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Week Ending December 13th


CCPA Compliance Impact

  • California as a percentage of installs over the past 7 days has remained near flat and only slightly down from 4.31% to 4.09%. Spend % has reduced significantly from 8.19% to 6.12%.


  • The pause in rising CPMs observed last week fell between Black Friday and the final stretch of the Christmas shopping burst. In turn, overall CPMs rose from $20.89 on 12/6 to $22.18 on 12/13.
  • CPM by Geo – Increases are being driven by the US, France, UK, and Germany. The US and Italy are at their highest points in the past 3 months with the US being the most expensive of all, currently averaging a $29 CPM.
  • CPM by Genre
      • Casual games are becoming more and more competitive as Christmas approaches. CPMs increased 11.4% in the past week and ahead of all other genres.
      • After 3 consecutive weeks of sharp CPM decline, the genre has now stabilized in the $22 range.
      • Since peaking at $31 on Nov 29, Adventure CPMs have decreased week over week.
      • Since bottoming on Nov 29, Word games remain a bargain compared to other genres but have been increasing the past 2 weeks and will likely increase 1 more week before turning down.
      • After a double-digit drop last week, Puzzle continues to trend downwards although at a much more gradual rate, down just over 2%.
      • With the lowest CPM and most stability over the past two months, the card game genre CPMs drop another 8% over the past week and look to remain flat or increase slightly in the coming 7 days.


  • CTR has remained extremely stable. Moving from 0.97% to 0.96% the past 7 days.


  • With CPM increasing and CTR flat, CPI is following an upward curve that mirrors CPM. Over the past 7 days, CPI is up from $13 to $15

Week Ending December 6th


CCPA Compliance Impact

  • California as a percentage of installs has fluctuated between 3.5% and 4.5%, currently sitting at 4.3%. Spend % has wavered between 7% and 8.5% over the past 3 weeks. After dipping to 6.9% on December 4th, the percentage of spend has returned to 8.25%.


  • As expected, CPMs have risen sharply throughout November, recoiling the past week, and then expected to climb again through the holiday season heating up until a few days before Christmas.  After which, advertisers are encouraged to take advantage of Q5 and the influx of new user devices plus the lowest CPMs of the year.
  • CPM by Geo – Increases are being driven by the US, Canada, and the UK, and Germany. The US has seen constantly rising CPMs since Nov 8th-29th only pulling back in the past 7 days from $29 to $28 overall. Advertisers expect this lull to be very temporary with a quick transition to one more marketplace push and higher CPMs between now and Christmas
  • CPM by Genre
      • CPM in the casual genre continues to outpace the rest and stands as the highest CPM genre. The past two weeks have only seen more gains where CPMs have increased by 28.6%.
      • CPMs did an abrupt 180 within the genre. Peaking near $27 in mid-November, CPMs have sharply declined the past 14 days.
      • A new CPM high was reached on November 29th at $31.31 and has since retreated. It is to be seen whether the CPM climb returns as the holiday shopping season heats up the marketplace.
      • Bargains still exist this time of year. That is if you’re promoting Word Games. Steadily coming down from a mid-October peak, the genre is the 2nd-lowest CPM of those measured.
      • Puzzles continue to enjoy lower CPMs since Q3. Costs bumped up temporarily on November 29th and have since come to the lowest point in over two months.
      • By far, the lowest CPM of all genres. Although up 15% the past two weeks, Card Games are the only sub-$5 at the moment.


  • CTR has surged the past 7 days from 0.92% to 0.97% overall and is at the highest level since early in the 2nd quarter of this year.


  • CPI has continued to remain flat as rising CTR has offset rising CPM. Slightly down the past two weeks, the all-around CPI registers at $10.80.


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