targets and earned additional budget as a result. I’m very happy with the services provided by Consumer Acquisition and would strongly recommend them to other mobile app advertisers.”

Aayush Sakya,

Director of User Acquisition

“Having worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com before on multiple games, we trusted them to launch our app in the most profitable way possible. They quickly sprinted with creative, copy, audience, and geo testing while aligning budgets to the most profitable regions. They consistently deliver scale, profit and high quality creative. We recommend them to anyone looking to scale both growth and profit!”

Cai Redmond,

User Acquisition Associate

    From outcome-oriented creative storytelling to integrated user acquisition, we'll help you scale net profit and grow users across Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, and Apple Search Ads. To complete your digital marketing strategy, we also offer SEO, paid search, and programmatic through Brainlabs.

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