Get insider details on fresh TikTok UA tactics including:

  • App Retargeting
  • TikTok Instant Page
  • iOS14 SKAN Multi-Ad Group Feature
  • ACO Upgrade
  • Sneak Peek! Hashtag Behavior Targeting
  • TikTok Media Buying Model

TikTok UA Hot Tips and Updates 

To help UA and creative teams adjust to the evolving ad ecosystem, we’ve compiled the latest updates and guidance for TikTok UA campaigns. TikTok For Business has introduced several new features to enhance their advertising capabilities, so UA teams have some great new tools to try out. And if you’d like expert TikTok recommendations from our UA team, feel free to contact us here. Our market insights and creative expertise come from managing over $3.5 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and web-based performance advertisers. Here’s what’s happening in TikTok mobile advertising.


App Retargeting

Re-engage users that already have an app installed on their device based on a postback from MMP. Then, optimize toward specific events. TikTok App Retargeting also supports Traffic (CPC) and Conversion (oCPC/oCPM) objectives.

For gaming apps, TikTok retargeting can engage and bring back inactive players and improve retention among existing players. E-commerce apps can feature specific promotions and timely products or discounts. In addition, utility apps can re-engage through new services and features.


TikTok Instant Page

According to TikTok for Business, TikTok Instant Page is a “lightweight native landing page within the app that loads up to 11 times faster than standard mobile pages.”

TikTok UA Seamless Customer Journey

The easy-to-build pages are customizable with videos, images, carousels, and buttons to explore a product or service without leaving TikTok. TikTok reports that optimizing towards conversions that occur on your Instant Page can drive up to 40% lower cost per action. Or, use the TikTok Pixel to enhance delivery optimization on an external site.


iOS14 SKAN Multi-Ad Group Feature

TikTok has made it possible to run two ad sets within one app install dedicated campaign. This includes up to 22 active ad groups. Therefore, offering more flexibility. Optimize the same objective for both ad groups. Individual ad groups can be paused but not deleted unless the entire campaign is deleted. All SKAN metrics will be available at the campaign, ad group, and ad level. Although, reporting at the ad group level is not shared with the advertiser’s MMP.

  • Two ad groups: SKAN conversions reported at the ad group level are modeled based on first-party ad engagement signals. Thus, using statistical methods. Modeling is applied at the ad group level.
  • One ad group: SKAN metrics will be the same at the campaign and ad group level and are not modeled.
  • Ad level SKAN metrics: Available when running multi-ad group dedicated campaigns; ad level metrics are modeled.


TikTok ACO Upgrade

Automated Creative Optimization (ACO) got an upgrade! Previously, an ad group was limited to one version of ad copy, one CTA, and up to ten videos. Now ACO offers five ad copies, dynamic CTA, and up to 30 videos.


Sneak Peek- Hashtag Behavior Targeting

Our UA team recently began testing new hashtag behavior targeting. The highly-qualified audience targeting seems promising, but longevity remains to be seen. Here’s a peek at the feature in action.



TikTok Media Buying Model

Our Media Buying Model uses a matrixed approach to systematize best practices for user acquisition campaign development. Any mobile app can leverage a unique combination of distinct UA strategies and campaign parameters. This will develop a robust testing harness for ongoing mobile campaigns across social platforms, including TikTok. The entire matrix is tailored to a respective ad network and operating system constraints.

Below is a sample Media Buying Model for TikTok. Geographies, languages, and bid types are all modified based on our client’s needs. In order to meet specific goals at the intersection of strategies and parameters, structure each campaign accordingly. Here are trends we’re seeing in testing:

  • Creative: UGC creative is critical
  • Behavior Audiences, Interest Categories, Interest Keywords: Identify audiences to feed scale campaigns. Bridge volume of a broad and precision of LAL
  • Lookalikes, Time Zone Targeting, Broad Top Demo: Increase KPI performance
  • Behavior Audiences: Test video and creator interaction
  • Interest Keywords: Specific targeting but a limited scale
  • Time Zone Targeting: Broad targeting with dayparting splits

TikTok UA Media Buying Model


TikTok Creative Testing Recommendations

  • TikTok’s A/B testing capability is rapidly evolving, use Facebook Android if you can.
  • Test only two creatives at a time, due to two split audiences
  • Broad targeting recommended keeping CPMs low
  • Each ad set must spend at least $20/day
  • Shorten Split Tests set to run for 7 days
  • Optimization for Clicks, Installs, or In-App Events
  • Bidding: Cost Cap Bidding, Lowest Cost Bid (recommended)
  • Test Standard Ads and Spark Ads (Organic)
  • Create and test musical iterations using the TikTok Video Editor


Diverse Content Drives Results on TikTok

As we’ve reported, without deterministic tracking on iOS or effective lookalike audiences, relying on general broad-stroke creative won’t be enough to profitably expand your audience. However, persona-led creative developed around player motivations, preferences, and interests is the key to sustainable user acquisition. In TikTok’s Creative Solutions: The Ultimate How-to Guide their recommendation is clear: “in order to captivate new audiences, the key is to continuously share fresh and diverse content.” With the platform built on a content graph instead of a social graph, “diverse discovery” keeps users “inspired and energized.”

TikTok UA Do's and Don't's



Want better results from TikTok UA?

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