Live to Win Case Study

Case Study: How Live to Win Increased mobile app installs by 1,100%!

Live to Win is an app created by Online Convergence. Live to Win was designed to entertain and engage users through polls, videos, and various sweepstakes.  The LiveToWin app enjoyed high levels of engagement and resonated particularly well with a younger demographic.


mobile app installs

reduction CPI

won a bake-off
against Orion CKB


Client’s growth in Facebook mobile app install volume stagnated. They wanted a dramatic increase in volume while maintaining CPI.


 +500 images created & tested to maximize CTR & install rate


High-revenue audiences and look-a-likes drove new revenue.


A/B tests drove engagement and a +6% conversion increase


Created +200 custom keyword cluster to drive quality users.

Jim Miller | Founder & CEO|

“We hired to help us grow our app installs. they have worked hard testing lots of new creative and strategies to find concepts and creative that work. They increased our mobile installs more than 600% while maintaining our cost-per-install. Their constant testing and determination have helped our company increase growth and new areas of opportunity.”
Download Live to Win’s Case Study here.

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