GameMakers: Ad Concept Model 

Consumer Acquisition founder Brian Bowman discussed the Ad Concept Model in a new episode of the GameMakers’ podcast with Joe Kim, CEO at LILA Games, and Bradly Bifulco, Creative Director at Zynga.

They discussed how Zynga “leaves no stone unturned” when developing creative concepts, tying personas to user intent, and how the Ad Concept Model helps generate winning ad creative with a structured process.

Consumer Acquisition’s Ad Concept Model is designed to systematize creative development and UA targeting based on iterative testing. These are the steps within the model:

  • Identify creative trends within a category
  • Identify motivations within a category
  • Map creative trends to motivations within a category
  • Create concepts for one persona at the intersection of each trend and motivation
  • Repeat step 4 for all additional personas

Using these steps, we show you how we create dozens of persona-led ad concepts efficiently and effectively within our Ad Concept Model. We recently analyzed creative trends for fashion games and financial apps and use those categories to explore our ad concept model. Every app category or game sub-genre can leverage a unique combination of distinct emotional triggers and creative trends to attract users.

GameMakers Ad Concept Model


For more detailed information, read our new whitepaper Over 200 Mobile App Ad Concepts for TikTok, Facebook, and Google Advertisers.


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Brainlabs’ portfolio of clients includes Mars, Samsung, Walmart Canada, Formula 1, Adidas, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and F5. Get more details on Brainlabs core services or contact us to discuss how these new capabilities can help you reach your 2022 goals.

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