New tasks and A/B testing features make campaign management easier…

It’s not easy managing high-volume user acquisition campaigns. Not only are there multiple settings to manage, but even the smallest mistake could result in a loss of $5,000 in a matter of an hour.

Facebook’s Power Editor and Google’s App Campaign interface are good tools for campaign management. However, these tools aren’t nearly powerful enough to run a professional, high-velocity user acquisition campaign. To do that, you need a more robust tool.

We recently released the Consumer Acquisition Advanced Reporting tool. Originally, this was an internal tool that we used to manage multi-million dollar campaigns, but we’ve rolled it out so that our clients can use it themselves.

Advanced Reporting offers users two new features: Tasks and A|B Testing. These management features can save UA managers hours of work and thousands of dollars in ad budget by providing them with centralized data and easy to manipulate reports.

See what your UA team can do with our newly-released campaign management software:


The Tasks Feature

In order to maximize campaign performance, advertisers have to keep up with a lot of time-consuming, repetitive tasks. We did it for some time ourselves before deciding to automate every process we could, which resulted in our new Tasks feature.

This feature streamlines campaign management workflow and allows UA managers to:

  • Automate or partially automate everyday tasks. For example, managers are able to set reminders or dictate rules about when to pause low-performance ads or clone high-performance ads. This helps you run Facebook and Google App Campaigns at scale, without having to worry about the manual component of campaign management.
  • Save favorite settings in filters and reporting views. This way you don’t have to reset your settings every time you log in. It also allows for an “apples to apples” view of your campaign performance.
  • Use KPI filters. UA managers are able to sort ads according to a particular performance indicator to easily determine the ads that need to be paused and the ads that deserve more budget. These preset filters make account optimization much more efficient and reduce waste on ad spend.
  • Track historic campaign adjustments. UA managers are able to view past changes made to their campaigns and see which modifications may have affected campaign performance.

The Tasks feature allows you to create and save a number of tasks. To create a new task, start by running a new query, then click on the save icon to the right of the filter ribbon as illustrated below. From there, just click “Save Report”.

tasks & testing

You can review your saved Tasks in the Dashboard view of your account.

tasks & testing

Click on any saved Task to view a report with the most recent campaign data available.

tasks & testing


The Enhanced A|B Testing Feature

Running A|B split tests is an essential step to getting your campaigns to perform well, but managing all these tests can be complicated. It’s also easy to misinterpret your results in the case that you don’t have a clear view of the data.

Our Advanced Reporting dashboard comes complete with an Enhanced A|B testing feature that has been specifically designed to let UA managers see how their tests are performing. Enhanced A|B testing allows you to view any type of test and sort views by time frame. Including, videos, images, or audiences.

This feature also works with classic A|B split tests and multivariate tests. You can sort and view tests using different metrics like ROAS, CPA/CAC, and app installs as well. This allows UA managers to easily review important metrics, and avoid getting distracted by less meaningful stats, like clicks.

Testing views can also be displayed in a graph, like this:

tasks & testing


For assistance with Enhanced A|B Testing reports, visit our help page.


Final Thoughts about Tasks & Testing

Achieving successful Facebook campaign performance is difficult enough – unclear reporting and complicated split-testing shouldn’t be getting in your way. We built these tools ourselves after managing hundreds of millions of dollars in ad spend. They are designed expressly for user acquisition campaigns. Thus, helping hundreds of advertisers finally see what’s really going on in their accounts.

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