Facebook Advertising Campaigns are complex, and there are many variables that you need to optimize to reach a winning ad that drives high click-through rates (CTR) while meeting your financial objectives. There are visuals, calls-to-action, ad copy, headline, description, audiences, bidding options, and more to select. Producing high-performing ads requires several decisions. Not all creative elements are created equally. Some elements are built upon others, while other elements act as the foundation of Facebook campaigns. These elements are visuals.  


Click-Through Rates

click through rates


In building and running over $260 million in Facebook advertising for clients across multiple industries, we’ve learned that visuals, both images, and videos, are critical to your campaigns’ success. Images are responsible for over 75% of ad performance, so this is the first area to focus on.  If you are advertising on Facebook, your ad will appear in between posts from friends and other content which is highly interesting to the audience. So gaining attention will require excellent creative.


The process of identifying the optimal images that will attract engagement and CTR begins, not surprisingly, with testing. We recommend initial testing of 10-15 images against one audience. To achieve a positive relevance score and low CPM, you should strive to achieve a CTR & 1%. Don’t worry about ad copy or other creative elements. Keep the ad copy the same for each image tested, so you’re testing only one variable at a time. Avoid complications by testing multiple variables, so you don’t waste a lot of time and money. Getting the right image is enough of a challenge. Only after you have a winning image, will you want to test the copy and other elements. As a result, you will drive an additional 10-25% of an ad’s performance.

To make it easier for advertisers to develop and test fresh creative concepts, we’ve created a marketplace for Facebook Creatives. In our Creative Studio, advertisers submit short creative briefs explaining their goals, objectives and creative instructions. They receive creatives from our network of global designers and video editors, choose the creatives they want to run, and pay based on the creative’s performance.


About Consumer Acquisition

Founded in 2013, Consumer Acquisition is a badged Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner that offers the world’s first end-to-end user acquisition platform with a Creative Studio, AI-powered automation, and action-based reporting for Facebook Advertisers. The company has acquired over 75 million app installs and leads for Glu Mobile, Checkout51, Sunbasket, EBATES, PlayStudios, Brainwell, and many others. Solutions include Creative Studio, AdRules 30-day free trial and FREE reporting to enhance Facebook’s native tools capabilities. For more information, visit  www.consumeracquisition.com.


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