Recently, we spoke with AdExchanger’s Allison Schiff about our perspective on the impact to UA managers of Facebook’s and Google’s improving algorithms on targeting and optimizing app campaigns. We were joined by our partners at Jam City, Director of Creative Product Marketing Rhiannon Price, and Senior UA Manager Jon Chew to discuss what is next for UA Managers.


What’s Next for UA Managers?


From the Consumer Acquisition point of view, we see that as the largest ad platforms are introducing more automation and robust UA campaign management features, they’re increasingly designing their platforms to operate best when those automated features are doing the heavy lifting. This is shifting many of the day-to-day operations from UA managers to Facebook and Google’s platforms.

So, what is a UA team to do? Shift focus to creative testing and optimization. Facebook and Google are better at creative advertising than you are. That does not mean you are obsolete. It also does not mean you are out of a job (yet). It just means it is time to let the machines do what they do best, while we humans do what we do best.

Fortunately for us, AI and machine learning algorithms still cannot make good creative assets. They are not that great at strategically testing creative. They also cannot do a competitive creative analysis yet, either. Or develop a creative strategy. So, let the machines handle the quantitative aspects of user acquisition while we focus on what only humans can do.

Creative performance is fast becoming the only lever where marketing teams can have a large impact by testing and scaling. Thus, sourcing effective ad creative is critical. And, the team at Jam City in many ways agrees with this perspective as well. There is an increasing call for media buying teams and creative teams to have better collaboration in order to take a more quantitative approach to creative development and testing in order to boost ROAS (return on advertising spend).

From our conversations with Schiff, she has published the following article that speaks to our thoughts on this topic further: With Facebook And Google Automating Most Aspects Of App Marketing, What’s Next For UA Managers?

Additionally, you can read more about creative best practices for Facebook & Google social advertising in our whitepapers.

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