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How to Produce Winning Ad Creative for Mobile App Subscription Services

Mobile app subscription services range from weekly food boxes to productivity tools to fitness trackers. Borrowing from the value propositions of software-as-a-service, mobile subscription services promise an ongoing value for a recurring payment. While different mobile subscription categories focus on specific user interests, there are universal user motivations for subscription services that drive their popularity across all verticals. In fact, the subscription economy is so strong that financial services firm UBS predicts it will more than double to $1.5 trillion by 2025.

Using our Ad Concept Model, we’ve analyzed creative trends and user motivations for mobile app subscription services. Our model is designed to systematize creative development and UA targeting based on iterative testing. We identify creative trends and motivations within a mobile game genre or app category, then create concepts for target user personas where they intersect.

This process ensures we always have new creative concepts to stay ahead of creative fatigue. We’ve systematized the process so we know what works, why it works, and how to do more of it. From niche to mainstream, our creative concepting model means our clients get reliable top-performing creative in the most cost-efficient and scalable way.

Mobile App Subscription Services Creative Trends

Competitive research will reveal which creative trends are working best across social platforms. To identify creative trends, use Facebook Ad Library to see every ad currently running on their ad network. You can also use Mobile Action, SensorTower, or AppAnnie competitor libraries. AdRules, our proprietary SaaS platform, analyzes 3.5 million videos and is updated daily. Creative trends we’ve identified for mobile subscription apps broadly include:

  • App Overview: An image or video that communicates overall user experience
  • Key Feature: Focus on the specific benefits of a core feature
  • Testimonial: Focus on a user’s review and/or experience
  • Animated Text: Kinetic typography or motion graphics
  • Visually compelling: Focus on arresting photography
  • Brand: Focus solely on brand messaging

Mobile App Subscription Services User Motivations

Below, we’ve outlined high-level motivational triggers for a mobile app subscriber. The included motivations are specific to the mobile app subscription model itself, not an individual category such as fitness or productivity.

mobile app subscription service

Mobile App Subscription Services Creative Trends x User Motivations

We map identified creative trends to user motivations within the category to develop and iterate on different concepts. In the empty model below, each box represents a different ad creative concept. Our ad concept matrix supports nearly 40 creative concepts for mobile subscription service apps by pairing six trends with six user motivations.

The proposed ad concept model acts as a foundation for an iterative creative process that can be customized and extended to develop endless ad concepts for an app, website, or service. By building a scalable infrastructure for creative ideation, we provide unique lanes for creative teams and media buyers to explore ideas. The model also acts as an archive of knowledge to ensure we are always optimizing what we have learned.

mobile app subscription services


Why use a model like this?

Tying persona-led ad creative to user motivation is what Facebook calls a “future-proof solution” for UA and creative teams. With the negative impacts of IDFA loss, including erosion of lookalike audience targeting and A/B testing, focusing on persona motivation is the most efficient lever for sustained profitable user acquisition.

Even if you adapt to the volatile ad ecosystem, it can still be hard to beat your control video. But a constant stream of fresh creative concepts and smart, iterative testing means we can beat the algorithmic odds. Consumer Acquisition’s industry expertise comes from managing over $4 billion in creative and paid social spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and performance advertisers. Our process is designed to save time and money by killing losing creatives quickly to significantly reduce non-converting spend. Our proprietary technology enables our entire global team to make creative and media buying decisions. These decisions are based on a client’s financial performance, helping them achieve and sustain profitable mobile app user acquisition.

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