This month, get insider info on IDFA’s crushing impact and how persona-led creative can help you recover efficiency. In a post-IDFA world, ad creative that targets specific user motivation helps regain efficiency by allowing paid social algorithms to cluster users based on behaviors and creative trends. Scroll down to see July 2021 creative guides—from RPG to entertainment to casual, get tactics you can use to improve your campaigns today.

Why is persona-led creative critical? Check out IDFA’s Crushing Impact, providing a deep dive into over $300M in ad spend, comparing install rates for Android versus iOS, SKAN versus non-SKAN, and CPI versus installs. The data shows just how devastating the loss of IDFA has been for iOS app advertisers.

But don’t despair. Dean Takahashi from GamesBeat says, “Advertisers aren’t helpless. In a post-IDFA world, Facebook, Branch, and Consumer Acquisition recommend focusing on ‘persona-led creative’ (or marketing to a type of person) to regain efficiency by allowing paid social algorithms to cluster users based on behaviors and creative trends.”

Persona-Led Creative & Creative Trends


persona led creative

Persona-Led Creative

What motivates a player to choose one app over another, or to click on one ad over another? The answer lies in a concept called “horizontal segmentation” which began with consumer research to find the perfect sweetness for Pepsi. There is no perfect ad. But there are perfect ads if you know who your audience is.

match 3 July 2021

Match 3

From creative that leverages SFX and bright colors to combining gameplay with simple character situations, we break down successful match-3 ads for Toon Blast.

RPG July 2021


See how role playing games attract players interested in unlocking levels, characters, power, and narrative through our deep dive into Electronic Arts hit Star Wars – Galaxy of Heroes.

card game uno

Card Game

Challenging players to make a move and appealing to nostalgia are among the winning tactics for Mattel’s Uno, a leader in the Card Game genre.

hyper casual july 2021


See how simple gameplay and provocative headers are attracting players to Hypercasual apps like Voodoo’s Draw Climber.

hidden object july 2021

Hidden Object

For Hidden Object games like Manor Matters from Playrix, winning creative includes pickers and puzzle concepts combined with narrative progression.

casino july 2021


See how Playtica’s Bingo Blitz dominates the Casino app genre with creative featuring discounts, social connections, and influencers.

romance july 2021


Highlighting relatable, quirky, and diverse characters in quick vignettes, we break down successful Romance creative for Pocket Gems’ Episode.

simulation July 2021


See how injecting narrative while showcasing gameplay is driving Simulation Game creative for Storm8 Studios’ Home Design Makeover.

How To Expand Your Assets

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  • Live Action Video ProductionCA Plus July 2021
  • Photography Production
  • Game Capture: Unity/Unreal Engines
  • Full Post-Production Services
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Featured Article

idfa crushing impact


  • Data analysis representing $300 million in paid social spend reveals the devastating post-IDFA impact on click-to-install (c2i) traffic quality, iOS CPM spikes, decrease in mobile app value and event optimization performance, and decreases in lookalike audience effectiveness.
  • iOS advertisers are experiencing a 15-20% revenue drop and inflation in unattributed organic traffic.
  • Only 20% of consumers say yes to the ATT prompt allowing apps to personalize ads.
  • Without deterministic attribution, advertisers lose the ability to effectively attribute revenue and are experiencing an erosion of LTV and the effectiveness of LTV models.
  • In a post-IDFA world, Facebook, Branch, and Consumer Acquisition recommend focusing on persona-led creative to regain efficiency by allowing paid social algorithms to cluster users based on behaviors and creative trends.

In Other News

Angry Birds 2


With one of the world’s most recognizable brands, Rovio wanted a fresh approach to promote Angry Birds 2, the new arcade mobile game in the billion-dollar franchise. In a departure from cartoon cardinals and canaries, Rovio wanted a live action ad with real actors to highlight the universal appeal of the game across every demographic and device.

Through our agile production process, we efficiently captured hundreds of video and photo assets in one shoot. To understand user motivations and the competitive landscape, we incorporated intensive research from our creative learning agenda to generate persona-led creative. Beyond an entertaining ad, our agile production approach provided Rovio with multiple variations to test, including different character reactions, different narrative progression, and different gameplay. The ad is optimized for multiple platforms and for iterative testing, allowing Rovio to sustain profitable ad spend. See our expertise in action in our Angry Birds 2.

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