Want to learn how to make vibrant Facebook video ads from your static image assets?

In the highly competitive mobile apps market, growth is largely driven by continually acquiring a steady stream of new users to your app, and you must continue achieving profitable user acquisition in order to survive. However, mobile advertising is a constantly changing landscape. What is working for you today may not be working for you tomorrow. Further, 95% of your direct response advertising creative fails to outperform the best-performing assets in your portfolio, so you’re constantly working to find that 5 % of creatives that are successful.

Over the past few years, machine learning on platforms like Facebook and Google has reduced the level of effort by advertisers to manage their ad targeting, bids, and budgets. Automation has leveled the playing field for advertisers, such that producing the best ad creative has now become the key differentiator in campaign performance.

The following are the latest creative techniques and best practices to keep your ad creative performing by producing engaging video assets using still images for your asset library. This will enable you to scale video ad production, and drive profitable mobile user acquisition and growth:

Facebook’s Creative Shop reviewed thousands of top-performing videos and identified top performers that fall into these two four main categories: basic in motion, brand in motion, benefit in motion, and demo in motion. These videos can be created with limited assets as they consist of still images and simple animations of different elements. Here’s an overview of each type of video ad:

Facebook Video Ads

  1. Basics in Motion: A simple video or an animation. You can start from a still image and animate one or two elements of the image such as a character. You can also use music to add excitement.
  2. Brand In Motion: A video with an emphasis on your brand. Start with a still, and add excitement by animating an aspect of your brand like your logo.
  3. Benefit in Motion: A video with an emphasis on your products’ benefits. Start with a still, and add excitement by animating your product’s benefits with typography. Use short copy to make your video effective
  4. Demo In Motion: A video with an emphasis on how your product works. For mobile games, you can screen capture gameplay and place it inside a phone. Not a mobile game? Show a demonstration of your product.



Managing your user acquisition campaigns with the right approach is crucial. These techniques will keep your acquisition team aligned to a formula for continuous, iterative success by producing great video ads. Creative is really the key to user acquisition profitability today. It might be time now to review how you’re driving your campaigns, the volume of video assets you’re using to grow, and make a change.

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