In today’s post, learn about the top Travel App Creative Trends and why Hopper Ads work, based on high-performing ad creative from Facebook Ad Library and TikTok For Business.

Travel App Ad Creative

Why Hopper Ads Work

  • Travel app downloads are up 45% compared to last year
  • 61% of US travelers prefer using their mobile device for booking tickets and hotels
  • Top ad trends include reshared UGC-style social media posts, hacks, and quizzes
  • See successful travel app ad creative from Hopper

2022 has seen a triumphant revival of the travel industry which had been severely impaired during the global pandemic. People all over the world have been enjoying long-awaited trips, in a phenomenon, some call “revenge travel.” Proving to be a valuable tool for travelers, travel app downloads are up 45% compared to last year. 61% of US travelers prefer using their mobile devices to manage tickets and make hotel reservations. And ironSource reported that 55% of consumers booked their vacation rental through phone apps, while 48% chose to book their flights through them. Of these users, 35% installed a new app specifically for this purpose.

With mobile-first information and accessibility, travel apps provide users with a one-stop solution to map an entire journey in just a few taps. While users may be willing to try new services, they will only stick with those that prove to be trustworthy and reliable over time. In this unprecedented market, both old and new industry leaders are leveraging cross-platform and omnichannel integration with a strong focus on user engagement and retention.

Some top competitors in the travel app market include Airbnb,, Priceline, Expedia, Hopper, TripAdvisor, JetBlue, Kayak, The Dyrt, GyPSy Guide, Roadtrippers, Wanderlog, and TripIt. As summer travel cools off before holiday travel heats up, we’ve analyzed top-performing ad creative for travel apps to see what’s moving travelers.


Travel App Ad Creative Trends

Based on high-performing ad creative from Facebook Ad Library and TikTok For Business, below are some of the top trends we’re seeing for travel apps.

  • App Overview: screenshots and descriptions that quickly highlight the main features of the app
  • Key Feature: focusing on a single app feature and explaining its benefits
  • Virtual Reality: VR ads offering an engaging sneak peek of a high-profile destination
  • Tips & Quizzes: communicating app features through advice, lists, and quizzes
  • UGC-Style Testimonials: a portrayal of a user’s experience with the app
  • Limited-time offers: showcasing time-limited offers that urge immediate action from the user


Ad Concept Model

As part of our creative process using our Ad Concept Model, we identify different user motivations within an app category to target users based on their emotional drivers. Below are typical user motivations for travel app users.

  • Convenience: I want “seamless travel experiences” that encompass all elements of a trip in a one-stop solution
  • Information: I want to be informed about my options and travel opportunities
  • Accessibility: I want a user-friendly experience that is easy to navigate through to make decisions/purchases
  • Cost: I want to easily find the best deals and discounts
  • Expertise: I want a reliable service, backed by expert knowledge I can trust


Travel App Creative Trends x User Motivations

At the intersection of trends and user motivations, we develop ad concepts to target specific personas. Pairing five user motivations (across the top) with six trends (along the side), advertisers have a wide spread of concepts for creative teams and media buyers to explore.

Travel App Ad Creative

Winning Ads For Hopper

Hopper, the tech company offering a “world-class” travel agency experience through their app, is utilizing several creative trends along with specific user motivations. Below are some examples from Facebook Ad Library and TikTok for Business.

travel apps winning ads

Always Keep Testing

While these concepts work for Hopper, they may not be relevant to every travel app. By integrating performance data, competitive analysis, and UX, advertisers can build a comprehensive creative strategy that is relevant to target users. Iterative testing at the intersection of trends and motivations will yield winning concepts that perform. Once a winner is found, then it’s time to resize, localize and scale.
travel apps ad creative

How We Can Help

Testing different creative trends paired with different user motivations is the cornerstone of our creative process, the Ad Concept Model. From cinematic trailers to influencer-style UGC, our Creative Studio provides clients with creative driven by Hollywood storytelling and quantitative analysis. Our creative expertise comes from managing $150m in monthly ad spend across Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, and Apple Search Ads with clients like Disney,  Zynga, Rovio, Nickelodeon, Yelp, Sun Basket, NBA, MLB, Roblox, Glu Mobile, Jam City, and many others. Our creative team is masters of influencer-style UGC creative, live action, post-production, 3D animation, motion graphics, and illustration.

Creating and testing 100K videos and images each year for clients provides us unparalleled insights into the evolving mobile advertising ecosystem. From our strategic analyses of IDFA loss and media buying automation to tactical guidance for A/B testing, we ensure our clients can adapt and thrive. Contact us at to work with our elite creative team.

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