Ebates Case Study

Case Study: How Ebates scaled spend!

Ebates provides cash back and shopping rewards for purchases from top retailers. They had previously worked with a variety of Facebook partners for mobile app user acquisition, and they were unable to reach their CPA goals. In addition, Ebates engaged Consumer Acquisition to reduce their mobile app user acquisition costs on Facebook while scaling significantly.


-28% - 43%
CPI reduction

-56% - 64%
cost/reg reduction

increase in monthly spend


Significantly reduce cost per mobile app install and cost per mobile app registration, and then scale spend.


Mobile app installs ads on Facebook.


Leveraged AdRule for a/b testing of oCPM and CPA bidding for mobile app installs and mobile app events, then optimized automation settings to drive incremental efficiencies.


A/B tested +70 videos and +100 text variations.


AdRules automatically rolled out new winning creatives and built new audiences with high-performing ads.

Eric White | Director of Mobile Marketing | Ebates

“I previously worked with ConsumerAcquisition.com and they consistently delivered strong results for mobile app user acquisition for our shopping app. When I joined Ebates, I knew they would be a good fit to help drive our mobile app user acquisition strategy. Once again, they quickly optimized our business and reduced CPI 31% and reduced cost per app registration 56% and that allowed us to scale. I would highly recommend Consumer Acquisition to any mobile app advertiser that’s looking for strong results on Facebook.”
Download Ebate’s Case Study here.

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