Gordon Ramsay Dash Case Study

Case Study: How Gordon Ramsay Dash Sustained High ROAS!

Gordon Ramsay DASH is a cooking game from Glu Games, Inc. where Chef Gordon Ramsay guides you into battle to become the top chef. Glu’s objective was to acquire mobile app users while maintaining a certain return on advertising spend on both Facebook and Instagram.


+25% ROAS

-60% CPI

+150 Creatives


Leverage Consumer Acquisition’s expertise to manage the Facebook and Instagram channels. Drive greater return on  Facebook advertising spends while driving cost-efficient installs.


We created and tested +15 videos, +70 images, +40 ad copy and 20 headline variations in less than 2 months. Gender, age, and placement testing also conducted. Built +35 new custom & 25 lookalike audiences to drive audience expansion.


Leveraged AdRules automated campaign management to gain additional efficiency by allowing us to maintain low CPIs, positive returns, and ability to stretch daily budgets throughout the day.


Reduced CPI by 60% while scaling install volume by 279% within the first 60 days. Increased ROAS from 57% to 71%.


Using AdRules, we rolled out new winning creative to a wide variety of fresh audiences. Adrules automatically built new audiences, identified and scaled high-performing ads and shutting down under-performing ad sets.

John Parides | Head of User Acquisition | Glu

“Consumer Acquisition ramped up within the first several days and capped out our daily budget while delivering CPIs 20% below targets and beating ROAS goals. They continue to test creative (images and videos), messaging, and targeting and have further reduced CPIs by 60% and increased ROAS 25%. This team knows Facebook and how to fight off creative and audience fatigue.”
Download Gordon Ramsay’s Case Study here. Review more Case Studies here.

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