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Auto, Entertainment & Others

Tyson Woeste | TRUECar


“ConsumerAcquisition pairs deep automotive experience with an impressive track record of Facebook advertising. They worked with us to build our Facebook acquisition channel on the web, optimized ad spend for both new and returning users to meet our cost targets. They’ve also impressed me by driving an incredibly low cost for mobile app installs. These guys are all about performance, and I recommend them to any company who wants to grow.”

Serge Vartanov | AutoGravity


“ConsumerAcquisition’s nonstop approach to creative testing and automotive experience lowered cost per applicant 40% while scaling volume 60%. By leveraging their creative studio, they produced dozens of creative concepts and developed hundreds of variants to drive new insights and conversions. If you’re looking or fresh creative that meets your financial goals, look no further.”

Jason Lin | Filld


“Consumer Acquisition ramped up spend within the first few weeks and capped out our daily budget while reducing our CPA by 42% within 90 days. Their Creative Studio allowed us to rapidly test new creative (images and videos) with various copy messaging while continuing to drive new customers to our platform even when we increased spend by eleven times from month 1 to month 3. They’ve transformed our business and marketing approach, and we recommend them to anyone looking to properly scale their Facebook user acquisition.”

Dennis Bron | Shift


“Consumer Acquisition immediately began testing a variety of elements within the first several days of launch. Not only images and copy, but also placements, bid types, age, gender, and targeting. They increased our conversion volume by 48% right out of the gate. They take a meticulous approach to campaign management and treat every advertising dollar as their own.”

Nate Johnson | Path


“ConsumerAcquisition delivered amazing results from mobile app install advertising on Facebook. They reduced our cost-per-install and opened new Indonesian markets for acquisition. Many Facebook agencies promise results, but these guys delivered and outperformed all other agencies. Their creative growth hacking and bid management solution was a tremendous advantage for us.”

Dawn Allen | MyHealthTeams


“Consumer Acquisition reduced cost-per-customer -36% for 11 of our conditions through a rigorous creative testing process. In addition, their Creative Studio delivered over 160 fresh concepts. Also, their creative strategy and ability to manage Facebook UA is amazing. As a result, we recommend them to anyone looking to scale both growth and profit.”

Alex Coté | Cloze


“I am excited to be working with the ConsumerAcquisition team. Since day one they’ve been able to work carefully within our monthly budget to scale up the awareness of our app and convert users at the best available cost. The attention to detail when it comes to high-end creative and audience scaling is top notch and I look forward to continuing my relationship with their team.”

Brandon Camhi | Hearth


“We were referred to ConsumerAcquisition and were told they could do wonders for our Facebook performance. We haven’t been disappointed! Our engagement is still early, but we’ve already reduced costs per lead by 33% from new creative and audience testing. We’ve had a great experience, and are excited for more success in the weeks, months, and years to come!”

Jim Miller | OnlineConvergence.com


“We hired ConsumerAcquisition.com to help us grow our app installs. they have worked hard testing lots of new creative and strategies to find concepts and creative that work. They increased our mobile installs more than 600% while maintaining our cost-per-install. Their constant testing and determination have helped our company increase growth and new areas of opportunity.”

Doug Wheeler | Real Networks


“ConsumerAcquisition is relentless in their pursuit of growth and optimization of subscribers and app installs on our behalf. They have decreased cost-per-install and increased mobile installs 1000%. In addition, they work with our team to optimize Facebook & Twitter mobile app installs, Google acquisition and landing pages. As a result, they have successfully scaled our business and we continue to be impressed with their 24/7 responsiveness.”


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