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What are the Latest Facebook and Google Creative Trends for Word Games?

Learn How to Optimize Your Ad Campaigns

What are the latest Word Games creative trends for Facebook and Google? Facebook ads and Google ads provide powerful ways to reach and target your current and potential customers. And, as the algorithms for these ad targeting platforms have become more sophisticated, marketers should learn more on the platforms to do the heavy lifting for targeting, bidding, and optimizing their ad campaigns. So what’s left? Creative.

Creative is king in a world rapidly moving towards automated media buying. Optimizing creative is the most effective way to drive ROAS for Facebook and Google. To be effective, generating fresh creative ideas has to be strategic, efficient, and ongoing. Knowing the latest creative trends is a great first step in this process.

Creative trends change fast and they also vary dramatically across genres. While it is good to know broad creative trends, you’ll also want to hone in on your particular niche, such as with Word Games, if this is relevant for you. Here’s an overview of the latest Word Games Creative Trends:


Word Games Creative Trends


Competitive Analysis

Wordscapes, WordWhizzle Search, Word Cross Puzzle, Word Cookies!, Word Collect, Word Hunt, Word Tiles, Scrabble, Words with Friends, Word Connect, WordTrip, Word Mania

To view competitive videos, click here.

Word Games Competitive Analysis

Word Games Creative Trends

  • Paper Puzzle: Mimicking gameplay with a paper version.
  • Scientific claims: “30 minutes a day sharpen your brain” “Neuroscientists recommend playing this game to stay young.”
  • Challenges: “What’s Americans’ favorite food?” “Can you find this item?”
  • Reasons to play the game: Meet friends, upgrades, learn new words, game tutorials.
  • Whimsical: “The first word you see is your destiny!”
  • Relaxing themes: “What are you doing to decompress?” Soothing landscapes and music.

Word Games Creative Trends

Concept: Clever challenges

  • Introduce a question that must be answered by gameplay
  • Examples
    • What word is fake?
    • What’s the synonym of a word
  • Timed challenges that force users to act fast
    • Find five three-letter words!

Word Games Clever ChallengesWord Games Clever Challenges

Concept: Mix reviews with gameplay

  • Showcase the benefits of playing the game by adding reviews
  • Emphasize by adding the name of user and country
  • Still make gameplay the center of the ad

Word Games Mixed reviews with gameplay Word Games Mixed reviews with gameplay

Word Games Creative Trends Concept: Paper puzzle

  • Show “paper version” of the game by adding a challenge
  • Examples:
    • Americans love ____
    • Find 15 words
    • Picnic items
    • School supplies
    • Recipe ingredients

Word Games Paper Puzzle Word Games Paper Puzzle

Concept: Mix footage with gameplay

  • Mix UGC with gameplay to add realism to the game
  • Mix footage with game elements to showcase various game elements

Word Games creative trends Mix footage with gameplay Word Games creative trends Mix footage with gameplay

Concept: Claim intro

  • Introduce gameplay with a short 2-3 sec intro card based on:
    • Mental benefits
    • Aspirational (Success, intelligence)

Claim Intro Claim Intro

Concept: Goal intro

  • Introduce gameplay with a short 2-3 sec intro card based on:
    • Improvement (Improve your vocabulary)
    • Learning (Learn new words!)

With Goal Intro With Goal Intro

Concept: Relaxation intro

  • Introduce gameplay with a short 2-3 sec intro card based on:
    • Relaxation and “me time”
    • Soothing copy that incites “time for yourself”
    • “Get lost and find words”
    • Relaxing imagery

Relaxation Intro Relaxation Intro

Creative Testing to Optimize Advertising


It’s not enough to just stay on top of Facebook creative and Google creative trends, it’s also important to remember to continue testing, testing, testing.

Quantitative Creative Testing is an A/B split-testing methodology we’ve developed for ad creative. It’s designed to be super-efficient with both time and ad spend, to find the sort of breakout ads that can replace a campaign’s previous control. To do Quantitative Creative Testing effectively, we also take batches of new Concepts and run them against each other in an ad set. Each new Concept gets about 50,000 impressions before we decide if it’s a winner or a loser. If it’s a winner, it gets moved up into another ad set where it will run against another winning mobile ad creative, including the current control. If the new ad can outperform all the other ads in that ad set, then it gets moved into another, primary ad set and gets the bulk of the campaign’s spend.

You can also check out our video and whitepaper on creative testing best practices:


Final Thoughts about Word Games Creative Trends


As mentioned, while knowing general creative trends is helpful, dig deeper into the trends most relevant for your product. Further, you’ll also want to overlay all this creative development and testing with actual performance data. This is because you’ll want to chase trends that boost ROAS, not just chase every trend that comes along. Finally, keeping testing, and testing! If you have any questions on how to streamline your creative testing process, reach out to us to discuss.

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