How can you work with Consumer Acquisition?

We aren’t here to replace internal marketing teams—we’re here to support them.

Instead, we are here to augment your work. We work with companies in building or running internal marketing teams. Our goal is to help teams run at peak efficiency. Consumer Acquisition’s core value is to benchmark these internal teams by:

  • Validating performance
  • Increasing intensity
  • Expanding creative testing abilities
  • Gathering new ideas
  • Sharing best practices


Why Internal Marketing Teams are Important

We believe internal marketing teams should be a core competency for all companies. This team is crucial to maintaining the highest possible net profit. This being said, we have also seen the tremendous strategic value in benchmarking internal teams:

  • Management can verify that they have a great team; they don’t have to lose focus wondering if they could do better.
  • Competition increases within internal teams, but in a way that builds better performance and encourages the sharing of best practices.
  • The internal team (and the external team) can develop new ideas quickly and build on each other’s work. Both for media buying as well as a creative strategy. This reduces tunnel vision, keeps ad creative fresh, and also keeps the ad performance up.


Who Consumer Acquisition Serves

We have managed over $3 billion of social advertising on Facebook and Google App Campaign for the world’s largest mobile games and apps, helping them maximize profitability from mobile app installs and lead generation.

As direct response marketers, our clients are typically interested in metrics. Such as return on ad spend, average revenue per user/unit, net profit, cost per subscriber, and similar KPIs.

You can see a partial list of the companies we work with here.


What Consumer Acquisition Does for Clients

You can get support with both video and image ad strategy and production via our Creative Studio. Also, we can create high volumes of creative for Facebook, Instagram, Google App Campaign, Snapchat, Pinterest, and IAB ad formats. Even if you need 100 new video ads a month, we can help.

On average, there’s a 95% failure rate for new creative. This means only 1 out of 20 videos will become a winner. This results in a lot of non-performing spend on media testing. So, focusing on a data-driven, quantitative creative testing process is most effective and productive. Data enables us to understand what’s working and what’s not, and use that data to guide our creative process. This will ultimately save you media dollars and time.


Pricing Options

There are two options to our pricing models: month-to-month or a three-month agreement. In both cases, there is no fee for the tool, just a per-unit cost for the creative.

The flat-rate minimum per month is $5,000 (you get four videos per month), as well as discounts for three-month agreements or high-volume video creation. We also offer a $99 Video Ad promotion for your first video, so that you can test us out before jumping in.

All of these videos and image concepts that we design are made for you. This means that you have the right to use this ad creative however you want, whenever you want. Additionally, we can provide resizing services for ad creative.


Managed Services for Social Advertisers of All Sizes

Our managed services bundle together media buying, creative development and testing, reporting, and ultimately, campaign execution. These services are meant for companies that are looking to scale their direct response advertising on Facebook and Google UAC.


Self-Service SaaS Tool for Media Buying

Our self-service ad buying and creative automation tool for Google UAC, Facebook and Instagram focus on three things:

  • Workflow automation
  • Ad building and reporting
  • Creative analytics

The fee for this service is 0.7% of spend, with a maximum of $15,000 per month. If you spend less than $50,000 per month on Facebook or Google UAC across accounts, it’s free.


How To Work With Consumer Acquisition

We offer three different tiers of managed services:

  1. Fully-Managed Services: Social advertiser spending is less than $100,000 per month with many creative demands. The fees for this are 15% of spend or $15,000/month, whichever amount is greater. In addition, the term is 90 days for unlimited video and image production. We also offer discounts if spend exceeds $100,000 a month.
  2. Managed SMB: Designed for social advertisers who spend less than $50,000 per month, this helps those seeking guidance with user acquisition and creative production. Our fees are 15% of spend or $15,000/month, whichever is greater, but we also offer discounts if spend exceeds $100,000 per month. The term is 90 days and we bundle unlimited video and image production which is necessary to achieve and sustain scale. Any additional creative is available for an incremental fee.
  3. Managed Startup: This tier is designed for true startups who need to get their ads working on Facebook and are spending up to $25,000 per month. If you are looking for a quick 30-day test to experiment with Facebook ads, this is the plan for you. We use your creative and then cut our usual rates for creative by 50% for the first ten videos.


How We Work

Based on how involved the creative team would like to be in the process, we create a customized strategy for each client. A typical engagement would include the following:


Creative Strategy Development

We begin by auditing your existing primary account(s). Based on your creative history, we put together a strategy. This takes into account the number of videos requested and the available budget for testing.


Transparency in All Communication

We believe in 100% transparency in all communications. This means that we share all our ideas, all our strategies and the ideas that shape them, all our tests, and all performance reports with the client to create the best possible plan of action.


