Creative is an advertiser’s best opportunity for a competitive advantage in social advertising. Soon, the combination of Facebook’s and Google’s Media buying automation with Apple’s removal of IDFA will make ‘winning’ creative ﹘the five percent of Facebook videos that are successful﹘of paramount importance. Here we break down Simulation Lifestyle Games with competitive trends & creative recommendations, so you can learn from their creative best practices.

Simulation Lifestyle Games Competitive Analysis

  • Top Competitors: Vertical Design Home, Home Design Makeover, Property Brothers, House Flip, Home Design 3D, My Home Design Dreams, Home Maker, My Home Design Story, HomeCraft, House Designer, Home Street, Home Design, Dream House, Design this home, Word Villas, Planner 5D, House Flipper
  • Top Competitors: Apps Zillow, RedFin,, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, SimCity BuildIt, Home Design Story, Design This Home, Home Design Makeover!
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simulation lifestyle games

Player Motivations

  • Motivations: “The idea of getting by in 2030 is just too big to wrap my head around, the path there is too obscure and has too many steps, so sometimes I have to turn on my Xbox… in order to feel like I’m making concrete progress in something I can control.”
  • Design Home’s recent appeal, and razor-sharp focus on real-life products and design trends, can tell us something about the type of void aging millennials are seeking to fill. They are a generation scorned by the Great Recession, holed up in city rentals, and unable to afford new homes or furniture. But they also can’t help but be influenced by social media and the excessive displays of wealth that come with it. They long to feel what it’s like to afford the lifestyle of a successful adult.
  • – The House That ‘Design Home’ (and Millennial Anxiety) Built, Alyssa Bereznak, The Ringer

Simulation Lifestyle Games Competitive Trends

  • Day and Night: Show transitions from day to night, provoking an emotional response. (Sim City)
  • Text Transitions: Transition frames with colorful text in different shapes. (Home Design Makeover, HomeCraft)
  • Emphasize Copy Matching and Emotion: “Bring Vision to Life,” “Create your vision,” “The Power is yours.” (Sim City)
  • Client Based: Design for a specific client. (Property Brothers, Home Design Makeover)
  • Creative Expression/Design: Use pickers to create and furnish rooms and houses, while adding encouraging messages. (My Home: Design Dreams, Home Design Makeover)
  • Unique End Cards: End ad with mobile device and gameplay, search engine style, flipping logo. (Home Design Makeover)

Simulation Lifestyle Games Simulation Lifestyle Games
Simulation Lifestyle Games Simulation Lifestyle Games 


Concept: Present a Challenge to Solve

Explore stories with an issue to solve, targeting creative decision-makers:

  • Present problem in the opening: “Help grandma sell her house”
  • The decor is customized based on client needs, using pickers and furniture options

Simulation Lifestyle Games Simulation Lifestyle Games

Concept: Give Users the Power

Utilize empowering language to engage users who want to feel more in control of their design process:

  • Mix game footage with compelling copy that speaks directly to users’ ability to creative with their decision making

Simulation Lifestyle Games

Concept: Show the Possibilities

  • Engage users and help them express their personal style by showing an array of different styles and options
  • Give users a creative outlet by transporting them to idyllic yet achievable homes

Simulation Lifestyle Games Simulation Lifestyle Games

Concept: Incite Relaxation

Invite users to relax and unwind with concepts that compel them to disconnect:

  • Calming colors, imagery Copy that incites relaxation and “me time”

Simulation Lifestyle Games Simulation Lifestyle Games

Concept: Before and After

Create videos that show before and after transformations:

  • Use various headers, split-screen, and “Cinderella Transformations” which flip screens and highlight drastic changes

Simulation Lifestyle Games Simulation Lifestyle Games

Concept: New Intros and Outros

  • Create new intro and outros utilizing available assets:
  • Test Intros with the full logo (Design Home Makeover, Property Brothers, HomeCraft)
  • Add search-engine feature to end card (House Flip)
  • Open the first frame with a challenge or question (“Can you help me?”) (My Home Design Dreams)

Simulation Lifestyle Games Simulation Lifestyle Games

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