For too long, smaller developers have been left out in the cold—a huge loss for the industry and for consumers. The next visionary app should have a fair chance to succeed. Its odds determined not by budget size but by the caliber and capabilities of its marketing partner. If you are an “appreneur”, mobile app marketing might be your greatest challenge. The cost of running a high-powered social ad campaign has given established developers an advantage. Most social ad agencies aren’t built, much less inclined, to serve the little guy with limited media spend.

There are only a few good options in the market. So, small and even midsize developers have to settle for bare-bones service, generic design templates, and figuring it out on their own.

The good news is, you won’t have to settle any longer. Let’s take a look at four ways social advertisers can conquer mobile app marketing on a budget:

How to Conquer Mobile App Marketing on a Budget

1. Use Optimization Algorithms to Their Advantage

Facebook and Google UAC have improved their optimization algorithms so much in recent months that advertisers of all sizes can access sophisticated optimization algorithms without becoming social advertising experts. Both new and established companies can automate the most repetitive aspects of campaign management and achieve comparable financial results.

This means social advertisers are now free to focus on what really counts: creative development, creative testing, and audience selection.

But in each of these areas, there’s still a big service gap for startups and SMBs. It’s difficult to find agencies offering experienced, affordable, robust creative, and rigorous testing in-house—the exact capabilities you need to ensure efficient advertising spend.

To help close the service gap and allow startups and SMBs to compete more effectively, we recently began offering three tiers of managed user acquisition and creative services for Facebook, Instagram, and Google UAC. All mobile app developers and lead generators, regardless of budget size, now have the means to get profitable and scale their user acquisition on Facebook and Google App Campaign.

For social advertisers, this results in a more level playing field:

“Apart from the fact that you are a small fish in a really huge pond, startups have a great challenge when it comes to pushing their app in the market. Competition is very high and tough, considering that there are other app developers with a bigger budget and market experience.

For your app to get downloads, your efforts need to be something like 10% on development and the majority 90% on marketing.”

Mehul Rajput, CEO



2. Employ Tiered Managed Services

With tiered managed services, startups and SMBs can take advantage of the same concierge-style offerings as larger developers: creative development and optimization, ad placement, and ongoing campaign management. Creative and user acquisition experts can enhance everything social advertisers need, from start to finish. 

By elevating the quality and making execution easy, these services are designed to fuel growth and help a smaller advertiser learn how to effectively advertise on Facebook and Google UAC. If an advertiser hits a home run, that advertiser already has the built-in resources and support it needs to rapidly scale.  

The automation features we recently added to AdRules, a self-service platform that works in conjunction with Facebook and Google algorithms, simplifies workflows and reporting. In addition, social advertisers can use advanced reporting to test and tweak their creative, launch and test hundreds of ads in short order and build thousands of custom and lookalike audiences in minutes.


3. Focus on Creative Development

Creative is your most effective lever to improve performance. Especially now that Facebook and Google have effectively taken over intraday bidding and budgeting. We also simplified media buying with improved machine learning algorithms. As a result, advertisers need superior creative to achieve breakthroughs, and experienced Facebook and Google partners can provide it.

The problem for startups and SMBs, until now, has been the expense of creating a sufficient number of high-quality ads to produce runaway successes (i.e., the 5% of ads capable of beating previous high performers) and manage creative fatigue.

A 5% success rate means 19 out of 20 ads will fail along the way. That’s a lot of creative. Without human talent driving the process, social advertisers stand to lose a lot of money in their efforts to strike gold.


4. Develop Human-Intensive Creative

Developers of all sizes need human-intensive creative at scale. This ensures efficient ad spend and maximizes the odds of market success. In our experience producing more than 300,000 videos and managing over $1 billion in social advertising, we’ve found a way to feed the beast with fresh creative concepts. All while benchmarking and partnering with in-house creative service teams.

It’s all in the way we’re built. Our Creative Studio is a team of veteran Hollywood CGI/Visual Effects directors, artists, and storytellers. This gives us the bandwidth and talent we need to service companies at every level. All the way up to high-budget firms spending seven figures per month.

As Facebook and Google continue to evolve, and our industry evolves, we’re excited about the creative possibilities. At-scale creative services that only major players used to find affordable—from ideation to production and optimization—are now available to companies of all sizes looking to break through and disrupt the marketplace. It’s a heartening development that’s long past due.

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It’s Time for Startups and SMBs to Get in the Game

In many industries, disruptive startups can gain a foothold with relative ease. Not so in the app ecosystem. Because high-end mobile app marketing services are all but closed off to appreneurs with startup-sized budgets.

We’re determined to change that. We want you competing on a whole new level. With managed services you can afford, the next breakout success could be yours.


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