Google App Campaign & Tiered Managed Services Offered by Consumer Acquisition With Enhanced Workflow and Automation Features

Google App Campaign & Tiered Managed Services Offered by Consumer Acquisition With Enhanced Workflow and Automation Features

  • by Rafaela Baquero | January 22, 2019
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Leading social ad creative studio and user acquisition platform expands services and SaaS platform for mobile advertisers, reveals over $1 billion in social advertising spent on Facebook and Google App Campaign (formerly Google UAC) for some of the world’s largest mobile games and apps.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – January 22, 2019 – today announced they’re offering social advertisers fully-managed user acquisition and creative services for Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) in addition to Facebook and Instagram. For a limited time, new clients receive a 50% reduction in fees for managed spend on Google UAC, and creative is all-inclusive in this offer.

Optimization algorithms for Facebook and Google UAC dramatically improved over 2018, leveling the playing field between advertisers both large and small. To be successful, social advertisers must focus on creative optimization and workflow automation. As such, Consumer Acquisition launched new workflow automation features in its AdRules self-service platform, which makes it far easier to build ads quickly. AdRules works in parallel with Facebook’s and Google’s optimization algorithms to simplify repetitive tasks, giving users the ability to generate thousands of audiences, quickly launch ads and source new creatives through the Creative Studio.

Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition, said: “We’re excited to announce that we now offer managed service support for Google UAC and we’ve expanded our AdRules platform to offer enhanced workflow automation. This makes it even easier for advertisers to launch campaigns quickly and keep them continuously fresh with creative concepts from the elite team we’ve assembled in our Creative Studio. We’ve listened to the market and we’re the first company to offer tiered managed services designed to support startups, SMB, and high spending social advertisers.”

Eric White, Vice President, Mobile Marketing at Ebates, said: “AdRules saves us a ton of time with its simple workflow for creating and cloning many ads. It eliminates repetitive tasks so our team can spend more time focused on strategy. Their advanced reporting uncovers high ROI creative and audiences that help us scale faster.”


New Tiered Managed Services For Advertisers Of All Budget Sizes

As the app ecosystem is growing with companies in all stages (startup, mid-sized and enterprise), Consumer Acquisition launched a new tiered model of managed services to address the wide range of needs across all sized companies. Managed services offer media buying, campaign optimization, and access to an elite in-house creative team with vast experience in storytelling, animation, visual effects, and customer acquisition strategy. Service tiers include:

Fully Managed Services: social advertisers spending more than $100,000 per month with significant creative demands.

Managed SMB: social advertisers spending less than $50,000 per month seeking guidance with customer acquisition and creative production.

Managed Start-Up: startups spending up to $25,000 per month, seeking an inexpensive, guided solution to social advertising.

Tiered Pricing Model for Every Level:

Fully Managed Services: greater of $15,000 or 15% of monthly media spend, 90-day agreement.

Managed SMB: greater of $5,000 or 20% of monthly media spend, 60-day agreement.

Managed Start-Up: greater of $2,500 or 20% of monthly media spend, 30-day agreement.


AdRules New Workflow Automation Features the most efficient way to a simplified workflow and advanced creative reporting:

Advanced Reporting: designed for social advertisers to test creative and iterate new designs based on performance; see reports with rolled-up data, receive automatic recommendations to optimize poor-performing creatives and audiences.

Creative Reviews and Approvals: simplify creative approvals through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop UI that gathers and centralizes creative feedback, tasks and actions items.

AdBuilder Express: quickly launch and test hundreds of ads; easily identify winning ads and audiences in just a few clicks, then swap in fresh videos, and build new audiences and ad copy into new combinations.



Audience Builder Express: build thousands of Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences on Facebook faster than ever before! In less than one minute, create hundreds of custom audiences by choosing App Events and Lookback windows, generate thousands of Lookalikes in just a few clicks by choosing Lookalike Ranges and Countries, and AdRules will do the rest.

Pricing: New customers receive a 60-day free trial, and then it’s only 0.7% of spend afterward. Advanced Reporting is only $99/month.

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