Your “Creative History” and “Media Buying History” Documents

We document all creative testing and then share the results with clients so they have a roadmap of everything that’s worked or not worked. We create documents like this for all creative development and testing, as well as for all our media buys and audience targeting. Clients own this document and are free to keep it with them.


Daily and Weekly Communications

We also make sure to conduct calls on a weekly or biweekly basis. This is where we share what we’ve done in the past week. We also discuss strategy and tactics for the coming week. These calls help clients to stay on track. But they also help us gain insights into clients’ priorities. In addition to any strategy changes or other shifts that may affect the performance of their ads. For intraday communications, we use Slack channels so clients can reach us instantly.


Creative Reviews and Approvals at Consumer Acquisition

Our Creative Studio includes a Trello-like interface, where the client can review creative throughout the course of its development. This makes it simple to see what’s being done and allows for easy reviews of creative.

At Consumer Acquisition, we know how critical it is to make creative reviews as simple as possible. We work with several companies that have intellectual property holders, like television shows, feature films, celebrities, or athletes. So, there are often many outside sources who need to access creative and give feedback and approval. Our system is designed to gather comments and feedback. This way, reviews are centralized and approvals are as efficient as possible.

Of course, having all this in one interface also keeps it out of email.  Every evolution of creative and piece of feedback is easy to see, track, and archive as development moves forward.


Fully-Managed “Bake-Offs”

It’s really easy to get stuck in a rut with direct response creative. One of the things we do to minimize this is with agency “bake-offs”. These are head-to-head competitions where we benchmark your internal team’s performance or complement their work with new ideas. The idea is to help improve performance for both media buying and creative concepts and variations.

We have conducted 59 competitions like this—and haven’t lost one yet.

So why a bake-off?

  • Creative Sharing: Consumer Acquisition documents and shares the best creative and UA practices. We share everything we learn with you.
  • Fresh Concepts & Strategies: Generate fresh creative concepts and new media buying strategies. If your ad creative begins to go a bit stale, but you have to preserve ad performance, a bake-off is a way to gather these fresh creative concepts and new variations.
  • Variation Creation: New variations can be created based on winning concepts and high-performing competitors reduce non-converting spend.

Here’s how we conduct our bake-offs:

  • The length of each bake-off is 30 calendar days.
  • Each partner (us and your internal team) gets $50,000 to $100,000 of budget.
  • Each team needs to spend two-thirds of its budget on iOS and one third on Android or they automatically lose.
  • Mobile app engagement ads are not allowed during a bake-off.
  • Each team begins with a fresh account at exactly the same time—presenting no account history bias.
  • Audiences are split 50/50 between teams—which Facebook can set up.
  • Each team starts with the same seed creative as well as the same audiences.
  • Once the first day has passed, teams do not share creative, audiences or account access.
  • Metrics are shared every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Performance is measured by net profit—with our fees included in that calculation.
  • The winner is ultimately determined by the account with the highest net profit.


The Creative Benefits of Working with Consumer Acquisition

As mentioned above, all of our best creative practices are always shared and documented. Many companies utilize us for the development of new creative concepts. In order to eliminate the team’s tunnel vision, we help to generate endless fresh creative concepts.

Once we have a winner, that creative is sent directly to clients. Then they can use it as soon as possible. This being said, when social advertisers get a winner, they also reciprocate and send it over to us as well. This helps to harbor a collaborative environment—where both teams can build off each other’s’ work. This leads to better results than ad creative developed independently. As a result, you can reduce non-converting spend even further. Just have your internal teams easily create new variations.

With internal and external teams working together to test new creative, it’s possible to rapidly iterate new ad creative. The foundation of this work is Creative History we put together for every client. That way, clients can bring on new employees or new partners without having them “reinvent the wheel”. Instead, they can build from what we’ve already done.


Media Buying Benefits at Consumer Acquisition

Our media buying at Consumer Acquisition works like our creative services in many ways:

  • Benchmark the performance of your internal team.
  • Document and share any user acquisition best practices.
  • Generate a media buying document that contains all wins and failures from media testing. This allows you to bring on new employees and partners. Thus, share learnings so that mistakes are not repeated.

Consumer Acquisition works as an external team, which means your advertising is now done through two accounts. This does have advantages. If a certain campaign gets wonky or moved into the learning phase, then the other account can take on more traffic. 

For our best relationships, we do a weekly review of both teams—both internal and external. If we outperformed the internal team in terms of net profits, we’ll be given a bit more budget. However, if they’ve outperformed us, we will give some budget back. This keeps some mild pressure on for competitiveness and performance. But, it also helps to smooth out any hiccups in either account.

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