In today’s post, we’ll share the new features and updates of Instagram Branded Content Ads. Learn how you can use branded content ads to thoroughly engage your audience, build your brand identity, and catch up to your top-performing competitors.

Instagram Branded Content Ads

Features & Updates

Posting branded content on Instagram is an integral part of building a brand identity. On average, Instagram business accounts can expect to grow their followers by around 1.7% per month. But with the right paid social advertising, a business itself can grow much faster than its follower count. 58% of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing it in an Instagram Story, with 50% of users actively visiting the brand’s website to make a purchase. To capture this intent, some brands post up to 17 Instagram Stories per month.

Instagram creators can now directly help brands distribute content by allowing a brand to boost their posts. This means any post, Story or Reel can be turned into a Branded Content Ad with a creator’s permission. By boosting a post, a brand expands its reach well beyond the creator’s usual audience, targeting people relevant to their business. The creator additionally benefits from the increased exposure, which has made this kind of partnership very popular.

Instagram Branded Content Ads
Source: Meta’s July 2022 Global Branded Content Ads Setup Guide

Advantages of Branded Content Ads

  • The paid partnership feature provides brands more control over the post coming from the creator’s account. Just remember that an influencer’s creative freedom is why people follow them, and why you want to partner with them.
  • Advertisements can feel more authentic when reaching an audience through a chosen influencer rather than a brand handle. This workaround amplifies brand content, while not giving up control over it.
  • Brands get direct access to performance data, which is essential in building a comprehensive marketing strategy over time
  • Brands and agencies have a more secure alternative to sharing Business Manager information
  • Reels branded content ads massively increase discovery and reach to global audiences
  • Instagram can deliver branded content ads dynamically from either the creator handle or the brand handle, depending on the user
  • Advertisers with an Instagram shop can run branded content ads with product tags for seamless shopping through the native Product Details Page
  • Once a creator accepts the brand permission from the Meta Business Suite, they will not need to accept any further permissions from the brand, saving approval time

Branded Content boosting is done through Ads Manager, and we’ve set up a handy guide below to help you get started. Branded content can run on Facebook and Instagram for maximum exposure as long as both profiles are linked to each other, along with creator partners.


Get Started With Branded Content Ads


Connecting With Creator Partners

To partner with a creator, head into Meta Business Suite and access the Paid partnerships tab, under Settings. Find a specific creator partner by Instagram handles or check out “recommended partners,” which are those creators who have interacted with your brand in the past. By partnering with a creator you both gain Account Level Permissions, which lets you create Branded Content Ads without having to request access for every single post.

Instagram Branded Content Ad Partners
Source: Meta’s July 2022 Global Branded Content Ads Setup Guide


Launching Ads Through Ads Manager

Once paid partnerships are set up, head into Meta’s Ads Manager to start creating Branded Content Ads.

Creating an ad from an existing creator post
  • Select +Create and pick Branded Content. You’ll be prompted to select your campaign objectives, just like any other type of ad
  • For Ad Identity, ensure your brand is populated in both the Facebook page and Instagram account drop-downs
  • For Ad Setup, pick “Use Existing Post” to browse eligible posts made by creators you’ve partnered with
  • Pick “Select Post” then enter the Branded Content tab to see the list of available posts ready for boosting
Instagram Branded Content Ads Select Post
Source: Meta’s July 2022 Global Branded Content Ads Setup Guide
Creating an ad without a pre-existing post

Proceed as above until reaching the Ad Identity section. Access the Creators section and select the desired creator from the drop-down list. The system will automatically check all boxes corresponding to Branded Content. Ensure the Facebook page and Instagram account fields are filled in properly, with the creator’s username at the top and the brand’s name at the bottom, as shown below. Then create an ad by uploading an image or video.

Instagram Identity
Source: Meta’s July 2022 Global Branded Content Ads Setup Guide

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