Matchington Mansions Case Study

Case Study: How Matchington Mansions Sustained High ROAS!

Matchington Mansion is a Match-3 home decor game where users design home decor and furniture by matching candy in match-3 puzzle style gameplay. Users can power-up with levels to renovate their mansions with kitchen, living, bedroom and garden upgrades. Their objective was to launch a new game, test game dynamics, identify high-value users and profitably scale spend across geographies while sustaining ROAS.


+94% 7 Day Revenue

-26% CPI

+600 New Creatives


Leverage the Consumer Acquisition to profitably scale Facebook, identify new creative and sustain high ROAS targets across tier 1 and tier 2 countries


Developed, tested and analyzed +300 images, +200 videos, +100 copy variations to achieve & sustain scale and ROAS goals. A/B paired ad copy, creative and audiences to maximize yields and focus on the most profitable regions.


AdRules automated rules for bidding, budgeting and pausing allowing for 24/7 account management which achieved KPIs.


In first 60 days of launch, achieved 7 figure spend, +94% 7 day revenue and -26% CPI in top tier countries (US, UK, CA, AU). Top creative components scaled across +15 countries using interest-based & lookalike audiences. A/B testing audiences with a mix of video, image and carousel creative concepts allowed scale country-by-country.


AdRules automated A/B testing, creative analysis, audience analysis and ad launches.
Download Matchington Mansion’s Case Study here. Review more Case Studies here.

Jason Zhao | VP Consumer Marketing | Machington Mansions

“Having worked with before, we trusted them to launch our game in the most profitable way possible. They hit the ground sprinting and quickly scaled creative testing. They eliminated poor performing creative, audiences and countries and aligned budget to the most scalable regions . They consistently deliver scale, profit and high quality creative. We highly recommend them for anyone looking to grow their Facebook user acquisition.”

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