In today’s post discover how UGC-style ad creative can earn consumer trust and foster authenticity.

  • 80% of consumers say UGC highly impacts purchasing decisions
  • Only 19% of consumers find brand-created content authentic
  • 84% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand that markets with UGC
  • 77% of consumers would be more inclined to purchase from a brand that markets with UGC
  • Discover how different types of UGC-style ads drive trust

UGC-Style Ad Creative Earns Consumer Trust

Pre-pandemic, pretty product shots and feature highlights were reliable tactics to attract consumers. Over the past 2+ years, consumers increasingly turned to their mobile devices to buy essentials and find entertainment, alongside connecting to loved ones. In fact, 56% of consumers said they were now more influenced by social media images and videos when online shopping than they were before the pandemic. Brands that sought to meet consumers where they were, began moving their messaging from products to people.

To earn the attention of mobile consumers, brands need to show they understand their audiences, both potential customers and existing ones. Consumer trust and loyalty are founded on authenticity, and brands can foster authenticity through UGC-style ad creative.

Consumers Prefer UGC-Style Ad Creative to Brand Content

Despite strict brand guidelines demanding highly polished marketing assets, only 19% of consumers find brand-created content to be authentic, according to Social Media Today. In contrast, nearly 80% of consumers say that user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

Similarly, a 2022 survey on consumer buying decisions found that for brands incorporating UGC into marketing initiatives:

  • 84% of respondents were more likely to trust the brand
  • 77% of respondents would be more inclined to purchase their products or services

UGC-Style Ad Creative

As consumers consider different brands, content created by people not “officially” part of the brand is seen as trustworthy or authentic. The high value of authentic content is precisely what marketers are leveraging by creating ads with regular people to mimic typical UGC. For pitfalls and pointers when making UGC, check out our on-demand webinar: Influencers vs. TikTok: Get the Right Ads For Your Brand.

UGC-Style Ad Creative

Top creative trends for UGC-style ad creative include testimonials, POV, picture-in-picture video, tips and quizzes, social connection, and commentary. We’ve outlined some of our favorite UGC styles that specifically help brands earn the trust of potential customers and users.



Directly addressing the camera and sharing a personal experience with a product is nothing new for commercial advertising. However, testimonial UGC–even with actors–puts authentic experience above brand polish to drive consumer trust. This type of creative looks like a native social post of someone sharing their skills or their day-to-day experience. And a critical part of their daily experience is the app, product, or service they are advertising.


Third Person, Picture-in-Picture & Commentary

These UGC styles highlight the experience of a person using a product or app in real-time but from different perspectives. This approach helps earn consumer trust by highlighting scale, features, and user interactions so new customers or users know exactly what they’ll be getting. Picture-in-picture mimics live streaming like Twitch, while third-person and commentary mimic reaction videos. As ads, these may require some suspension of disbelief (who’s holding the camera, how was that edited?). But as organic UGC increases in sophistication along with native platform capabilities, brand counterparts can follow.


Tips & Quizzes:

Stylized and presentational, this type of UGC ad creative often includes a person listing off statistics, steps to a process, or quick facts in a direct address. This conversational style brings the viewer into a relationship with the narrator and pairs well with comedy. Using both facts and innuendos, this approach opens up highly personal and potentially embarrassing topics for discussion. By illuminating these topics, marketers build a sense of trust with the target audience. The combination of absurd humor with earnest discussion is a novel break from the ordinary which helps keep viewers’ attention.


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