Services & Solutions for Social Advertisers


Consumer Acquisition provides creative services and solutions for social advertisers. From our creative studio to our fully-managed user acquisition services and SaaS tools, we understand the greatest ROI comes from creative testing. With an unmatched ability to produce videos and images at scale, we have the tools to help your social advertising efforts stand out from competitors.

Our in-house Creative Studio has produced over 300,000 creatives and we’ve managed over $1 billion in social advertising spend. As a result, we deliver ad creative at scale for Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC and more.

Data-Driven Creative at Scale

We have assembled an elite creative team with vast experience in storytelling, animation, visual effects, and user acquisition. In addition, our creative team collaborates with our UA managers to develop high-performing social ad creative.

Easy Creative Reviews Approvals

We offer simplified creative approvals through our easy to use, drag-and-drop UI that gathers and centralizes creative feedback, tasks and actions items. Also, we create workflows that fit your unique approval process and receive real-time alerts on creative every step of the way.

Creative Testing & Reporting

Test the performance of your social ad creative and iterate based on results. Then, see performance reports with rolled up data on the same platform you review your creatives.

The AdRules self-service platform uses workflow automation to build ads quickly, reduce management and improve reporting performance over Facebook’s native tools.

Advanced Reporting Solutions

Our advanced reporting enhances Facebook’s native tools with creative analytics, insights and recommendations. Receive simple graphs with rolled up data across elements and drill down to uncover the insights that matter most.


AdRules guides you to follow Facebook best practices and offers robust creative analytics, ad building and rules engine to automate your workflow. Launch and test hundreds of ads with a few clicks using templates and a/b testing.

Full Facebook Reporting

We fully support Facebook automatic bidding, app event optimization and value bidding. Also, we follow Facebook’s newest best practices to automate rules, testing, and workflow. Finally, we help eliminate audience overlap and reduce significant edits.

Do you use Facebook’s Power Editor or Google UAC’s native tools and want to enhance their reporting capabilities?  AdRules offers the most advanced reporting and creative analytic ad platform designed specifically for mobile apps advertisers and lead generators for only $99/month!

Easy to Use

Clean UI with graphs and data available on both smartphones and desktops.

Shared Reports

Save and share reports across teams or send to your inbox.

User & Accounts

Multiple users and many Facebook adverting accounts supported.

Discover Audiences

Discover net-new audiences and creative combinations-based performance, app genre, affinity, and competition.

Real-time Updates

Real-time insights and data updated as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Automate Creative

Receive automatic recommendations to replace poor performance creatives.

Custom Metrics

Create custom metrics like ROI, ROAS, CAC and upload data fro in-app or offline event tracking.

We offer fully managed services for social advertisers of all sizes with creative production, all-inclusive media buying, and campaign optimization. We’ll help you scale direct response advertising on Facebook and Google UAC.

Creative Studio

An assembled an elite in-house creative team with vast experience in storytelling, animation, visual effects, and user acquisition. They provide an endless supply of new videos and images that consistently produce winners.

Managed Services to Meet Your Budget

Offer fully managed services for social advertisers of all sizes with creative production, media buying and campaign optimization.

Benchmark Internal Teams

Benchmark and collaborate with internal UA teams to provide creative innovation, fresh optimization strategies, and robust audience expansion techniques.

Advanced Optimization Techniques

Quickly identify and resolve creative fatigue. Our creative testing framework and hyper-segmentation of audiences maximize ROAS. Also, we have proven UA strategies for apps that monetize with IAP or ads.

Read our whitepapers for creative best practices for Facebook & Google social advertising.

Client Testimonials

“Consumer Acquisition immediately ramped design production using their Creative Studio. They rapidly created and tested multiple variations of new interior design video concepts and efficiently identified winners, that transformed our business month-over-month. We enjoy working with them and love their diverse creative capabilities. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to properly scale their Facebook user acquisition!”
“Having worked with before, we trusted them to launch our game in the most profitable way possible. They hit the ground sprinting and quickly scaled creative testing. They eliminated poor performing creative, audiences and countries and aligned budget to the most scalable regions. Also, they consistently deliver scale, profit and high quality creative. We highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow their Facebook user acquisition.”
“Consumer Acquisition was instrumental in scaling Meow Match Android worldwide and hit another homerun with our subsequent iOS rollout. The team at Consumer Acquisition consistently delivers on weekly creative refreshes and audience testing, utilizing a results-driven strategy that has increased revenue and installs while keeping costs low. We look forward to continued success launching our next title.”
“We have been satisfied with the quality and quantity of creatives that the Creative Studio has provided us. Especially with the speed of turn around and the variety of creative concepts. And turn around time, as I noted above, was excellent.”