Finding a winning video ad can be difficult. Often, advertisers have to test many different variables. For every one of those variables and every version of them, the number of videos required to be produced multiplies. That’s why you need a bulk video editor.

Edit Thousands of Videos with Our Bulk Video Editor

In order to test just two versions of a CTA and two versions of an end card, four different videos must be created. You’ll need to make eight videos if you add two different images to that same test. If you wanted to test three images? That would warrant the creation of twelve videos.

And that’s just amateur testing. Our Quantitative Creative Testing method gives you a collection of variations like this to help you find your next 100x ad:

bulk video editor

In this post, we’ll discuss how our Creative Studio bulk video editor can get help you edit thousands of videos with just a couple of clicks:


Create Video Variations with Bulk Video Editor

Without the right tool, the work required to make all of those video variations are enormous. To get it all done either your production schedule has to slow down considerably, or you may have to hire help to meet your deadline.

Another option is to use Creative Studio’s bulk video editor.

Here’s how it works:


For advertisers who need to make a lot of videos with hundreds of variations, sizes, and concepts, you can bulk upload the videos you want to the Bulk Editor by uploading a CSV file that contains the videos’ required parameters. Our team has created CSV template that simplifies the process, allowing you to edit thousands (yes, thousands) of videos in a few simple steps.


Once you’ve found your new 100x video, you need to convert it into a number of different sizes specific to each advertising platform. After that, you need to convert it into even more sizes to be used for different ad placements on each platform. You may also have to adjust the video’s proportions to fit square, portrait, or landscape measurements.


“Localizations,” or the customization of videos for specific countries and languages, can make a huge difference in performance. All of the videos you’ve created should be recreated to target the localizations specific to your audience.

Our Creative Studio self-service video bulk editor can create videos with the variations, sizes, and customizations you need in just a few steps. In just a few clicks, you can have dozens of versions of your original video.


Edit Existing Videos with Bulk Video Editor

The bulk editor feature also makes it easy to edit existing videos. This allows you to alter any of these elements quickly and effectively:

  • Intro and end cards
  • Banners
  • Footers
  • Headlines
  • Emojis
  • Stickers
  • CTAs

See how it’s done:

bulk video editor

The Creative Studio video editor can also be paired with our new Performance Templates to help reach your advertising goals. These templates are basically blank concept ads that employ the top-performing elements that top-spending advertisers on Facebook and Google App Campaigns are seeing success with right now.

To use Performance Templates, simply add your creative assets into the template that best fits the goals of your ad. Then, you submit a brief to our team and we’ll create the video ads for you.

The options above allow you to have a body of high-potential ads right at the start. This allows your advertising to get up to speed quickly at a cost much less than typical creative development.


Final Thoughts about the Bulk Video Editor

The Creative Studio Bulk Video Editor, Performance Templates, and our designers and developers have helped thousands of advertisers build high-performance creative and scale their advertising. Our case study on Glu’s Mobile’s Design Home app is just one example of Creative Studio’s success – the team increased their ROAS by 70%.

Looking to test our Creative Studio and Bulk Video Editor yourself? Sign up here.

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