Read our June 2022 roundup of platform updates and creative trends for mobile app marketers. An algorithm update from Instagram gives more exposure to original posts, rather than recycled content from TikTok. Facebook offers creative fatigue guidance to recover ad performance sooner. And millennial consumers are willingly watching explainer ads with absurd humor.

To beat the 95% failure rate of ad creative, INK Games partnered with us to develop and test creative over a year before the global launch of their mobile game Prize Kingdoms. Our newest case study shares how we created 130 new video ad concepts, the official 1-minute game trailer, a 1-minute narrative CG commercial, and a 30-sec live action commercial.

June 2022 Mobile App UA and Creative Roundup

Here’s a sneak peek into the world of Prize Kingdoms!

UA and Creative Trends in June 2022

Instagram Updates and Hot Tips June 2022
Instagram Hot Tips and Updates June 2022

Reels will be ranked above recycled TikTok content, Subscriptions attract monetizing viewers, and Product Tags drive native purchases.

 TikTok Marketing Partner Program
Consumer Acquisition Joins the TikTok Marketing Partner Program as an Official Creative Partner

Our global network of experienced storytellers, designers, and video editors helps advertisers scale the volume and quality of their TikTok advertising.


in-game advertising trends

[Infographic] In-Game Advertising Trends

Non-gaming companies are seeing ROI with in-game advertising thanks to contextual placement, brand-safe environments, and captive audiences.


Facebook predicts creative fatigue

New Facebook Tool Predicts Creative Fatigue

Facebook Ads Manager introduces new guidance when ads are predicted to fatigue so advertisers can recover performance sooner.


Entersplainer Videos

A unique breed of advertisement is gaining traction among Gen Z and millennial consumers: hilarious explainer videos we’re calling entersplainers.

entersplainer explainer videos creative trends June 2022
Still from Thryve/Ombre Commercial


Comedic Approach

Check out how complex, nuanced, or even boring products and services drive performance through this comedic approach.

  • Grab viewers with topics, not products
  • Provide an absurd yet earnest call to action
  • Combine unexpected narrators, locations, and props

Humor can work for any industry if you’re willing to experiment.

INK Games Case Study: Launching With 130+ Tested Ads

INK Games Prize Kingdoms

In our newest case study, we share how INK Games will launch worldwide with a treasure trove of 130+ tested ad creatives to help them scale as fast as possible.

  • An early partnership with a creative studio can improve creative strategy
  • Early ad creative testing can reduce development cycles by validating game mechanics and user motivations
  • A repository of tested ad creative enables faster scaling upon launch
  • A creative studio with media buying expertise reduces the UA burden on the internal development team

INK Games Prize Kingdoms

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