Programmatic at Brainlabs is entirely bespoke, with brand-to-demand capabilities across data-driven creatives, first-party data segmentation, custom algorithms, and custom tech solutions. Our planning and activation are built on a best-in-class DSP tech stack and relationships – DV360, The Trade Desk, Amazon & Yahoo!. We offer radical auction transparency and advocate for clients owning their data, tech, and DSP. We’re flexible to adapt to clients’ unique needs, including in-housing, consulting, or LTV maturity projects.

What makes us your best partner for Programmatic?

In 2003, we started one of the industry’s first ad networks, Casale Media, which is known today as the globally recognized SSP, Index Exchange. We intimately understand the growth of the industry and have a constant pulse on what best-in-class innovation looks like.

In addition, we have over a decade of experience delivering high-impact rich media and data-driven creatives that drive hyper-personalized consumer experiences for brands. We consult from concept to trafficking to QA and support cloud infrastructure and advanced filtering logic for sophisticated feed automation.

Our in-house, custom algorithms transform media outcomes by curating unique bidding strategies agency-wide and by-client. We use outcome-based and impression log-level data across 22 million variables to deliver an average of 30-70% uplift in KPIs.

Star Tool of Programmatic: Audit 

Our audit tool automates the review of 30 industry and Brainlabs best practices in CM360 and DV360. The tool generates a score and actionable feedback to improve campaigns for maximized return for clients. The output of this tool is accessible to any client.

Results that speak for themselves

  • 89% reduction in cost per store visit for Walmart Canada with our in-house dynamic solution
  • +48% subscriptions for Financial Times with our in-house, custom algorithm development
  • 3,916% increase in branded search lift through audience segmentation in YouTube
  • +60% boost in subscriptions for Formula 1 through 1st Party audience segmentation
  • 4.8 ROAS and £868k in revenue for JD Sports through YouTube Trueview for Action test

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