March 2022 Mobile App UA and Creative Roundup

Our March 2022, Mobile App UA and Creative Roundup brings you our new TikTok infographic on the UGC market and the trends you should be watching. Also, see the latest Snapchat UA updates and our newest white paper: TikTok UGC Ads: 2022 Creative Guide.

Please join us at our 3/31 Webinar: The UA Formula to Beat Ad Fatigue and Increase Creative Success. The discussion is about finding fresh ad creative concepts and where to go next when you think you’ve tried everything.

We are hiring across all departments for fully-remote positions! Read our blog post to hear firsthand from our animation team in Mexico, and learn why we keep actively pursuing international talent, year after year.

As the mobile advertising ecosystem has evolved, we have focused on being a reliable source of mobile app industry insights and trends. Want to discuss how UGC ads can improve your marketing mix? Let’s talk!


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UA and Creative Trends in March 2022


ugc advertising in 2022 infographic banner

[TikTok Infographic] UGC Ad Guide

See how UGC ads increase conversions, get insight into the growing UGC Market, and discover UGC advertising trends.


tiktok ugc ads creative guide[TikTok Whitepaper] UGC Ads: 2022 Creative Guide

UGC on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram is driving profitable UA across all app categories and presents a massive opportunity for marketers.


snapchat ua hot tips and updates march 2022Snapchat UA Hot Tips and Updates For March 2022

UA teams looking to tap into the Snapchat market should check out these new features to enhance their advertising capabilities.


animation talent in mexico

Animation Talent Based In Mexico Expands Capabilities For Our Clients

Discover why Mexico is a rising star for CGI, 3D animation, and motion graphics and hear from our Mexico-based team on emerging trends.


Google Paid Search Best Practices

Paid Search Best Practices: Responsive Search Ads

As advertising ecosystems increase Paid Search automation, Responsive Search Ads are a critical capability to drive higher performance.


TikTok UGC Ads Creative Guide

tiktok ugc ads creative guide

From micro-influencers and reaction videos to captions and meta-commentary, UGC ads across social networks— and on TikTok in particular— are a critical part of any successful growth marketing strategy. Get insights on this massive opportunity for marketers in our newest white paper: TikTok UGC Ads: 2022 Creative Guide.

Download this comprehensive report for details on:

  • The current state of UGC on social media platforms
  • Latest industry investments in video content and creator ecosystems
  • Current UGC trends and motivational triggers
  • Updated best practices for UGC ads for TikTok


Google Paid Search Best Practices

Google Paid Search Best Practices

Paid search is a darling of data-driven marketing for good reason: it is a user-initiated opportunity to provide value. For each user query, an advertiser can provide the right answer to a declared need. Similar to Programmatic Dynamic Creative Optimization, Responsive Search Ads use contextual signals to assemble text assets predicted to perform best for each individual user’s search query.

Discover the best practices to make the most out of Responsive Search Ads. Google’s RSAs became the default ad format in 2021 and will be the only ad type for new paid search text ads after June 2022. Now is the best time for marketers to embrace this efficient AI-driven process.

We offer Paid Search through Brainlabs! Contact us at to discuss the benefits of adding Paid Search to your marketing mix.

Upcoming Webinar in March 2022

March 2022 Webinar

Register for our 3/31 Webinar: The UA Formula to Beat Ad Fatigue and Increase Creative Success

To stay ahead of creative fatigue, we developed the Ad Concept Model as a tool for creative teams to overcome creative slumps. This reusable framework uncovers fresh ideas to discover “where to go next” when you think you’ve tried everything. David DeJong, Group Creative Director for Consumer Acquisition by Brainlabs will discuss how to develop your own Ad Concept Model that supports 30-50 new concepts. Create lanes for your creative team to explore while eliminating unfocused ideation that doesn’t align with your target personas, motivations, or trends. Use this tool and find your next winning ad!


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We are hiring across all departments for fully-remote positions! Read our blog post to see how working remotely has immense advantages for work-life balance, productivity, cost savings, and more.

Our employees with families appreciate having the flexibility to attend their children’s events or family appointments as they need to. Employees who love to travel enjoy working from anywhere they like. Working with us, night owls and early birds all have a chance to thrive. And everyone benefits from working with people from different cultures and different perspectives.

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