My Health Teams Case Study

Case Study: How MyHealthTeams reduced CPA by 36%!

MyHealthTeams create social networks for millions of people living with chronic conditions. In addition, they have networks for 29 conditions. Also, with over one million users in 8 countries, MyHealth Teams has hosted over 9 million conversations.



-36% CPA reduction 

+40 creative concepts

+120 variations


MyHealthTeams reached out to Consumer Acquisition to reduce their cost per customer acquisition.


Website Conversion ads on Facebook and Instagram.


-36% CPA reduction using high-affinity interest-based targeting. Also, top creative components expanded across 15 different conditions.


Developed, tested and analyzed +80 images, +40 videos, +40 copy variations to achieve & sustain CPA goals. Also, -27% CPA from video testing in the first 60 days.

Dawn Allen | Director of Acquisition Marketing| MyHealthTeams

“Consumer Acquisition reduced cost-per-customer -36% for 11 of our conditions through a rigorous creative testing process. In addition, their Creative Marketplace delivered over 160 fresh concepts. Also, their creative strategy and ability to manage Facebook UA is amazing. As a result, we recommend them to anyone looking to scale both growth and profit.”
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