In August  2018, Facebook released three new ad solutions designed to help gaming marketers reach valuable players: playable ads, retention optimization, and minimum return on ad spend (ROAS) bidding. We’re proud to announce that Consumer Acquisition is one of Facebook’s Playable Developers helping gaming advertisers manage their playable ads.

In this post, we will discuss what these ad types are and how they benefit advertisers:


Playable Ads

Playable ads allow users to experiment with a game before installing—a “try before you buy” type of ad unit. This ad allows users to interact with and discover the main highlights of an app before actually installing it. It persuades the user to download but doesn’t feel like a traditional ad. According to eMarketer, 28% of US agency professionals cite playable ads as the most effective in-app ad format.

In addition, playable ads help advertisers drive higher-intent installs. These downloads come from people who have already played the game, so are therefore more likely to play once it’s downloaded. Game developers, such as Bagelcode and Rovio, are already seeing results using this new format:

Bagelcode saw a 3.2X improvement in return on ad spend on Android and a 1.4X improvement in return on ad spend on iOS using playable ads. Rovio saw a 40% lower cost per paying user and a 70% lift in day seven return on ad spend.

playable ads

Benefits of Playable Ads

Playable ads offer three key benefits:

  1. Immersive: Playable ads showcase your app with a lead-in video on News Feed and prompt people to tap to try; creating an immersive experience for users.
  2. Interactive Experience: Since playable ads offer a demo of your app to engage with right from Facebook, it allows users to interact before downloading.
  3. Engaged Users: Due to the engaging nature of the ad, it drives higher intent users to your app—who will come back to the app more often and potentially spend more in-app.

Additional Facebook Ad Solutions for Gaming

Retention Optimization

Retention optimization helps select app advertisers reach highly engaged players. It allows gaming marketers to deliver their ads to the people most likely to play their game. This helps gaming developers better monetize their apps. It also reduces wasted ad spend and increases the targeting efficiency of the campaign.

By delivering their ads to the people most likely to play their game, developers can reach a more engaged audience and monetize their apps better. Since Facebook has been testing this, they have already begun to see results, with Beijing Fotoable seeing a 30% increase in ROAS.

Minimum ROAS Bidding

This new Facebook feature allows social advertisers to bid on ads in a new way—by setting it to the lowest acceptable return on ad spend. This gives advertisers much more control over campaign value. Once the lowest acceptable ROAS is established, Facebook automatically adjusts bids. Thus, delivering social advertisers with an equal or increased return value during the course of said campaign.

According to Newsfeed, here are the steps social advertisers would use to take advantage of this feature:

  1. Defining Minimum ROAS: This is where social advertisers enter a minimum ROAS number (a number between .01 and 1000).
  2. The Algorithm Does Its Job: The Facebook algorithm then estimates the amount an individual may spend in a week.
  3. Optimizing Ad Delivery: The algorithm then optimizes its ad delivery to reach more targeted individuals—who are more likely to buy your products—resulting in achieved minimum ROAS.


Final Thoughts

With the release of Facebook’s three ad solutions last year, gaming marketers will find it a bit easier to reach valuable players through playable ads, retention optimization, and minimum return on ad spend (ROAS) bidding.

Learn more about playable ads, as well as other forms of ad creative that can help you acquire and retain users. 

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