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  • Bulk up on your creative production now to prepare for December 26 CPM drops of 30-40%
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User Acquisition Guide to Q5 2021

Christmas comes late for mobile app advertisers and we call it Q5! Just like that holiday magic *BOOM* the day after Christmas, Q5 begins and CPMs drop 30-40%! By December 26th, retail and eCommerce companies have spent their marketing budgets. This allows other mobile app advertisers to jump into the marketplace and scoop up rock bottom CPMs.

The day after Christmas until about January 10, 2022, is what we call Q5. It is the best time for gaming, entertainment streaming apps, wellness and fitness apps, content distributors, fintech, and self-improvement apps to enjoy low CPMs. After Christmas, with bellies full of goodies, consumers turn on new phones, redeem App Store gift cards, and start loading mobile games and apps, en masse.

Q5 2021

To get the most out of Q5, we recommend non-eCommerce advertisers reduce their spend until after Christmas. Then, SPRINT into January. What is the best strategy to prepare? Starting today — early December— bulk up on creative production and testing. This will provide enough high-performing assets ready for CPM drops once they start. Social networks that rely on the app and web tracking are working through the complexity of losing deterministic targeting and measurement. However, mobile advertisers that tailor ads to user motivations through persona-led ad creative, can scale efficiently and profitably by focusing on the positive attributes of contextual advertising, while growing high-quality top-of-funnel installs.

As you develop and test your ad creative, here’s what’s driving mobile-first behavior during Q5 2021.


New Devices

Mobile gadgets are a mainstay of holiday gift guides. After presents are opened and charged up, it’s a great time to target new device users. Plus, device-specific creative can result in an extra relevance bump.

Gift Cards

As consumers “weather a season filled with delays and frustration” due to supply chain issues, gift card sales are surging according to consumer intelligence firm InMarket. Google Play and Apple App Store cards are perfect for mobile gamers and bring players into games ready to buy.


While the U.S. travel industry is showing some signs of recovery, American travelers are choosing houses over hotels, and local adventures over international destinations. This poses an additional opportunity for mobile app advertisers to reach millions of people staying in or staying home. Gaming, entertainment, health, and fitness can all enhance time at home. Similarly, people staying home turn to shared experiences on social sites like Facebook, Google, Snap, and TikTok.

Small Screen Time

According to App Annie, Americans reached an all-time high of 4.2 hours spent in mobile apps every day in Q3, up from 3.9 hours in Q2. After generations of families gather around the television, mobile devices have won out. US News reported that Americans watch television for 3.1 per day—26% less time than using apps.


How We Can Help

The best thing non-eCommerce companies can do right now is to increase creative production. This results in an asset repository ready for post-Christmas CPM drops. Contact us at Sales@ConsumerAcquisition.com by Friday, December 10 for guaranteed Q5 creative assets. 

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Consumer Acquisition can help produce a steady stream of fresh creative concepts and assets to maintain profitable mobile app advertising at scale. Our Creative Studio provides cheaper, faster asset production through agile shoots and creative testing.  We provide end-to-end creative and user acquisition services for mobile app marketers through performance-oriented creative storytelling, integrated UA, and creative optimization.

Our market insights and creative expertise come from managing over $3.5 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and web-based performance advertisers. Since 2013 we’ve worked with Roblox, Glu Mobile, Disney, SuperHuman, Rovio, Jam City, Wooga, NBA, MLB, Ford, Sun Basket, Lion Studios, MobilityWare, and many others. Contact Sales@ConsumerAcquisition.com to work with our expert team.


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