The AdBuilder tool helps Facebook advertisers create campaigns with a drag and drop system, while also empowering them to edit creatives and split tests quickly. Recently, Consumer Acquisition launched AdBuilder Express, a new addition that can be accessed from the Advanced Reporting dashboard.

AdBuilder Express allows users to make changes to existing campaigns and ad sets at scale. This means that you will no longer have to edit Facebook ads one by one. Instead, you will be able to choose unlimited amounts of creatives and ad sets to combine in a single session.

Follow along as we cover some of the main benefits you’ll gain by using AdBuilder Express, and how to navigate it.


AdBuilder Express Features and Benefits


The Build Cart Function

When you access AdBuilder Express from Advanced Reporting, you can add elements that you’d like to apply to a shopping cart-like feature called the build cart. This combines all of the elements, campaigns, and ad sets into a build, which applies all of the changes at once. These builds also double as templates you can use later.

The first step is to click the build cart icon and choose “Start New Build.” Using the filtering system, advertisers can locate specific ads with options such as:

Ad Options

  • Click-through rate
  • Impressions
  • Cost per mobile app purchase
  • Number of clicks received

Selecting the “Action” and “Build” buttons enables you to then add these to the build cart. Similarly, users can click the various columns like “Ad Set ID” or “Ad Set Name” to sort through ad sets.

Returning back to the “Action” dropdown, advertisers can select the creative they’d like to add to the cart, such as copy, video, calls to action, and dozens of others, including:

Ad Creative

  • Descriptions
  • Headlines
  • Media
  • The destination URL of the ad
  • Carousel options

AdBuilder Express isn’t just able to replace videos on ad sets, but rather any creative element and audience you can see from the dropdown menu on the Advanced Reporting dashboard.

Our system will also notify you if you’re missing any crucial components as you add to the cart. This prevents advertisers from producing incomplete builds.

The cart acts as a fast and convenient method to combine creatives and campaigns, without the need to perform these actions repeatedly. In the past with AdBuilder, you would have to manually visit Advanced Reporting, copy and paste headlines or copy, and repeat this process for every ad set.

We’ve removed this process with AdBuilder Express, effectively speeding up how fast you make mass changes to campaigns. Check out our other AdBuilder Express introduction to view summarized step-by-step instructions on using the software.

Thorough Review Process

After you’ve added the specified ad sets and creatives to the build cart, you will be taken to the creative review stage. Here you will be able to edit any element of the creative, from the text, link, headline, to the call to action or video.

You can browse which Facebook page should be connected to the ad by selecting the “Browse” dropdown menu. Additional pages can be added via the connections settings in Advanced Reporting.

A window on the right shows a live preview of any changes you make to see it in real-time. Under the preview, advertisers can choose between Facebook, Instagram, and carousel options to view how the ad will appear in different formats.

Furthermore, additional creatives of the same format can be made by clicking the red text beside the plus button. These will be added to an entirely new ad within your campaign.

On the final review page, advertisers can review the name, tag, ad sets, and other aspects of the build. Under “Launch Options,” users will be able to choose whether or not the ad will be active upon publishing, select all ads or copies of ads, and save a report.

This can then be published to take effect on the chosen campaigns by clicking the “Publish” button on the top right of the dashboard.

Track and Reuse Your Builds

The builds you make in AdBuilder Express can be saved and named to be used later. Saving them also enables advertisers to track how their builds are performing. Optimizations can then be made to further improve performance. And, good builds can be applied to other creatives or ad sets.

Previous builds can be used by choosing “Load Existing Build” after clicking the build cart icon. This will display all of the preceding builds that were saved to be chosen from.

Quickly Launch and Find Winning Combinations

With AdBuilder Express, you will have the power to identify which audiences, creatives, and ads perform the best together. Furthermore, advertisers can quickly launch campaigns with new audiences and fresh videos to make winning ads.

Being able to edit hundreds to thousands of video ads at once also opens the opportunity for improved testing. Apply a new video to existing ads and track every metric through Advanced Reporting to observe the changes. Similarly, users can test different audiences for the same video to analyze how they respond.

adbuilder express video ads

Final Thoughts About Adbuilder Express

AdBuilder Express is made to assist advertisers in editing creatives within hundreds or thousands of campaigns and ad sets. You can access it through our Advanced Reporting product.

Advertisers must first ensure that they’ve created campaigns, ad sets, and uploaded creatives through the standard AdBuilder platform to begin. They will also need to complete the pricing, budget, audience, and placement steps.

The AdBuilder Express process begins by choosing ad sets and creative elements you created prior to combining via the build cart. These are merged together to save you time from performing these changes manually, along with being able to quickly edit and test videos for different ads.

adbuilder express

First, edit the chosen creatives during the publishing process. Then, complete them to apply the changes to as many Facebook ads as needed. Builds are also tracked to measure performance, so you’re always aware of how certain creatives and ads work together.

Get AdBuilder Express today by visiting our Advanced Reporting page.

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