MobilityWare Case Study

Case Study: How MobilityWare increased app volume by 2000%!

MobilityWare is a gaming company that brings addicting games like the #1 solitaire game in the App Store and slots to your mobile phone. MobilityWare wanted to scale mobile app install volume for their both solitaire and slots games. Therefore, they looked to Consumer Acquisition to help maximize their growth in the U.S. and around the world.



reduced CPI (cost per applicant)

app volume increase


Generate installs at or below target CPIs.

Maximize the amount of mobile app installs for each, Slots and Solitaire.


+100 Facebook, 20 carousel images, and 30 Instagram images tested


Targeted Singapore, Philippines, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Denmark


+380 interest groups and +50 lookalikes created and tested


Leveraged AdRulesTM, in-house technology, to fine-tune bids and budgets

Issei Shimizu |User Acquisition Manager |MobilyWare

“Consumer Acquisition scaled our mobile app install volume while beating our aggressive CPI targets. In addition, they tested hundreds of images, audiences, and ad copy to quickly deliver results. The team took a quantitative approach to optimize results from various countries. As a result, they quickly re-formatted winning creative for Instagram and introduced us to a new audience. This company knows mobile app install marketing!”
Download Mobility Ware’s Case Study here. 

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